NCAA Picks for Week 6

Everyone got Clemson and Oklahoma State, but apparently I picked some good games as that was all we disagreed on. This week, not so much as we only disagree on 2 games.

Archie Chad Dan DJ Earl Steve
Last Week 4-2 5-1 4-2 2-4 3-3
Season 7-6 10-3 8-5 8-5 8-5 4-3
#17 Louisville vs #24 NC State  NC State Louisvlle Louisville Louisville NC State
LSU vs #21 Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida Florida
#11 Washington State vs Oregon Washington State

Washington State

Washington State

Washington State
Washington State
Illinois vs Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa
Stanford vs #20 Utah Utah Utah Utah Stanford
#23 West Virginia  vs #8 TCU TCU TCU TCU TCU TCU

Game of the Week
#23 West Virginia  vs #8 TCU 

Archie: TCU

Chad: TCU and West Virginia in a bigtime Big 12 Showdown in matchup of top 25 teams. Ever since losing to Va. Tech, West Virginia has put up 50+ in their 3 wins. TCU is undefeated with convincing wins over Arkansas and Oklahoma State on their resume. I think TCU remains defeated behind the play of Kenny Hill at QB and I think TCU rises to the occasion to get the big win

Earl: TCU is a good football team. They are tough and they play teams close. The Horned Frogs will beat West Virginia with ease.

Steve: TCU in a close game

Three Questions

Do you believe in Georgia being a playoff threat?

Archie: No I do not, they will implode again somewhere down the line.

Earl: I do because they can run the ball and Fromm can do just enough. Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, and Elijah Holyfield is a good three headed monster at running back and the Bulldogs defense is solid. Coach Smart has brought the Alabama blueprint to Athens.

Steve: Ill do you one better, I think they are a legit shot at winning the National Championship. They have a solid defense, and they can put up 40 points on you. Alabama better think twice about reserving their SEC title.

Is Butch Jones going to last the year in Tenn?

Archie: I don’t think so. The ice under his feet is so thin you can hear it cracking from Memphis to Knoxville.

Earl: Not a chance. Tennessee is lost. Their QB is horrible, the defense is not good and their only good player is the running back. Butch has no control over the team and he will be out soon.

Steve: Probably, but I think he will get fired before the season ends, though he will still be the coach. Basically the University will tell him he will not be back, but he will finish out the year.

Do you think college coaches should be fired in mid-season? Do it do any good?

Archie: Not really. Does no good. If the team is in that much trouble there is not much chance of recovering that season. I also think it hurts recruiting for the next coach coming in. If a kid considering going to that school thinks the ones recruiting him might be gone before the season even gets started then he will look elsewhere.

Earl: Yes. The chance to fire a coach and get a headstart on his replacemement males sense.

Steve: No it hurts the players who were recruited by the coach. Bringing in someone else mid-season takes away any chemistry that a team may have. Now if said coach breaks some rules or something, then sure he needs to go. I don’t think coaches should be fired mid-season in the college ranks just because of a poor year.

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