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The sweet 16 of the Bobby Heenan Memorial Tournament. The aftermatch of No Mercy, and much more!


Good day to you all wrestling fans, welcome back to the Wrestling Roundtable. This week we continue to the Sweet 16 of the Bobby the Brain Heenan Memorial Tournament, that features the top managers in the wrestling industry over the past 50 years. Now, before we go on to this, let me explain something as many of you fine fans have sent me messages telling me that a Memorial Tournament should not be done right after someone passes away. Well let me explain something to you humanoids (see what I did there). When someone passes away, we hold a memorial service for them just days after, so what is the difference here? So if you choose not to participate that is your issue. Now, that being said lets move on. This week we will discuss the aftermath of No Mercy that was held this past Sunday. Were we impressed? Did it live up the hype? We give you our thoughts and Much much more!

Here is the updated Bracket for the Tournament

1 Bobby Heenan 1 Paul Heyman
4 Hiro Matsuda 4 Paul Ellering
6 Harley Race 3 Teddy Long
2 JJ Dillion 2 Mr Fuji
1 Jimmy Hart 1 Jim Cornette
4 Paul Jones
5 Captian Lou Albano
3 Gary Hart
3 The Grand Wizard
2 Paul Bearer
2 Classie Freddie Blassie

1. Jinder Mahal

To some, Mahal still has alot to prove as the WWE Champion. A victory clean over Nakamura should prove just that very thing. Mahal moves up to number 1 once again on the Power Rankings after the Strowman defeat, but can he stay there, that is the real question.

2. Alexa Bliss

Alexa defeated four other women en-route to a successful championship defense at No Mercy. The Goddess is on a roll, and I personally think she is the best female talent the WWE has right now. I have a feeling though that Asuka maybe waiting for her chance, or based off what we saw on Raw, Mickie James?

3. Braun Strowman

The monster among men was humbled at the hands of the WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, while he drops a couple of spots on the Power Rankings, he still showed signs that he is championship material after dominating Lesnar for the majority of the match. Then he goes out and dominates Dean Ambrose on Raw.

4. Roman Reigns

Defeating John Cena at No Mercy clean in the middle of the ring puts Roman Reigns back into the mix of the best in the business right now. What is next for Roman Reigns? Perhaps the Universal title? He did not let up on Raw defeating Intercontinental Champion, the Miz.

5. The Miz

You may not like the way it was done, but the Miz found a way to get his hand raised once again and keep his championship at No Mercy.

In wrestling, the heel really has one major job: generate heat and hatred from the audience. Because the more they hate you, the more they’ll be willing to pay top dollar to see you get your ass kicked. And that’s always “best for business”. Throughout his career, Bobby Heenan had so much heat that not only was he pelted with coins, nails, beer cans, and frozen hard boiled eggs (ten points for originality for whoever came up with that one), one “fan” even caved his head with a hammer. However, all of that paled in comparison to an incident in Chicago during a 1975 match between Verne Gagne and Heenan’s protege, Nick Bockwinkel. In full heel mode, Heenan jumped on the ring apron to interfere on Bockwinkel’s behalf, when suddenly he heard two gunshots. It turned out that someone in the audience had aimed a gun at Heenan and actually fired off two rounds. While the shooter thankfully missed Bobby, the bullets unfortunately went through the bodies of five fans, leaving them severely injured, and also permanently deafening a young child who was sat next to the perpetrator. While Bobby wasn’t hurt, he was left severely shaken and it was a long time before he found the courage to interfere in a matches again.

****credit to What Culture for this fact****

What was your takeaway from No Mercy? I know we ask this after every PPV event, but with this awesome card on paper, did it live up to the hype?

Steve: NOT…EVEN… CLOSE! The only match on the card that I was halfway in to was the Womens match. They stole the show if you ask me. Cena vs Reigns was slow at times and sloppy. And the Lesnar vs Strowman match was just god awful. You have a guy who dominates the match, then one F5 later your monster is defeated. I was very disappointed in what the WWE put out there. The WWE had a lot of potential to really shine at this event and make it one of the best all year. They failed miserably.

Frosh: Did it live up to the hype?  HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!  Not even close.  There was only one title change (and a relatively meaningless one at that) and we saw that against all wise counsel, the WWE will Steamroll into Reigns vs Lesnar at WrestleMania.  WWE leadership and by extension, creative, doesn’t care one bit about what the WWE universe actually wants.  That being said, people still buy Reigns’ merch….until they stop, nothing will change.  The Women’s match was pretty solid, and it seems Jordan is not quite over with the fans yet (nor will he be, a heel turn should be in order).  The match of the night was the tag title match though….Cesaro is a FREAKING CHAMP the way he continued after losing his teeth like that, and not just continued, but took a brogue kick to the face…..

Chad: Both main events to me had anti-climatic endings however I feeel like the Women’s and Tag Title matches more than made up for it.

Tyler: Absolutely NOT.  What a fuckin’ joke of the PPV.  The wrong people won and you could clearly see Vince’s fingerprints all over the card, especially the main event.

With victories over the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, and John Cena this past Sunday at No Mercy. Is Roman Reigns the WWE Superstar of the Year right now?

Steve: Probably. I mean if you beat two sure fire Hall of Famers in one calendar year, then you have to be up there. You can make an argument that Lesnar, being the Universal Champion and winning the high profile matches could be up there. Reigns has lost a few matches this year, including being pinned at Summerslam at the Fatal Four Way. So I don’t think there has been a legit Superstar of the Year this year, Reigns would probably win by default.

Frosh: Even if the WWE universe didn’t vote for him, WWE will shoehorn Reigns in there anyways.  They are dead-set to force as much Roman Reigns at us as possible.  As I said above, we are going to get Reigns vs. Lesnar at Mania, whether we want it or not…if WWE forces this, I would love to see the arena empty just before the main event, or for no one to show up for the event at all.  But, that won’t happen…so…

Chad: At this point he has to be the only close contender would be Brock Lesnar who has the Universal Championship as of right now.

Tyler: More like Superstar That Is Being Pushed Down Our Throats.

John Cena got a standing ovation at No Mercy after being defeated by Roman Reigns. Have we seen the last of John Cena inside the squared circle?

Steve: Done? No. He passed the torch to Roman Reigns which is what the WWE wanted for the past year. We will see him again as a part-timer as he goes out to make movies, but he will be back in the ring I think by Wrestlemania.

Frosh: Of course not.  What kind of silly question is that…..If history has taught us anything, is that at the very least, we will see Cena back when he is like 60 and he will have another championship run.  I jest a bit, but seriously, he will be back, and have another run to give him 17 reigns and the record.

Chad: I don’t think it’s the very end of Cena in the ring but I think his role is reduced to almost what the Undertaker had been the past few years; showing up for big matches usually at Wrestlemania.

Tyler: It’s been clear that Cena’s in-ring career has been winding down for awhile.  I doubt this is his last match ever, but we probably won’t see him for awhile, which is always a plus in my book.

We have been talking a lot about No Mercy the past couple of weeks, and Hell in a Cell is just around the corner. So far, what is your take on the way Hell in a Cell has been booked?

Steve: I had littler to no interest for this show, that is until Bobby Roode vs Dolph Ziggler was made. Now, I am going to tune in. However, I have no desire to see Shane McMahon vs Kevin Owens, which is what they are promoting. AJ Styles vs Baron Corbin should be a good one as well. I will be interested to see if they finally push Corbin over to give him his first championship. I even forgot about the title match. Jinder Mahal vs Nakamura… YAWN! So I don’t think the show has been booked well at all, with the exception of Owens vs McMahon being shoved down our throats for the past month.

Frosh: So far, it seems kinda boring.  The best match of the night will be Roode vs. Ziggler.  Those two have the potential to tear the house down.  Owens vs. Shane might be fun, and is guaranteed to have some HUGE spots…  at least one dive off of the top of the cage.  Look for a cash in from MitB winner Carmella to spice up the women’s division.

Chad: Clearly, all of the focus is on the McMahon/Owens Hell in a Cell match and to my knowledge that is the only Cell Match this is a case where I feel the match specific PPV events need to be re-evaulated…this could easily be called Bad Blood or Halloween Havoc and have the same card be fine but because it is called Hell in a Cell I am pretty disappointed so far.

Tyler: Good for the most part, as we have some interesting matches being set up (Roode vs Ziggler, Shane O’Mac vs Kevin Owens)

Agree or Disagree: You have no interest in seeing an Alexa Bliss vs Mickie James match for the Raw Womens Title?

Steve: I am going to disagree with this, only because it will be nice to see Bliss take on another challenger other than Sasha, Bayley, and Nia Jax. It gives her a little breather from those girls, even though their matches are out-freakin-standing. It also give her something to look forward to when Asuka comes into play. I think Mickie will give her a challenge, and give her one more shot at the womens main event scene, Bliss will come out on top saying she beat everyone, then Asuka comes to town.

Frosh: Agree.  To a point…I think the match and a small rivalry serves a point, to give Bliss something to do while we wait for Asuka to come to TV.  It is just a holdover, like the tortilla chips before dinner at a Mexican restaurant…You don’t necessarily go for the chips, but you still eat ’em.  This could be a bit of fun if you let it be, but we are ALL waiting for the main course…Bliss vs. Asuka.

Chad: Disagree, It would be a different match and I think can lend to some different story-telling with the age difference and the fact in storyline Bliss brought James back.

Tyler: Disagree.  Mickie’s a legend who has been pretty much ignored since she moved to the RAW roster, so them doing anything with her is a good thing.  She’s have a good match with Alexa, but we know that Alexa will retain so she can drop the belt to Asuka when she debuts.

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