NCAA Week 5 Picks

Only DJ had faith in the Golden Domers,being the only one to take Notre Dame. Everyone but Archie picked Nebraska. Everyone got LSU and Michigan but missed on TCU  But lets get to this weekends picks!

Earl DJ Chad Steve Dan Archie
5-2 6-1 5-2 4-3 4-3 3-4
#24 Mississippi State vs #13 Auburn Auburn  Miss State Auburn  Auburn  Miss State
#2 Clemson vs #12 Virginia Tech  Clemson  Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson
#15 Oklahoma State vs Texas Tech OSU OSU OSU  OSU OSU
South Carolina vs Texas A&M  South Carolina  South Carolina  A&M  South Carolina  A&M
Iowa vs Michigan State  Iowa  Iowa  Michigan State  Michigan State  Iowa
10-4 9-5 9-5 9-5 8-6 3-4

Game of the Week

#5 USC vs #16 Washington State

Earl: Good game. Should be a shoot out but I like USC because they can run the ball well and that should limit Washington State’s amount of possessions. I’ll go with 37-31 USC.

Archie: Washington State


Chad: Sam Darnold leads USC against Mike Leach and Washington State led by the best QB you don’t know in Luke Falk. This will be a high scoring; gun-slinging shootout up in Pullman, WA. But I think USC has more overall talent to get by the Cougars 51-45.

Dan: USC – I feel like they’re the better team. While they had a tough time with California last week, I don’t think they’ll have many problems taking care of business against Washington State. Darnold is a Heisman candidate and he’ll be able to control this game from the offensive standpoint. Add in USC’s solid defensive play all season and I’ll peg USC to win by a score.

1. For the first time since 2011, Florida State is unranked. Is this a problem or simply a bump in the program?

Earl: Just a bump. They have lost their QB and are playing a freshman in his place. The Seminoles might not be a 10 win team this season but I think they will find their footing as the season goes on and end up as an 8 or 9 win team.

Archie: Too many other good schools around for recruiting for Jimbo’s program to suck this bad. This is a problem.

Chad: Well there starting QB being lost for the year does not help I think it could be a problem because you’re always in competition with the other Florida Schools for the talent plus competing against Clemson for National Talent this could be the start of some trouble for the Seminoles

Dan: They had a game post-poned against UL-Monroe due to hurricane activity. They lost to Alabama and then lost a close-game to NC State leaving them 0-2. They also had a bye after their postponed match-up and before their NC State defeat. I think they’ll finish the season strong and make a solid bowl game, but this is definitely a bump in the road. I think they’ll end up finishing the season in the top 25, but this is definitely a sign of concern for the season for Seminole fans.

2. Is it too early to talk Heisman?

Earl: I think so. I dont see anyone stepping up and taking the lead in the race but I think we will definitely start to see some players emerge in the weeks to come.

I’ll give you a player to keep an eye on: Saquon Barkley from Penn State. The running back is an absolute stud and if the Nittany Lions keep winning, he will be the reason why.

Archie: No. Baker Mayfield

Chad: I say at this point in the season Penn State RB Saquan Barkley and Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield and USC QB Sam Darnold are the top candidates.

Dan: Yes, I think so. I think after the mid-season point is an appropriate time to begin talking Heisman. This time period is to just start getting a group together who can make up the Heisman race, but still too early to tell and really living off of pre-season hype. Just start to get names written down and put on the watch list, but it’s definitely not a solid top anything for the race. Wait until they get a couple of conference games in and are at the halfway point before talking awards. Leaves more room for surprises to pop up and upsets to happen.

3. Nebraska hired Dave Rimington as interm GM. If you were called in to replace Rimington at the end of the year, what would your pitch be?

Earl: Bring back old school Nebraska. Bring back the Blackshirts and bring back the option. Play to your strengths as a program and make more of an effort to recruit in the Midwest and Texas.

Archie: Move back to the Big 12

Chad: We have to bring Nebraska Football back to the glory days where we dominated go out and get a well known coach.

Dan: Most pitches sound the same and if you hear enough, they probably all follow the same format but my pitch would pretty much incorporate the same stuff. How good I’ll make the program, what special qualities I’ll bring to the table, what I’ll do to make sure the program continues to improve year in and year out and can become a powerhouse in college football.

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