NFL Thursday Night Pick, plus a response from a Vet.

Note: Archie is one of our selectors in our NFL and NCAA pool.

Along with his picks in the NCAA pool- Archie also wanted this ran for his NFL Picks. As a vet myself. I thought I would post it with the Thursday night picks, and run his statement in full.


I refuse to pick winners or losers until the whole National Anthem protest ceases.

I am a Disabled Army Veteran and I despise any overpaid prick that disrespects my Country or the Anthem / Flag that represents her.

I do not deny those players their freedom of speech, I do however deny them using a Business platform as a means for delivery. If they wish to use their status as a Professional Athlete to make a statement,  then use their own dime to do so, not mine. When Soldiers are allowed to stand in Uniform and exercise THEIR freedom of speech likewise then maybe I will change my mind. Soldiers cannot promote one candidate or the other during election while in uniform or make statements in support of any legislature while in Uniform. Service Men and Women cannot use their Professional status to “sell” or to “advocate” anything. So when everyone is talking about CK and his “right” to the 1st Amendment and then he basically dishonors the symbol under which he is exercising that right I see it as hypocritical and a disgrace to those serving to provide him that right.

I am through with the NFL until this matters comes to a close.

This will also be applied to the NBA and MLB if those players choose to support this protest in the same manner.

And oh, this has nothing to do with Trump. This shit started long before he became President it has just escalated into something ugly and vile.



Our picks for tonight.


Todd is taking the Bears, Everyone else is taking the Packers.


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