Flags, Football, Floods & Profits @ WTF 9/27

Trumpty fiddles while America suffers…

Prez Lyndon Johnson once upon a time supposedly and famously… or infamously… said behind the scenes… “These Negros they’re getting pretty uppity and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull (Civil Rights Act) to back up their uppityness. Now we got to do something about this, we got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.” And… “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”

Snopes… among other sources… says there is no proof he ever did say these things, despite the fact there’s some proof he was a foul mouth son of bitch who was a not so secret racist amongst those who knew him behind the walls of the White House. LBJ may have been a facilitator for Civil Rights and other great social programs but he also was prone to using words like nigger and sometimes right to the faces of Black people that he was engaged with to get shit down and finalized.

Now… some folks say Trumpty Dumpty does the same thing but upfront… this is not to say he is being “upfront” and honest with we the people because (1) the only thing he is being honest about is that he is a racist shill for the 1% and (2) he is distracting we the people from some other serious and important stuff while we all get upset and up in arms about his obvious racist bullshit… his latest stunt being the calling out of professional athletes… mostly NFL and NBA Black athletes… who protest police brutality, injustice and racism by taking a knee or sitting during the playing of the national anthem.

No… I am not trying to say those things… police brutality, injustice and racism…  are not important issues to be dealt with because they damn well is… but what is being done is he is distracting us from  other issues that need the nation’s and the president’s attention.

Like what?

Like what is being done to help and support millions of American citizens who are presently without power and access to clean water and decent food or shelter down in Puerto Rico after the US territory was hit by a devastating hurricane? Anyone?

Like what is going on about North Korea? One moment he is tweaking Kim Jong-un’s dinky and now he kinda is keeping things on the quiet side. That sounds good, but is it?

Like what’s going on with healthcare? The elephants are giving it one last try to repeal the Affordable Care Act with just a simple majority before the clock strikes midnight on September 30th and the rules change so that on October 1st the number of votes needed to pass a bill will rise to 60 which is above the number of Republicans… 52… in the Senate, effectively blocking a bill’s path to being passed.

Puerto Rico devastation…

I recently saw this online… “Trump has completely botched the response to Hurricane Maria, which devastated Puerto Rico. Rather than rally the American people in solidarity to spearhead the much-needed relief efforts, the president has devoted all his efforts to slamming NFL players.”

And frankly, it is totally and absolutely true…

Instead of directing his attention to doing what a president should be doing during the time of a natural catastrophe, especially one that directly affects American citizens… like the people of Puerto Rico… he is sitting on his ass… or standing at another political rally trying to get his loyalist all het up in a frenzy because some football players “don’t respect the American flag” and our obviously un-American sons of bitches.

Of course this is merely Trumpty redirecting our attention on a hot button issue… disrespecting the flag… that really should not be as big of an issue as it has become.

Why? Why has he essentially ignored for the most part or paying any real to the problems that Puerto Rico is having after having been run down, knocked low, and dragged a country mile or two through the mud, muck and by initially Hurricane Irma and then even more horribly and catastrophically by Hurricane Maria?

Why has Trumpty essentially told Puerto Rico that would need to wait until maybe mid-October before any real substantial aid could be gotten to them even though almost all of Puerto Rico is without power, there is little to no available food, medical resources are sorely lacking, and housing is barely standing, if it is standing at all after taking a double shot of hurricane storms.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…

Maria cuts across & completely engulfs Puerto Rico

Trumpty says the government is doing its utmost to expedite help to those in very dire straits. But, those in the know… including Puerto Rico’s governor Ricardo Rosselló… say the Feds have told the US territory that they would have to wait while they… the Feds…  request Congress to come up with some dough re money… oh… maybe sometime in the middle of October.  

Meantime estimates for the powerless… literally and figuratively… island state is that some people might not get power back for weeks… maybe months. That means no refrigeration… that means no long term fresh food… fresh milk… fresh anything.

And therein lies maybe the real reason Trumpty is stubbing his toes along the sidewalk in getting aid down to Puerto Rico as lickety split fast as a bunny quick as he can do it.

There is a real power play going on in Puerto Rico, which is that for years now an effort has begun to gain strength to force Puerto Rico to privatize its public utility… the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA). The reason this is now gaining so much strength is that the average age of the power plants is about 44 years… which is ancient and near prehistoric in comparison to most standards of utility plants throughout America… and is already hard put to provide enough power… especially reliable power… for the citizen’s needs… before the any storms. Now, with the devastation of the two hurricanes hitting the island, people… aka taxpayers… are fleeing by the thousands and money… which was already hard to come by due to the governments existing debt woes… will be harder than ever to collect taxes which are needed to keep the utility afloat (no pun intended.)

Normally, to take PREPA private, the process would be long and arduous if not tortoise like slow. However, there is a law called Act 76 that was enacted in the year 2000 by Puerto Rico’s legislature which, “allows governmental bodies to bypass certain permitting processes during a state of emergency.”


The longer Trumpty Dumpty stalls providing real aid, the worse off the utility would become and the better off it would become for the private companies wanting to gain control of PREPA so they could sell power to the people of Puerto Rico.

The other side of this coin is that real people… human life… and not inconsequentially American citizens… would suffer while Trumpty plays his economic fiddle so it become necessary for his 1% pals to swoop in and take over PREPA and make immeasurable profits of off the needs of the people of Puerto Rico.

The Daily Beast recently put out an article on this exact scenario and said, “How will history remember Donald Trump’s response to the serial disasters that flattened U.S. territories and hemispheric friend in the Caribbean? How will it record a president who with his party dismisses climate change as a hoax, whose sympathies come by tweet, and who spends the days of devastation for American territories largely populated by black and brown citizens, preening in Alabama?”

If history is to lend a clue to what privatization of PREPA will bring to Puerto Rico it is this… Privatization usually ends up being very cheap for those who be doing the privatization but the end result is higher costs and uneven service to the people that they sell their services/product.

In short… privatization usually means more profits and less quality.

Just in case you didn’t know:

🔥 California is, or has been, on fire… 🔥 Oregon is or, has been, on fire… 🔥 Washington is, or has been, on fire… 🔥 British Columbia is, or has been, on fire… 🔥 Alberta  is, or has been, on fire… Montana is, or has been, on fire… 🔥 Nova Scotia  is, or has been, on fire… 🔥 Greece  is, or has been, on fire… Brazil  is, or has been, on fire… 🔥 Portugal  is, or has been, on fire… 🔥 Algeria  is, or has been, on fire…🔥 Tunisia  is, or has been, on fire… 🔥 Greenland  is, or has been, on fire… 🔥 The Sakha Republic of Russia  is, or has been, on fire… 🔥 Siberia  is, or has been, on fire…

Monsoon floods kill 20 in India, leave thousands homeless

⛈️Texas is mostly still under water… ⛈️ India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, have experienced record monsoons and a massive death toll… ⛈️Sierra Leone and Niger have experienced massive floods, mudslides, and deaths in the thousands.

🌞Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia are crushed in the death grip of a triple digit heat wave, dubbed Lucifer… 🌞Southern California , Arizona and Nevada sweltered this year under triple digit heat… 🌞In an usually chilly August, the city of San Francisco shatters all-time record at 106 degrees, while it reaches 115 degrees south of the city. Northern California continues to bake in the triple digits.

((🌎)) Yellowstone volcano is hit with earthquake swarm of over 2,300 tremors since June, recording a 4.4 quake on June 15, 20017 and 3.3 shaker on August 21, 2017… ((🌎)) 5.3 earthquake rumbles through Idaho… ((🌎)) Japan earthquake 6.1 and a possible tsunami… ((🌎)) Mexico has earthquake measured at 8.1-magnitude and followed with an imminent tsunami. Beach lines are receded at least 50+ meters… ((🌎)) Mexico has earthquake measured at 7.1-magnitude… ((🌎)) Mexico has earthquake measured at 6.1-magnitude. … ((🌎)) At one point in, and about, September, Mexico had 3 earthquakes in 24 hours; 49 earthquakes in 7 days and 312 earthquakes in 30 days…

Houston after Harvey

🌊 Hurricane Harvey reaches category four almost five status, hits Texas coast and rapidly decreased to a tropical storm thereafter but devastates Texas with historic rains… some areas get as much as a US record 50 inches of rain… and with massive flooding… 🌊 Hurricane Irma reaches Category 5 at one point and wreaks havoc through the Caribbean causing catastrophic damage in Barbuda, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin, Anguilla and the Virgin Islands while also severely affecting Cuba and Puerto Rico, ultimately it reaches Florida as Category 3 hurricane…

Monsoon floods kill 20 in India, leave thousands homeless

🌊 Hurricane Jose immediately follows Irma. Jose, along with Hurricanes Irma and Katia is the first time that three hurricanes were simultaneously present in the Atlantic since 2010. The storm subsequently underwent rapid intensification and when it hit peak winds of 155 mph on September 9, for the first time in documented history multiple active hurricanes in the Atlantic simultaneously had wind speeds of at least 150 mph…

🌊 Hurricane Katia… relatively mild in comparison to some of the 2017 hurricanes… traveled through the Caribbean causing additional damage to already extremely storm ravaged areas.   Hurricane Katia lands on the on the Gulf coast of Mexico as a Category 1 storm. Coupled with one of the most powerful earthquakes ever recorded in Mexico… 8.1… on the Pacific coast of Mexico delivered a devastating one-two punch to the country…

🌊 Hurricane Maria devastates Puerto Rico, inundates island with 30 inches of rain massive flooding throughout the US Territory. Maria caused catastrophic damage during its journey across the Northeastern Caribbean. Maria was the third major hurricane in a row to threaten the Caribbean with a direct strike or major impact within two weeks. Maria is currently threatening North Carolina and parts of the Mid-Atlantic… 🌊 Hurricane Maria was the thirteenth named storm, seventh hurricane, fourth major hurricane and the second Category 5 hurricane of the unusually active 2017 Atlantic hurricane season.

And, last but not least, an X10 C.M.E solar flare on September 6. the most powerful on record since 2006. The strongest solar flare measured in modern times happened in 2003, when scientists recorded a blast so powerful that it was off the charts at X28. The burst of radiation was so intense, it caused high-frequency radio blackouts across the daytime side of Earth that lasted for about an hour.

Annnnnnnd now… you’re all caught up.

Of course, this has nothing to do with climate change…

Nothing what so ever with anything people are doing that could affect the way the weather happens around the world and how it may affect the severity of that weather occurring.

Yes, weather happens… weather has always happened across the earth and some of it has been especially severe and at times very tragic to the populations… be they marine or mammal, including people… living in the areas struck by the severe weather.

But, unless you happen to think the earth has been around for only 6,000 years… dinosaurs are figment of someone’s imagination or an invention of a children’s storybook writer… and that the earth is indeed flat… or your name is Donald Trump, also known at WTF as Trumpty Dumpty… ya’ll would have to be a complete ninny to believe climate change ain’t real and that many of these weather events are, if not directly due to climate change, then they have been intensified by the fact we the people of this earth have caused the planet to begin heating up and are slowly beginning to maybe hurrying up our demise much sooner than would probably have naturally occurred any way…

Millenniums down the road however, instead of maybe next century … or a lot fucking sooner.

Another thousand words…

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