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On behalf of the Wrestling Roundtable and 7poundbag.com. I would like to extend my condolences to the family of the greatest managers to ever grace the world of professional wrestling, Bobby the Brain Heenan. Brain, I grew up watching you and you gave me hundreds of hours of entertainment. You will be deeply missed by all the fans of wrestling.

Greetings and Salutations wrestling fans. Welcome to another edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. Okay so last week I made a blunder and scheduled the post on Sunday instead of the typical Friday…..my bad. So this week I have corrected it and we are back on track. This week we are going to discuss the WWE return of Sheldon Benjamin. What do you think is in store for him down the road. Is he destined for tag team success with Chad Gable? Or will he venture out on his own in an attempt to win a championship in the singles division. We will discuss this and a whole lot more.

We are also debuting the Bobby the Brain Heenan Memorial Manager Tournament. Please vote for your favorite manager as we have sat down to seed all the managers. If you don’t like it, let me know and I won’t change it. Frosh might though. We limited the seeds to the top 32 that we could come up with. Sure we left some out, but again if you have a problem with it, your voice can be heard by your vote.

Here is the Bracket

1 Bobby Heenan 1 Paul Heyman
8 Ole Anderson 8 Brother Love
4 Hiro Matsuda 4 Paul Ellering
Harvey Whippleman
5 Slick
3 Ted Dibiase 3 Teddy Long
6 Harley Race 6
Diamond Dallas Page
2 JJ Dillon 2 Mr Fuji
7 Davari 7 Shane McMahon
1 Jimmy Hart 1 Jim Cornette
Oliver Humperdink
8 Rico
4 Paul Jones 4 Zeb Coulter
5 Titus O’Neil 5
Captain Lou Albano
3 Gary Hart 3
The Grand Wizard
6 Kevin Sullivan 6 Afa
2 Paul Bearer 2 Freddie Blassie
7 Arnold Skaaland 7 Johnny Valiant

1.Bobby the Brain Heenan

As an honorary inductee this week to the Power Rankings. I take my hat off to the most legendary manager in the history of Wrestling. Bobby Heenan was a classic heel manager, who played his part well. Heenan managed many different wrestlers, and the notorious Heenan Family. Heenan managed the likes of Andre the Giant, King Kong Bundy, Ric Flair, Mr Perfect, and so many more Hall of Fame wrestlers. Heenan passed away this past Sunday due to pancreatic cancer at the age of 73.

2. Braun Strowman

Strowman looked ever so confident this past Monday on Raw, never before have I seen Brock Lesnar look confused and worried as he did in the interview with Strowman. Will we see a new Universal Champion at No Mercy this Sunday?

3. Jinder Mahal

Jinder Mahal is confident, and he should be, as he seems to get the upper hand on everyone he faces. Will be be able to withstand Nakamura one more time?

4. Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura is going to challenge for the WWE Championship. Will the second time be a charm for the Japanese sensation? Or will he, like many fall back down to the mid-card ranks?

5. The Miz

The Miz was out of action this week on Raw, well sort of. After Jason Jordan became the number one contender, the Miz proved that Jordan is no match for the Intercontinental Champion. Will the Miz’s reign continue after No Mercy against the son of Kurt Angle?

Mike Rotunda also known to many as Irwin R Schyster in the WWE, is a former four time WWE Tag team champion, WCW Tag team champion, and WCW World Television Champion. He, in my opinion is a sure fire Hall of Famer, and his induction is long over due. However, what some may not realize is that he has produced two WWE superstars that are on the current roster. Former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt, and Miztourage member Bo Dallas. Bray Wyatt, real name Windham Rotunda is the godson of WWE Hall of Famer Barry Windham.

Shelton Benjamin recently made his long anticiapated return to the WWE, teaming up with Chad Gable. Is this the right booking move for Benjamin, or should he be in singles?

Steve: I think he would be better suited as a singles star. He has proven before that he has what it takes to compete on a main event level. Benjamin is a former Intercontinental and United States Champion. While I like the tag team with he and Chad Gable, I think Shelton will end up turning on him and making a singles run in the near future.

Frosh: I would hate to see an up and coming superstar lose a place to make room for someone like Benjamin.  Don’t get me wrong.  He can still go, but his time is absolutely limited.  I think the tag team division is a good move.  He can help get Gable over, especially when the required tag break up takes place, hopefully with Gable as the heel.

Chad: I think it is the right booking move for Benjamin as through the majority he is know as being one half of the World’s Greatest Tag Team with Charlie Haas and I see a lot of Charlie Haas in Chad Gable so I think the pairing works.

Tyler: I think it’s a good way to be introduce him to parts of the audience that weren’t around for his first run, and a way for Gable to learn from one of the best in the business.

Asuka is set to make her Raw debut. A) Is she on the right show? and B) How do you book her?

Steve: You do either one of two things. You build her up to be this crazy dominant superstar and have her immediately win the Raw Womens Championship, or you do the complete opposite and humble her from the start and have her suffer her first defeat to either Bliss or Nia in a championship match. She rebounds though and has a great WWE career, and will win championships along the way.

Frosh: I think Raw will work for her.  I mean, she will work on either show.  I see Asuka as the one to finally dethrone the godess of WWE.  She will continue her undefeated streak, setting up a Wrestlemania match with, oh, I don’t know…Kairi Sane?

Chad: A) I think Smackdown would be better for her but since she is on Raw B) You have to have her realyy just start mowing down the competition in order to eventually get to a run as Champion.

Tyler: A) I would have preferred her on Smackdown, as I think she would fit in better with those women. B) As she was in NXT, an unstoppable force.

What are your predictions for No Mercy?

Steve: I think Lesnar will pull the “upset” and beat Strowman in a classic brawl. I think Reigns will beat Cena. Jason Jordan will pull the upset and win the Intercontinental Championship, though I don’t think he is quite ready for it. I think Alexa Bliss somehow finds a way to win the Fatal Five way match. I am hoping and praying that we at least get a good show, this has all the hype in the world and appears to have Wrestlemania implications. I hope it does not disappoint.

Frosh: I want to see Strowman win.  But, I do not think he will.  I want Cena to win.  But, I don’t think he will.  I think Jordan wins the IC belt.  I think Alexa retains, setting up a feud with Asuka.  This PPV has potential to be a huge success.  But WWE needs to do the right things.   If Reigns wins, look for the entire stadium to boo the entire following match.  The Universal Championship needs to be on TV regularly, which means Strowman needs to win.  But WWE creative doesn’t do things that make sense, or please their fans very often.

Chad: My prediction is for 0 title changes to occur and for the 2 main events to be good but not great.

Tyler: Jordan/Miz: Jordan wins in another desperate attempt to get him over. 5 Way Women’s Title: Emma with the surprise win, maybe with shenanigans by the debuting Peyton Royce & Billie Kay. Neville/Enzo: Enzo wins in what will probably be the sloppiest match on the card. Balor/Wyatt: Wyatt wins with the returning Wyatt Family in tow, because what the hell else would Harper and Rowen do? Shield 2.0/The Bar: Ambrose & Rollins win in what will probably be the best pure wrestling match on the card. Cena/Reigns: Cena wins, leading to Reigns snapping and an honest-to-god heel turn for Reigns. Lesnar/Strowman: Strowman wins, with a surprise turn by Paul Heyman leaving Lesnar to manager Strowman.

In tribute to Bobby Heenan, what is your favorite Bobby Heenan moment?

Steve: There are so many, but the one thing that really stands out is at Wrestlemania VII. He is on color commentary with Gorilla Monsoon. The match was Demolition vs Tenyru and Kitao. Kitao was in the ring, and he could not pronounce his name. Gorilla told him that he would be confused if his name was Fred. Bobby responds “Fred?, Well that is a stupid name for a Japanese guy.” I still crack up to this day when I think about it.

Frosh: There are so many good things.  Seriously, watch Survivor Series ’93 some time – specifically the Hart family vs Shawn Michaels and his knights.  “Bruce, isn’t that a stupid name?  You have nine months and all you come up with is Bruce?”

Chad: I’d say there’s a couple of moments both of which were on commentary he called the breakup of the Rockers and when he called Hulk Hogan’s heel turn at the Bash of the Beach in 1996. Just classic Brain in my opinion just because I really wasn’t around wrestling for him as a manager.

Tyler: Damn, there’s so many. I think he’s work with Ric Flair during his first WWE run was probably the best.  Seeing him hold the (blurred out) big gold belt blew my young mind.

It is rumored that Charlotte Flair may in fact face off against Ronda Rousey at Wrestlemania, and quite possibly in the main event. Are we ready for the women to main event Wrestlemania, and if so, is this the match to showcase on the biggest stage?

Steve: I have zero problem with Charlotte main eventing Wrestlemania. I think she is the best female talent as far as in ring ability goes. Ronda Rousey however is not the person for her to face. I mean let’s face it. You are not going to bring in Rousey to lose the match, and you will kill Charlotte’s momentum, assuming she has it going into Mania. I don’t mind the match, but if you are going to bring in Rousey to face Charlotte, you have to turn Charlotte heel, and it cannot be on the main event. I would much rather Rousey face Asuka or something. Charlotte can main event Mania against Sasha, Bayley, Alexa, or virtually anyone else except Ronda Rousey.

Frosh: I think the women can definitely main event ‘Mania.  And WWE would definitely want a name like Rousey to sell the idea.  If that is the case, it needs to be a tag match, or something similar to WrestleMania 1.  Perhaps the teased 4 horsewomen of MMA vs the 4 horsewomen of the WWE from the Mae Young Classic.  That way you can protect your WWE stars and still make Rousey and co. look strong.

Chad: If WrestleMania is the merger of Wrestling and pop culture and you want to have the women main event then why not have the two leaders of the different factions of 4 Horsewomen square off with Ronda Rousey’s name on it I think it would be smart move to carry the show to the main event

Tyler: I’d say go for it.  We’ve had women main event Raw and Smackdown, as well as other PPVs.  It’s time for Wrestlemania to make history again.

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