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1) In their 42-17 loss to the Denver Broncos the Cowboys threw 11 times out of their first 15 plays from scrimmage and overall, they threw the ball 50 times while running it 14. Dak Prescott ran 3 of those 14 times while the NFL’s leading rusher in 2016… Ezekiel Elliott… only ran the ball 9 times for 8 yards. 

Was Denver’s defensive strategy to try and stuff Elliot’s running lanes that well designed to take Dallas from their usual game plan… run to set up the pass… that good or are some cracks beginning to show in Dallas’ dynamic duo’s façade in their sophomore season? 

Ezekiel Elliott gets 9 touches vs Broncos

David: It was yet another horrible coaching job by Jason. Zeke got 9 attempts. I don’t care if he runs for 0 yards per attempt, he needs to get 20 totes to do anything. That Denver Defense is no joke, and can dictate a game if you let them.

And, Jason Garrett let them. 

Joe: Let’s give credit where credit is due… for whatever reasons the Denver Broncos’ did their jobs… their offense scored against Dallas’ defense and their defense stopped Dallas from scoring for the most part. Once again, I underestimated a team… maybe two teams. I thought Denver had a for crap offense with no QB and I thought Dallas had a very good team.

That being said… Yes, there was tons of stuff written in printed press as well as online media forums about how Zeke quit on the Cowboys… however… you have the arguably best RB in the game… your offense is essentially run to set up the pass (Zeke’s running, in my opinion, is a big reason why Dak had such a good year at QB in 2016) and your coach designs a game paln thta gives the “best RB” that ball 9 times? WTF!

Also, nuff said. I never thought Jason Garrett was all that good of a coach and this is just another log on the fire that will ultimately lead to his being canned before the season is over.

2) In 2017 the New Orleans Saints have been true to their pass first character by heaving the ball down field 82 times in their first two games. In the off season, they signed future Hall of fame RB Adrian Peterson to a contract. So far, in the young 2017 season, they have only handed the ball to Peterson 14 times. 

In your opinion, is this a waste of Peterson’s talents and their money/roster space?

Adrian Peterson…”I Didn’t Sign Up For Nine Snaps”

David: The Saints don’t have a great line, and they don’t much care for running the ball between the guards. ADP picked the wrong team to sign with, and it’s his own fault. Not to mention that Sean is going nowhere, and Peterson can stare at him all he wants and wont change a thing. 

Joe:Yes and yes.

Adrian Petersen signing withe the Saints was a big surprise to me but I thought when it happened “Wow, the Saints just got a lot better. Now they have a real RB threat that can help make Drew Brees that much more dangerous with the pass as defenses have to keep an eye on AD before committing to the rush.

Guess I was woefully wrong as so far AD has been persona non grata in the Saints’ offense.

So yes, this is a waste of Petersen’s talents and it’s a waste of the Saints’ resources.  

Bengals fire offensive coordinator Ken Zampese

3) After starting the season 0-2 at home and not scoring a TD in doing so, the Cincinnati Bengals fired Ken Zampese, their OC.  

Is this a surprising turn of events… that they would fire their OC so early in the season and how do you see Cincinnati’s season going from this point forward?

David: Firing an OC this early is plain desperation. This isn’t some 24 year old that you took a chance on. Zampese has been around for some time and know how to run an offense. This is a problem with Dalton and his O-Line.

Joe:It is a shocking turn of events, in my opinion. It tells me this team ain’t going anywhere this year because they are in total disarray. And, the Jets may have a kink added into their season’s game plan designed to “Suck for Sam.” 

4) The Carolina Panthers’ defense looks good so far this season as they have only yielded 6 points. Yes, they played against Buffalo and San Francisco, still giving up only 3 points to each team is not too shabby. The only issue that may be a growing problem is that, in their 9-3 win versus Buffalo, Carson Palmer got sacked 6 times.  

Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy (25) is tackled for a loss by Carolina

Editor’s note: (Oops! wrong QB was submitted in the questions DOH!) 

In your opinion, will this be a concern for Carolina as the season progresses or not?

David: Sacking Carson Palmer? That’s no problem for the Carolina Defense.

Cam Newton getting hit this often is a problem, and it comes down to new faces on that line, and the new faces not being that good. Newton doesn’t have the quickest release, and isn’t scared to get hit, so he’s going to get nailed for the entire time he’s in the NFL. 

Joe:I think the Panthers’ defense carries them into the playoffs this year. The only problem will be can the offense score against another playoff team if that Panther o-line can’t protect Cam Newtown from getting hit all too often. 

5) In your opinion, so far in this young NFL season what has surprised you the most?

David: How good the AFC West is. Denver seems to have a QB, the Chefs look to be for real, and the Raiders defense isn’t great, but they have time. I picked this to be a rock-hard division in the Previews, but I didn’t expect to be that right.

Joe: How absolutely terrible the Giants have looked so far. Their season is not doomed yet, but unless their offense can pick themselves up and start scoring, they may finish last in Che NFL East, when I picked them to win the East and more.


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