NCAA Week 4 Picks

Welcome to our second week of NCAA picks!

Last week, In our inaugural selections, we had a mixed bag, as everyone got Notre Dame, TCU and South Florida, and missed LSU and Stanford, so the difference makers were the Florida/Tenn and Clemson vs Louisville.

Earl Steve DJ Chad Dan Archie
5-2 5-2 3-4 4-3 4-3
#16 TCU vs #6 Oklahoma State Oklahoma State Oklahoma State Oklahoma State Oklahoma State Oklahoma State Oklahoma State
#8 Michigan vs Purdue Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan
#23 Utah vs Arizona Utah Arizona Utah Utah Utah Arizona
Notre Dame vs Michigan State Michigan State Michigan State Notre Dame Michigan State Michigan State Michigan State
Rutgers vs Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska Rutgers

Game of the Week
#17 Mississippi State vs #11 Georgia

Earl: UGA

Steve: Georgia

DJ: Georgia

Chad: I don’t think that Mississippi State can pull off a shocking win 2 weeks in a row especially having to go to Georgia for this contest I think Georgia goes to NIck Chubb early and oftern to help get a close 23-20 Win.

Dan: Georgia has a very good run offense but Mississippi State has shown that they can handle a running game. They were able to absolutely destroy LSU and I think that they’re a good team who shouldn’t have any problems with Georgia. Look for this to be a much closer game than last week against the Tigers but it’ll still be another victory for Mississippi State.

1. Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma are your top 3. Who is your fourth?

Earl: My 4th is USC. The Trojans have not won their games with beauty but they are talented and likely the class of the Pac 12. If their offense finds their stride, then the Trojans should be a shoo-in for the 4th spot.

Steve: Honestly, I think it is Penn State. They have looked dominant, and appears to have picked up where they left off last year.

Chad: To me it’s USC I know they had a scare last week against but Texas but I still feel they would round out the Top 4. I think it’s Penn State very close behind them though.

Dan: I have to go with Penn State. They have a very good offense and their defense is powerful. They’re a dominant team and I think you can definitely make an argument for USC and Oklahoma State, but I’m going to give the nod to the Nittany Lions.

Archie: Penn Sta

2. Are the Oregon Ducks (and those ugly ass uniforms) back?

Earl: They have beaten Nebraska and they are a bad football team. They have beaten Wyoming who does not play well against big conference opponents. So is Oregon back? I will say they are on their way back but I like Stanford over them in the Pac 12 North.

Steve: Are the Oregon Ducks (and those ugly ass uniforms) back?
I wouldnt say they are back, I mean I don’t think they are a playoff contender, but they will make a bowl game.

Chad: I can’t say they are back yet because they really haven’t played anybody. They’ve looked good beating whom they should beat but I want to see them against competition.

Dan: I think the Ducks are coming back, but it’ll be a couple more seasons before they’re back to their dominant self. I haven’t seen too much of dominance from them that I remember they use to be.

Archie: No

3. Is LSU a fraud or is Miss St for real?

Earl: I am inclined to say LSU is a fraud because the Tigers on offense are fraudulent. When the chips are down, the Tigers cant count on their QB and without solid QB play in the SEC, you will not win.

Steve: A little bit of both. I think Mississippi State is a great team, and I don’t think LSU is as good as advertised.

Chad: I think you could say equal parts of both, obviously MS. State got up for a big home game against LSU before 2 tough road games. I’m interested to see how both teams respond this week.

Dan: I think Mississippi State is for real and I do think LSU is a talented team, but if they fold again this week like they did last week, my opinion of their team will definitely change. Mississippi State has a good rushing attack and shown it against LSU along with their defense. This will be a fun match-up for both teams.

Archie: LSU  is / was fraudulent

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