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Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. We are less than 2 weeks away from the first pre season games. We finally get to see this star studded rookie class on an NBA court for the first time. Lets get right to it. This week we will discuss LeBron James and his wife visiting a school in L.A., Stephon Marbury trying to make a comeback that, and so much more on this edition of NBA RoundTable.

Last week TMZ reported that LeBron James and his wife visited a high school in Los Angeles. Is this a big deal?

Todd: Well, like I have been saying it is 100% guaranteed that LeBron James is leaving Cleveland. I don’t think he will go to Los Angeles though by the simple fact that he will have to compete in the West. We all know by James past history He hates to competes that is why he tries to align himself with the best players s he don’t have to do as much. I guess if he brought Westbrook and George with him he could go to the Clippers but if he goes to the Lakers me and Magic are gonna have to have a talk.

Steve: Hell yes it is a big deal….for those High School kids. It is not every day you get an NBA superstar visiting a high school, it doesnt matter if it is in Cleveland, Los Angeles, or Bozeman Montana. If you are implying once again that LeBron is on his way out of Cleveland for LA… then that is just ridiculous. Not saying that will not happen, but this has nothing to do with it.

Chad: Not really for me as I think his jump to LA is a forgone conclusion at this point they’re just getting everything squared away to make the move out of Cleveland

After playing professional ball in China since 2010, Stephon MarBury says he wants to make an NBA comeback. He wants to end his career in the NBA and let his fans see him play one last year. Will we see Stephon Marbury back in the NBA again?

Todd: This dude has not played in the NBA in 7 years. The NBA has changed so much and you can argue has gotten better since then. I don’t think he could be good enough to make a team. Possibly in the G-League but thats about it.

Steve: I forgot all about Marbury. I will say this though, if he is in well enough shape to compete on the highest level, then why not give him a shot. I think a team will give him a chance if he can prove he can still play. He would be a draw, and increase ticket sales.

Chad: I don’t think just because I don’t see the market for his services I mean some last place team make take a waiver on him and invite him to camp but I don’t see him making an NBA roster.

Last week ESPN came out with their top 100 players in the NBA. Several players were upset with their ranking but no one any more upset than Carmelo Anthony. His ranking was 64 who Anthony along with many others thought was ridiculous. Even Lonzo Ball was at number 63 and he has not even stepped on the court with real competition yet. What are your thoughts on Anthony coming in at 64?

Todd: Who really gives a shit what number you are. No one really cares but the damn player, it just gives everyone something to talk about when you don’t like your position. Does it really mean anything?

Steve: He should be around the middle of the pack. What has he done in the last couple years? He is not getting any younger. Now I will not comment on Lonzo Ball being one ahead of him and no not for my utter hatred for Lavar Ball, but I don’t think rookies should be rated in this category at least until they have played an NBA game. By the way, Lavar Ball is still a piece of shit.

Chad: It’s an ESPN ranking where they probably ranked people where they are just to get people to care and talk about it. Carmelo is still a top player in the league.

Agree or Disagree. Shaq claims Him and Kobe were the best Duo in Lakers history including Kareem and Magic.

Todd: Well it is so hard to compare two different eras but if I really have to say there is no way that Shaq and Kobe are better than Magic and Kareem. Shaq may have been the most dominant center in NBA history but Kareem had the unblockable shot in the sky hook. Magic had the baby hook. Kareem and Magic won 5 titles to Shaq and Kobe’s 3.

Steve: I disagree but its damn close. Kareem and Magic were something special and they had a special bond between them that Shaq and Kobe did not have. Talent wise, it is almost a dead heat, but because of the obvious dislike they had for one another at time, Shaq and Kobe are a close second.

Chad: Well Magic and Kareem won more titles and weren’t demanding trades at the end of the partnership and it was a longer partnership.

James Harden is comparing this years Rockets team to the 2012 Thunder team he was on that made the NBA Finals. Do you see any comparison?

Todd: There is no comparison here. Steve is smoking crack. The Rockets this year will not be as good as everyone thinks they will be. They do not have a 2012 Kevin Durant or a 2012 Russell Westbrook. The only thing better the Rockets have is a better James Harden.

Steve: Sure, I mean the Thunder had three top stars on their team, and so do the Rockets this year. Problem is, the Western Conference is still too competitive with the Warriors, and Spurs. I don’t think the Rockets are going to be able to outmatch the Warriors. However, I can see the comparison.

Chad: I mean there is exceptional talent on this team but not as much as the 2012 Thunder the best team in recent memory to not win it all.

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