Pounding 7’s

The top seven International wrestlers "Miss America style"

Good day to all you wrestling fans and welcome once again to the most controversial countdown around the internet. This is Pounding 7’s. Today’s countdown may be the most controversial of them all as there are so many to choose from, it was difficult to come up with the best seven. This week, I countdown the top 7 International superstars. So what I did is choose seven wrestlers from different countries, kind of like the Miss America pageant. Seven wrestlers representing seven countries.  Most of you will probably disagree with me, but some may think I have some logic to the process. Whatever your thoughts, I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment, or send me a tweet @StephanHall #pounding7s. Let’s get to the countdown.

7. Kofi Kingston

Representing Ghana, South Africa, Kofi Kingston has been a part of the WWE for nearly ten years. He has been in some top tier feuds with the likes of Randy Orton, he has sniffed the main event scene on a few occasions, but really has been regulated to mid-card status. He is a former multiple time Intercontinental and United States Champion. And along side the New Day, he is part of the group that is the longest reigning tag team champions of all time. He has won the tag straps on a total of five occasions, making Kingston a rarity in wrestling. Singles and tag team success.

6. Jinder Mahal

Representing India, Reigning and defending WWE Champion Jinder Mahal cannot be left off of this list. When he debuted in the WWE he was a low mid-card wrestler, and participated in some of the most ridiculous gimmicks I have ever seen (3-man band). Mahal would rejuvinate his career and persona, and work his way up to the main event. This year, Mahal did the unthinkable and defeated Randy Orton to win his first World Championship. It was one of the biggest championship upsets in the history of wrestling, as Mahal went essentially from worst to first.

5. Rey Mysterio Jr

Representing Mexico, another very difficult choice to choose from for this country, as it is probably the best country outside of the United States to produce wrestling stars. Mysterio revolutionized the Crusierweight division in both WCW and the WWE, winning the championship on more than one occasion. He would try his luck in the heavyweight division and actually won the World Heavyweight Championship on three occasions. While, he may not be the best actual wrestler to come out of Mexico, he is the most well known due to his high flying capabilities. So he wins based off name recognition.

4. Nicolai Volcoff

Representing Russia, Nicolai Volcoff was a main stay in the WWF in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Volcoff was one of the most hated men in wrestling due to the Cold War. He would come out singing the Soviet National Anthem to the distaste of the fans around the United States. Volcoff never had much singles success, however he did win the Tag team belts with the Iron Sheik at Wrestlemania over Windham and Rotunda. In 1990, after the Cold War was over, Volcoff alligned himself with Hacksaw Jim Duggan, as an Allied Powers, also becoming pro America, but keeping his ties to Russia as well.

3. William Regal

Representing England, William Regal is by far the greatest in ring competitor to have never won a World Championship. While he basically owned the WCW World TV Championship in WCW for about five years, he also one the Intercontinental Championship, and European Championship while in the WWE. Regal, not only is a tremendous in ring competitor, he is one of the most well liked wrestlers all across the world. There are many great athletes that have come out of the United Kingdom, but Regal cannot be denied that he is the best. Regal still now works for the WWE as part of the NXT, as an authority figure.

2. The Iron Sheik

Representing Iran, The Iron Sheik takes much pride on being a former World Heavyweight Champion. He accomplished that feat in December, 1983 when he defeated Bob Backlund. He would only hold the championship for a month before dropping it to Voldemort, but the Sheik to this day won’t let anyone forget that he was once a World Champion. His other features include being an Olympian for Iran in the 60’s, and holding the World Tag Team championship with Nicolai Volcoff. Yes, the Sheik was one of a kind, and if you are into some fun reading. Follow the man on Twitter, but I must advise you, he is one of the most vulgar bastards I have ever came across.

1. Bret Hart

Representing Canada, Bret Hart lives up to the build “The Best there is, The Best there was, and the Best there ever will be.” He has proven over his long career, that he is in fact all three of those monkiers. Bret was a five time WWF champion, a two time Intercontinental Champion, a two time WCW Champion, Two time tag team champion, and three time United States Champion. He even came out of retirement and defeated the Miz to win the US Championship in 2011. While Canada has produced some great wrestlers, no one tops the Hitman.

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