Movie Review: The Founder

This is based on a true story, the level depending on who you believe, but the basic premise is Ray Kroc is a business to business shake salesman, and is not having much luck, coming back to his office, there is an order for 5 more machines. He figures it has to be a mistake, so he calls the store, upon talking to one of the owners, he doesn’t need 5;

He needs 8.

So Kroc jumps in his car and drives out there, to see what is going on, and is stunned by the restaurant, and hits on the idea to franchise. The rest of the movie gets into how McDonalds becomes MCDONALDS and how Ray Kroc begins to take over the world, leaving everyone in his drive to succeed.

The biggest problem The Founder has is it drives so much on Michael Keaton and Keaton has done so many great roles and played so many excellent characters that you almost always pull for him and you spend the beginning of the movie rooting for him and wanting him to succeed him Obviously you know the McDonald’s succeeds, but you have the brothers who are pushing back at them you have all the doors to get slammed in this face, you do know he’s coming in an advanced age and you do want to watch him succeed, you do want to watch the story go great and then the last 15 minutes of the movie, well,  he just becomes an ass I mean he shafts the brothers (allegedly) divorce his wife and runs over everybody. It’s almost like he forgets where he comes from, he forgets what it’s like to be the little guy, and does his best to crush the little guy- kind of like Walmart, kind of like insert corporation here, and it’s kind of a jarring to the movie you almost want to see a sequel where that with a brother’s come back in and crush Ray Kroc but that doesn’t happen obviously and it does kind of hurt the movie after the fact when you’re watching the movie it’s fascinating when you watching a movie you’re allowed to get pull along for the ride with Michael Keaton it’s only at the end that you have a problem.

It’s only watching it the second time around you have a problem because you do pick up on the small things that he does setting up that he’s a bad guy if you consider that a bad guy thing. The movie is exceptionally acted pretty much everybody in it does a great job I don’t think there’s a ton of rewatch value in it so what I’m going to do is I’m going to give it I’m going to give it a high 6, again I think it’s a movie where you have an audience and I think that audience is going to like it. People that enjoy corporate behind the scenes movies are going to enjoy, the people that enjoy Michael Keaton are going to enjoy it people that want to know more about McDonald’s other than you know what’s on the 2 for $5 menu or going to enjoy it, but other people if they can’t get into the acting if they can’t get pulled into the story are probably going to find a little boring.

One final note though the brothers on screaming about the Milkshake they could see that McDonald’s burger now.

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