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This week’s questions… 

1) HC Bill O’Brien spent all offseason and training camp saying Tom Savage was the Texans’ starting quarterback and that Deshaun Watson needed more time to develop. And, yes, the Houston offense was “struggling” (Savage was 7/13 for 62 yards), still are you surprised he has already gone to Watson this early in the season? And, who starts next week for the Texans? 

Deshaun Watson

Chad: Not surprising at all, and if Deshaun Watson is healthy after the ankle scare he will probably start Thursday in Cincy.

David: I am a bit surprised, especially considering how crappy the O-Line is. I would think he would sit the prized rookie, and let the Nacho Man get his butt kicked until the line either improves or you have to do something. With the Titans also in trouble so far, why take the chances that Watson becomes David Carr? Houston should remember him. I think Savage should start, but there is a good chance this is Watson’s time, as the cat has been out of the bag.

Joe: Yes, I am surprised that Watson was inserted  mainly because of O’Brien’s previous statements on Watson needing “time to develop.” On the other hand O’Brien has had Watson playing with the first team in preseason a fair amount, so it  shouldn’t come as a shock that he might insert Watson in a game in an attempt to  jumpstart his offense if his starter… Savage …wasn’t producing points o t he scoreboard. Savage wan’t, so O’Brien made the move. Still that it occurred in the first game was surprising.

As to who will start the team’s next game? That’s now a moot point. Watson started last nigh’ts game and “led” the team to what I think is an upset victory over Cincinnati.

While O’Brien says it is not the best situation putting Watson into the game as the lead QB and that his passing game needs work, what Watson does have, that Savage does not, are legs… legs that can run 49 yards in a game for a games only TD… like he did last night that essentially was the difference between the Texans winning or losing the game against the Bengals.

2) On Sunday, the Indianapolis Colts, without Andrew Luck at QB, were abominable on offense and their defense was nothing to write home about either. Suffice it to say after the way Scott Tolzien performed… 2 pick sixes and he almost threw a third one for a 7 QBR with a 33.8 rating… before being pulled in favor of Jacoby Brissett and the reality that Luck is not going to be able to play in the foreseeable future… 

What are the Colts’ options at QB starting immediately with their next game? And, are the Colts really this bad and will they challenge the Jets for the #1 pick in the 2018 draft?

The unlucky Colts might be really bad…

Chad: They are in deep trouble, obviously, without Andrew Luck. However, with the AFC South as it is I don’t think you need to think tank yet, as if you get him back in a month they could easily rattle off wins and sneak into the division picture.

David: See my Colts Preview. This team SUCKS and Luck made them all look better. Yes, if Luck does not play, this is a 4th place team. I don’t think they are JETS bad, as they have actively punted the season, but they could be Browns-level bad.

Joe: They can hire Colin Kaepernick?

Lets face it the Colts are not a good team with even with Luck as the QB… but without Luck? They really, really, really suck.  And, yes , I think they may provide the Jets some competition for who gets to pick first in the next draft.

3) How shocked are you that not only did KC beat the NFL champs Patriots and that Tom Brady had arguably one of the worst games of his career… 16/37 and a 35.1 QBR… but that KC beat the Patriots by the score of 42-27?

Kareem Hunt #27 scores TD in Chiefs win over Patriots in season opener

Chad: It is opening night of the season and Tom Brady is in his age 40 season, so a bad game is not a shock to me. Kansas City capitalized on their opportunities (Thank you Kareem Hunt for 46 fantasy points.)

New England is still the class of their division and will probably be playing in the AFC Championship game.

David: He’s 40, its game 1. Calm down. He’s Brady, not Peyton Manning. Chances are the Chefs have a better defense than we thought and Roger Goodell put something in the Pats kool-aid.

Joe: Truthfully, I am not shocked the Patriots lost a game. Not even shocked Brady had a game that wasn’t so damn good. Stuff happens.

What I am surprised at was the fact it was the Chiefs who did the beating.  Personally, I have not thought the Chiefs were all that good going into the year. It’s only one game but I may need to reassess that opinion. But, what shocked me was the final score… and… that KC beat them by double digits.

4) The fact that DeShone Kizer didn’t completely fold after the Browns fell behind by first 7-0 and 21-10 late and showed poise by keeping the team in the game versus Pittsburgh that they eventually lost by the close score of 21-18…

Is that a big positive for the Browns going forward? And, do you think that the Browns may finish the season with one of their better season in recent memory… maybe even .500? 

DeShone Kizer (7) vs Steelers provides hope for Browns

Chad: I’m still not going to say the .500 is in the realm of possibility, but I think this year will be more for them being in the games and maybe squeaking 3-4 out.

David: Great positive. I think it’s even better that he got beaten up less than Watson, that might be the best news. This is a potential AFC title team and the Browns played well against them. Give me a few weeks before we start thinking 500. But with the Bengals looking like crud, maaaaaybe 3rd place is in reach?

Joe: Without a doubt, what Kizer did, was a very big positive.

As for the Browns getting to .500? That may not be realistic number t think they can achieve but I think for once they won’t be one of the bottom feeders in the league who at the end of the year are in line to be picking first in the next draft.

5) The Giants offense… especially the offense line as well as QB Eli Manning…  looked bad losing to the Dallas Cowboys by a score of 19-3. 

Is Odell Beckham Jr. really that important to the Giants, and Eli, or are the Giants just that bad overall on offense? And, is it getting near “closing time” for Eli and should the Giants seriously start thinking about finding his replacement now instead of just having a QB like Geno smith as the backup QB to Eli? 

Giants sacked…

Chad: To me it doesn’t matter if Odell comes back because the O-Line can’t keep Eli upright long enough for him, or for anyone to get downfield.

Such a shame for this to be the end for Eli.

David: It’s Eli Manning. He always sucks 3 or 4 times a season, he was just getting one out of the way.

Joe: Some things to ponder…

  1. Eli Manning is not a great QB. Not even one of the leagues best who are presently playing. He is a decent QB who with the right weapons can lead a team to the playoffs and with some luck maybe beyond.
  2. If the Giants need Beckham to win games every damn time they take the field, then the Giants are in Trouble with a Capital “T”.
  3. The Giants offensive linen best get better in a hurry or Manning is going to be eating a lot of turf and throwing even more INTs than he did last year.
  4. While I don’t think it’s “Turn out the lights the party is over” time for Eli quite yet, I do think his time as an NFL QB is coming to a close. And, frankly I have been surprised the Giants have not been trying to draft someone to groom to step in for Eli sooner than this. So, yes, the Giants need to seriously start thinking about who plays after Eli and they need to do it now and stop messing around with QBs like Geno Smith.
  5. This is maybe not germane to the conversation exactly… but why the hell didn’t/don’t the Giants ever draft a running back? You think with maybe a decent RB that Eli could hand the ball off to wouldn’t help the passing game? Or, the O-line, so that they aren’t constantly in pass protection mode?



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