NCAA Week 2 Picks

Welcome to our first week of NCAA Picks! What I tried to give the panel is each ranked vs ranked game, plus at least one from each major conference, so some weeks there will be more games than others. If you have a game you want picked, or a Q you want to ask, then make sure you comment below or ask us at the Facebook Page by Sunday Night.

This weeks games:

Earl Steve DJ Chad  Dan
23 Tennessee vs 24 Florida  Florida  Florida  Tennessee  Tennessee  Florida
12 LSU vs Mississippi State  LSU  LSU  LSU  LSU  LSU
Notre Dame vs Boston College Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame
Notre Dame
Notre Dame
19 Stanford vs San Deigo State  Stanford  Stanford  Stanford  Stanford  Stanford
Illinois vs 22 South Florida  South Florida  South Florida  South Florida  South Florida  South Florida

Game of the Week

3 Clemson vs 14 Louisville

Earl: Two good running QBs but Lamar Jackson is this generation’s Michael Vick. He runs and throws the ball with ease.
However, Clemson’s defense is quick and intense. I think Jackson will rack up some yards, but Clemson’s D will keep it close. Clemson wins the game, a close one, 28-21.

Steve: Clemson is a defensive power and they proved that against Auburn last week with a low scoring game, but a victory none the less. Louisville is just the opposite, coming off a shoot out against North Carolina, racking up 47 points. I think the Clemson D will be too much for Lamar Jackson and company. Clemson wins 21-17

DJ: Louisville

Chad: Clemson coming off a National Championship and 2-0 with new QB Kelly Bryant go up against against Louisville’s One Man Show Lamar Jackson who scored 6 TD’s last week against North Carolina. I think Clemson has just enough to get by Louisville, Clemson pulling away late I will say 48-37 in a shootout but it will be similar to last year a great entertaining game.

Dan: I have the upset. I think Clemson is a great team, but they haven’t had too tough of a test yet. And without the powerhouse of a team they had last season, I think Lamar Jackson gets the best of Clemson. He’s one of the best quarterbacks in the land and arguably the best duel-threat quarterback in college. I think this game will be very close, but Lamar Jackson will push Louisville over the edge with a late touchdown and Louisville wins by 3.

Three Questions

1. What is wrong with Texas?

Earl: Texas recruits well but I think the players were overrated and it shows on the field. They are not as good as they think they are.
However, I think Coach Herman will get his guys in the program and he will get his QB. Its going to take a season or two but Texas will be back.

Steve: Its hard to tell at this point. They have a good coach, they have a great system. I think more and more of the Texas players are leaving the state to play elsewhere, and they are not able to recruit like they used to in the past.

Chad: Tom Herman hasn’t had the immediate reaction at Texas that people though he would have had and I think the talent was overhyped coming into the year.

Dan: While you don’t want to totally discredit their shutout victory over San Jose State, it’s not that impressive since it’s basically a warm-up game. But the game against Maryland is more telling. I think they have some defensive issues that Sam Darnold, Oklahoma and other Big 12 teams will be able to exploit and ruin Texas’ season. The one thing, though, that really stood out to me in the San Jose State game was how easy it seemed for Texas to stop. They out-gained them by 450 yards, forced two turnovers, and had the ball for just under 18 minutes more than San Jose State. Field goals are still an issue and this game is looking like it’ll be a 10-17 point favorite (depending who you look at it) for USC. Texas will need to work on their defense, but I do think they can still squeak out a bowl appearance.

2. Oklahoma is ranked number 2, is that deserved, and can they hang on to that?

Earl: Its absolutely deserved. Oklahoma is a good team and Baker Mayfield is a cocky son of a gun at QB. As long as he is healthy, the Sooners will win the Big 12 and make the playoff.

Steve: Absolutely, I think Oklahoma is  the real deal. I think they are headed for the playoffs, and a potential showdown against Alabama. They dominated Ohio State on the road, and not too many teams can say they have done that.

Chad: They beat number 2 so for right now in week 3 of the season I say it is deserved not only did the beat #2 Ohio State, They controlled the game and won in Columbus that is a statement victory in my opinion

Dan:  I think so. Oklahoma was already a good team coming into the season. According to the FPI, Ohio State was favored in this match-up (and in every other match-up of the season). Oklahoma beat them convincingly and they earned their number two ranking. Do I think they can hang on? Yes. The Big 12 isn’t as strong as it has been in recent seasons and I think they’ll stay in the top three all season and earn a playoff spot with this very defining early playoff contest victory.

3. Is Ohio State going to miss the playoffs?

Earl: In a word: yes. Ohio State is not that good folks. I’ll say it. They are beatable and its because their offense is not that good.
Looking at the schedule I think Penn State and Michigan will beat the Buckeyes.

Steve: I think they will. They have a tough Big 10 schedule, and I think this is finally the year that Michigan gets the best of them. Two losses will not be able to get them into the mix. However, you cannot count out the Buckeyes, they lost early last year too, and ended up in the playoff hunt.

Chad: If they can’t improve on their Dead Last Pass Defense (130th out of 130) then they won’t even sniff their division let alone the Final Four

Dan: They’re favored in every single game this season. Despite their loss, if they win every other game, they should be in a nice position. They miss out on Wisconsin, but have to face Penn State, Michigan State and Michigan to finish out the year. If they can beat Michigan and Penn State convincingly and win the B1G championship game, they should be able to grab a slot. But they have to win out, and have a couple very good wins, but they also need Oklahoma to play very well as well to make their loss not as bad. If Oklahoma receives a loss, you might as well start counting Ohio State out. But right now, it’s just too early to tell. But this loss certainly hurts Ohio State considerably.

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