Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. Lets get right to it this week we will discuss John Wall, the Cavaliers 1st round pick in 2018 that, and so much more on this edition on NBA Round Table.

Agree or disagree. John Wall claimed last week that he was the best two way point guard in the NBA.

Todd: Disagree. I think Chris Paul is probably the best two way point guard in the NBA. Although there are better offensive point guards then Paul such as Curry, Westbrook and Harden I don’t think any of the Point guards are better at defensive end. Even as Paul gets older he can still ball at the offensive end also.

Steve: I tried, and I could not find anyone else that would beat Wall out of this statement. So I agree with him, he can play offense and defense better than any other point guard in the NBA.

Chad: Disagree, this is Chris Paul for the time being but Wall has the ability to take the spot.

Dan: I’ll agree, but I do think that he is one of the best, not specifically the best. I’m not sure if I would give “the best” title to anyone at a guard position, but I definitely think John Wall is one of the best two-way guards in the league and he has shown it in every season he’s played with the Wizards. The main reason why I don’t consider anyone the best is because a shooting guard’s role and a point guard’s role are different so it’s hard to compare them completely. But John Wall is a superstar, in my eyes,  on both offense and defense.

Should the Cavaliers try to trade the Nets number one pick they received from the Celtics in attempt to keep James in Cleveland?

Todd: I don’t think it will much matter. He is gonna leave no matter what the cavaliers do. I don’t think he will go out west though because I think he is scared. There is too much competition in the West and we all know that James does not like to compete that is why he tries to align himself with the best players so it is that much less he has to do. Why do you think he is so upset that Thomas will be out longer than expected?

Steve: I think it all depends on what LeBron does. If LeBron stays put then yes, trade the number one pick for a good back up for LeBron, and create another super team for Cleveland, if he leaves, then you keep the top pick and rebuild your franchise. So it’s up to James to see what he does before any decision should be made. However, that being said, if they get an offer they cant refuse, then they should take it. As it sits right now, the Cavs don’t need this pick, and could benefit from unloading it.

Chad: I think you can try I think issue becomes what can you get in return for it that will satisfy Lebron James and convince him to stay because  I think he is out of Cleveland since winning the title.

Dan: No, Cleveland should keep the pick. In order to make James stay, trading the top pick in the draft doesn’t sound like a great plan unless they can get a complementary superstar to vibe with James on the court after losing Kyrie Irving and having no clue when Isaiah Thomas will return to the floor. If I was Cleveland’s general manager, I would keep the number one overall pick in an upcoming deep draft because either you get another superstar to match with James who James can teach and develop, or they get a superstar that can attempt to fill the role James played in a rebuild process because at this point, nobody knows if James already has his mind set at leaving after the season or if he’s still debating either way.

 The NFL has a franchise in the Oakland Raiders moving to Las Vegas in a couple of years. The NBA Plays Summer league games in Vegas. Will we ever see an NBA Franchise move to Las Vegas?

Todd: I mean sure we could. The franchise I would see moving there right now and having success is the Lakers. Most people come to see the Lakers play during summer league every year especially this summer with the debut of Lonzo Ball. Of course if the Lakers moved out of L.A. there might be some riots.

Steve: Sure, I think one day we will see a team in Las Vegas. I think it all will determine how the Hockey team does, and if the Raiders actually get to Vegas, how the city and and how the Vegas fans react to it. If the market shows that they are for real to have professional teams in that city, then I could see not only and NBA team, but an MLB team down the road as well, making Vegas one of only a few cities with all four professional sports teams. That would be something considering this is the first year they are going to have even one.

Chad: Yes, It only makes sense for a team to get their eventually.

Dan: Yes, I think we will but it won’t be for five years or more. I don’t see the NBA expanding within the next five seasons, but whenever they do think about expanding or having teams relocate, I think Vegas will be a top priority with Kansas City a close second. It will definitely help to get an NBA team there due to three  factors: The Summer League thrives in Vegas. The Raiders are moving there so an NFL team plus the Golden Knights in the NHL also just joined as an expansion team. Then you have a lot of people on vacation who would take two hours out of their heavy drinking and gambling adventures to go see an NBA game especially if a star or multiple stars were members of the team. It has the potential to be a huge source of revenue for the NBA.

Adam Silver is aggressively pursuing draft lottery reform that could go into effect in the summer of 2019 season. This would prevent teams from having a top 3 pick in back to back years. This is also supposed to help prevent teams from tanking. Would you be a fan of such a change in the draft lottery? Also do you think this will stop teams from tanking?

Todd: I understand why they would do it but I don’t think it would change much as far as tanking.

Steve: DAMMIT!! NO!!! Leave this shit alone! If a team wants to tank and lose games to get a high draft pick let them do it. It is not hurting anyone, but that team and their fans. It is no guarantee that the team that tanks is gonna get a top three. While the odds may be in their favor, it is not guaranteed. There is also no guarantee that the player picked in the draft will turn out to be a star, and get that team out of a rutt. So please leave the draft alone.

Chad: I don’t think it will stop tanking on a year to year basis; but I do like the idea of letting different have a shot at top picks.

Dan: I don’t think the changes will stop a team from tanking and I really don’t think there’s a good way to do so. I think the NBA, and other sports, are too focused on an idea that teams tank instead of trying to improve the overall safety and game as a whole. While teams will always tank because they’re garbage anyway, teams will also get accused for tanking because they can’t win because that team is garbage. I think they need to keep it the same. I don’t see a problem with it. Personally, and I don’t foresee the NBA ever doing this, I believe the NBA should do the draft like everybody else. Worst record gets the number one pick. Second worst records get the number two pick. And so on and so forth. Champions get the last pick. The NBA will never change to that, though, at this pace, especially when they’re so overly concerned about teams tanking.

The original reason why Kyrie Irving wanted to leave Cleveland is that he wanted to be the man. He was tired of being LeBron James sidekick. Now that Irving could potentially be the man in Boston with Hayward and James has a gimpy Thomas who knows when he will be back. Which guy has more pressure to make it back to the finals Irving or James?

Todd: This is a tough one. on the one hand you have Irving who hasn’t made it to the Finals without LeBron James and he was bitching to get out of Cleveland so he could be the man. On the other hand LeBron James if it were not for Ray Allen clutch shot in game 6 of the NBA Finals in 2013 and Kyrie Irving clutch shot in the NBA Finals in 2016 He could very well be 1-7 in the finals instead of 3-5. That being said I think there is a slight bit more pressure Kyrie. This is what he wanted, he got now he has to deliver.

Steve: This is simple. It is Kyrie Irving. James has already proven that he can get to the finals with a variety of different players. Kyrie wanted to be the man, now he has his chance, let’s see if he doesnt blow it. I can tell you now though, its gonna be LeBron. I think Boston got hosed on this deal. Not because Kyrie is not a good player, he is a great player. Boston gave up way too much for a guy who played second or third fiddle on a team that won one championship. I don’t think the Cavs win the one title without LeBron. I hope I am wrong, but I don’t see Boston being in contention for the Eastern Conference title, much less the NBA title.

Chad: I give the slight edge to Kyrie just to prove he can get past Lebron and make it to the FInals without his help.

Dan: I think it’s LeBron James. Everyone always nags on LeBron saying he can’t win a Championship by himself. The whole reason he won in 2016 was due to Kyrie Irving bailing him out of multiple late game situations. They also say that LeBron can only play with superstars and isn’t as good as Jordan. James made the Finals with two other All-Stars in Miami when Wade and Bosh were with him. I think James, who will be the main player and without Thomas for at least half the season, has the most pressure to make the Finals by himself so-to-say in order to shut the critics down. Irving has pressure to make it to the Conference Finals to prove to the NBA that he is a superstar and can be the number one on a team. Granted he does have Heyward, but he’s still the number one superstar in Boston. Both have high expectations and will be pressured by analysts and fans alike, but James has the most pressure to make it, and win, the Finals.

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