Jon Jones win declared a no-contest

The UFC 214 bout between incoming champion Daniel Cormier and former (and undefeated) champion Jon Jones has been turned into a no contest by the CSAC, so again, there is a chance that the 205 title will be held up or simply given back to Cormier.

Think about this.

Jon Jones could be a three-time UFC champion, 2 “Normal” and 1 Interm and never lost the title, something only Shawn Michaels has been able to pull off. Jon Jones has been the top guy at 205 since beating Maurício Rua at UFC 128 waaaaaaay back on Mar 19, 2011 – and has yet to lose. But-

Daniel Cormier could/will be the Light-Heavyweight Champion for the second time, succeeding the man that he just lost too, and never having beaten that man.

The time frame will literally be:

Jones beats Cormier.

Jones popped for drugs.

Cormier Becomes Champion

Jones beats Cormier. (Again)

Jones popped for drugs. (Again)

Cormier Becomes Champion. (Again)


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