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One more time… silence is not an option…

This is just one of several flyers that have been distributed in Sandpoint, Idaho since April…  with many being directed at Standpoint’s mayor… Shelby Rognstad. 

One of the more recent samples of  this toilet paper found had a photoshopped picture of the mayor in a gas chamber with a nazi frog ready to pull the switch.

Rognstad, a white man who believes he struck the ire of the hate group because of his support for low-income housing projects and a false rumor he is Jewish says, “It’s almost been on a daily basis the last couple of weeks… Initially, the attitude was to ignore them. But now, since Charlottesville and these fliers now being distributed every day, it‘s time to speak up.”

Recently, the Bonner County Human Rights Task Force… a group founded in 1992 to help combat the area’s former Aryan Nations movement… held a news conference to discuss the issue and among others Tony Stewart, a Coeur d’Alene human rights activist who helped disband the Aryan Nations enclave that once existed in nearby Hayden, read a statement from Idaho Gov. Butch Otter that said, “We have dealt with white supremacists and other groups filled by hatred before,” Stewart read. “We told them then, as we continue to tell them now, and in no uncertain or ambiguous terms, they are not wanted here and will never be welcome here. Idaho joins the nation and the world in condemning white supremacists, violence and bigotry of any kind.”

This is hateful… it is bigoted. It is ethnocentrism at its worst… it is racist… and… it is simply wrong.

It is also why I am against any organization(s) that spews this wrongful hatred and why I believe any group that avows this shit should be outlawed and simply not allowed to exist within America. We are the so-called land of the free but with that freedom comes certain responsibilities. We are free to do as we wish as long as it does not harm any other person or living being…. physically or psychologically. And, as long as it does not impinge upon anyone’s ability to be free and safe.

Frankly, this poster is a crime.

It is a hate crime and whoever is responsible to its dissemination should be liable to be arrested for committing a hate crime which, by the by, is fucking illegal in America!

Hillary’s book and my thoughts…

Hillary selling “What Happened”…

Hillary Billary is all about the Benjamins… about taking them from your pocket and putting them in hers… wake up and smell the reality…

Hillary Billary has a new book out…


Here’s the skinny… what all went down for why she decided to write a book for certain somebodies to go out and buy… for a mere $17.99… at least at the Milford (CT) Barnes and Noble store… I hear tell that it’s a lot more in other places.

She ran as the donkey candidate for the presidency of the United States and she lost.

She fucking lost and now needs to write a tome as some sort of catharsis, touchy, feely thing so she can shake the filth of her loss off her back side. And… to spread the blame around why it wasn’t her fault she lost. Of course, she says she is writing it as an analysis of the campaign and what went wrong… and… yes, she does kinda, sorta assume some of the blame but she spreads most of the blame for her losing at others… many others.

Damn does she spread it around… sometimes as heavy and wide spread as some farmer preparing his land with seasoned manure.

As usual nothing is ever her fault… or… if it is her fault, it is only very marginally her fault and she was either obviously grossly misunderstood or just didn’t say what she meant clearly enough so that the unwashed masses could understand what she wanted to get across to them all.

The real reason… at least one of the real reasons in my opinion… for the book is she wanted to sell it to all her many loyalists so they can symbolically join with her in a good crying jag over some brunchy mimosa type drinks about the “tragedy” of her loss as well as to share with…


I can’t fathom why anyone else would want to read this book since it’s obviously a pure money grab on her part and really not worth the space on anyone’s bookshelf space.

How can I say that and how can I disparage the book… and her… if I ain’t read it?

Simply, because some so-called Clinton supporters have leaked excerpts from her book and the media has been very kind in running with these leaks and allowing us unwashed common folks a free look into what she has to say… many media sources, my daily read the New York Daily News included, offered up a scorecard of who she flatly paints as people who caused her to be a political loser… again…

Number one with a bullet on her hit parade… Bernie.

She claims that Bernie’s attacks against her during the primary caused “lasting damage” and paved the way for, among other elephant strategies against her, “Trump’s ‘Crooked Hillary’ campaign.” She also adds that Bernie’s goal was not “to make sure a Democrat won the White House, he got in to disrupt the Democratic Party.”

It was all Obama’s & Bernie’s fault…

She also says she writes that Bernie “had to resort to innuendo and impugning my character” because they “agreed on so much.” And that “It was beyond frustrating that Bernie acted as if he had a monopoly on political purity.”

Let me intercede here and say… I’m not sure what all they exactly agreed on that was all that similar… else there wouldn’t have been that many folks… especially them that were labelled Bernie Bros… who voted for Bernie in the primaries. As for this idea, he had a monopoly on any sort of political purity…  compared to her, Bernie was Eugene Debs, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Buddha and Jesus Christ all rolled into one.

And… speaking of the Bernie Bros… they’re next on her hit parade of dastardly demon bastards who screwed her royally… from her book…

“Some of his supporters, the so-called Bernie Bros, took to harassing my supporters online. It got ugly and more than a little sexist,” she wrote.

Next… the Bamster… She is said to have written in her book that the Bamster asked her to “grit my teeth and lay off Bernie as much as I could,” which she then claims made her feel as if like she was “in a straitjacket.” She claims that because of this ask by Obama (and others in the donkey party, )Bernie essentially, and effectively, played the “topper” card to perfection… “We would promise a bold infrastructure investment plan or an ambitious new apprenticeship program for young people, and then Bernie would announce basically the same thing, but bigger. On issue after issue, it was like he kept promising (the moon.)”  She also took Bam to the woodshed for not making a national address so that “more Americans would have woken up” to the fact that the Russians had hacked into various social media forums and created fake accounts to disseminate bad juju against her that had the result of turning many in America against her and helping Trump.

Which leads to her bitching about V. I. Lenin… oops… I mean Vladimir Putin the Russky prez… because of him giving his blessings to Russian Cyber intelligence peeps, Russia was able to unleash a devastating info (mis-info?) operation… some say attack… upon the people of the United States that worked “to influence our election and install a friendly puppet.”

Did the Green Party/Jill Stein cost Hillary the election?

Then comes Green Party candidate Jill Stein who in Hillary Billary’s words “wouldn’t be worth mentioning” … except… she stole thousands of votes in swing states that Trumpty won.

Um… right… losing Wisconsin… where she effectively didn’t even campaign…. Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania was all Jill Steins fault. Florida, too, right?  Trump won all then states because of the little old Greenie Stein.

Let’s face facts she lost Wisconsin… again she essentially ignored the voters in that state so the fact that she lost there should not come as any big surprise… still… look at the numbers… she lost the state by 227,000-plus votes. Stein got 31,000-plus votes. Nowhere near enough to swing the state. Hell, combine Libertarian Party Gary Johnson’s votes and Stein’s and Hills still couldn’t win even if all those voters went donkey. Which was not gonna happen.

Ohio? She lost by 447,000-pluis. Stein? Got 46,000-plus votes. Not gonna mean diddly to her chances.

The next three states… Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida (56 electoral votes) … which were exceedingly tight… I’m gonna kinda link together… here is where her argument might hold some water…

But it fails here, also.

Michigan…  She lost by 10,704. Stein got 51,463 votes… but did that cost her Michigan? Johnson got 172,136 votes. Let’s face reality all them votes that went to Johnson? What’s the chance if Johnson didn’t run that most of them go to Trumpty? Enough to negate Stein voters? Probably.

Pennsylvania… she lost by 44,292. Stein had 49,941. Once more, enough to swing the state. But, oh golly gee, look… Johnson got 146,715. Hmmm…

And finally, Florida… she lost by 112,911 votes. Stein got 64.399. And Johnson? Why that no good SOB… he got 207,043.

Truth/ Jill Stein did not cost Hillary Billary the damn election.

But, she won the popular vote…

And as for that damn argument… Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million….


Winning the popular vote is not a really good argument especially by the relatively minor numbers she won it by.


Say a candidate sweeps California and NY by huge margins… say 75% to 25%… I know that is ridiculous but stay with me we’re only doing some supposing here to make a point… but… the n that same candidate loses a lot of states like Florida, Michigan and Ohio by smaller margins… let’s say 55% to 45%… if this was extrapolated out across the country where a candidate won some large populated states by exceedingly large numbers but lost other less populated states by closer numbers, then that candidate would lose the electoral votes/election, yet still win the popular vote.

It is one of the reasons there is the electoral system. So, that states with huge populations with a particular agenda can’t dictate how states with smaller populations and different agendas are “equally” or “fairly” governed. Not saying I agree with how this electoral system works… or that it can’t be gamed… just saying why it is set up that way. So, saying Hillary won the popular vote by the relatively small number of about 3 mil really is a meaningless argument and simply a moot point.

In other words… the majority of the people in the majority of the states didn’t trust her or didn’t like her and voted against her. She was not the best candidate and the donkeys rigged the system so she could run. She was the princess in waiting so to speak. Now she is bitter that she got rejected.

Tough shit.

Or should it have been titled “It Was My Turn” and she just failed?

She still ain’t done yet with her dissing and excuse making…

Another reason she lost was… female voters…

Yeah, she won the female vote but still she gotta just gotta yank the chain… she says about her strongest constituency, “I couldn’t help but ask where those feelings of solidarity, outrage and passion had been during the election.” I mean, what the fuck is that even supposed to mean? That suddenly, if every woman took to marching in the street shouting and screaming at the top of her lungs about their outrage against Trumpty and all of his loyalists and their sad sorry corporate profit first agenda that that would have swung every working class vote, every middle class vote that went for Trumpty… as well as every Gary Jonson vote and every Jill Stein vote… over to her side of the voting column?


So why diss your strongest allies?

Because… Oh, if I do it; I get a whipping… shit, I am doing it… because she is a pure out and out bitch with no sense of, or perception of, justice and fairness. Hills? Maybe you should look in a mirror… I mean take a really, long, hard look…maybe you might see something that looks more like Trumpty than you would like to admit.

And, then there is all of us… we the people… the poor, poor, pitiful us… the unwashed masses… the “Gullible Americans.”  She says: “I think it’s fair to say that I didn’t realize how quickly the ground was shifting under all our feet. I was running a traditional presidential campaign with carefully thought-out policies and painstakingly built coalitions, while Trump was running a reality TV show that expertly and relentlessly stoked Americans’ anger and resentment.”

In other words… we the people are too stupid to know what’s good for us. which would have been her instead of Trumpty.

Over 90 Million Eligible Voters Didn’t Vote in the 2016 Presidential Election

While if this is put in proper perspective… this argument has some merit… hell, 62,985,106 people actually voted for a man who could care diddly squat about what they think and his claim to fame is that he is a billionaire and actually did have a reality show… and another 92,671,979 didn’t vote at all… but…

Why go around alienating your party’s voting base…or what was once and is supposed to be your party’s voting base… working class and many of the middle class?  Or, we the people…

In no particular order she also badmouths…

Former FBI director James Comey… for renewing his investigation into her emails that upset her political applecart in the campaign’s closing days…

Anthony Weiner the former husband of one her of her chief aides… Huma Abedin… it was his teenage sexting scandal that partly led to Comey renewing his last minute probe into her emails…

The New York Times… for constantly focusing on her emails and Comey’s probe…

Trumpty… but I won’t go there because frankly it’s just too obvious…

And then lastly herself… which frankly is where she should have started, and ended… her and the donkey leadership…

She laments her own statement about putting coal miners out of business… he words that called Trumpty’s supporters a “basket of deplorables”, her use of a private email server, the ongoing scandal that erupted from her emails (which she called “even dumber”) and for failing to understand (underestimating her strengths and weaknesses?) and for failing to grok “how quickly the ground was shifting under our feet.”

Lastly, she says… “I have come to terms with the fact that a lot of people… millions and millions of people… decide they just didn’t like me.” She then says, “What makes me such a lightning rod for fury? I’m really asking … I’m at a loss.”

And that is part of why she is such an ass and will never get my vote… nothing is ever her fault and theretofore she is responsible for nothing and irresponsible about everything. And she whines and pisses and moans about it all like a snivelly, petulant, spoiled child.

And, let me add this one thing about this election… on how Trumpty Dumpty became our fearless leader…

I have heard many “liberals ‘ bemoaning the fact that some of those whom they considered to be close friends and were similar to themselves in their political beliefs turned out to be bigots. Mainly because they voted for Trump.

And they further bemoaned the fact that they blame themselves for doing nothing about those poor misguided bigots voting for Trump.

Let me say something immediately and straight out… while more than a few of those that voted for Trumpty Dumpty were actually bigoted and racist sons of bitches, not all of them were. I would posit that many of those who voted for the elephant candidate did so because they were forlorn about their lot in life and saw no way out of their financial malaise and no longer trusted the government. They also… frankly… brought into the line he delivered primarily to the Black folks of America but, in reality was directed to all of us who struggle day to day to get our daily bread. He said “What do you have to lose? You’re living in poverty. Your schools are no good. You have no jobs. Fifty-eight percent of your youth is unemployed. What the hell do you have to lose?”

And they… white and black alike…  wondered what do we have to lose? Elect a mainstream political crony or elect somebody who has never held a political office in his life and maybe he just might change how the hell America, we the people, had… yeah, poor working class and the long suffering and over taxed middle class white America who were a big part of the demographic, but there were also some of those who identified with being a minority or being a female included… been screwed over for the last umpteen decades or so.

So, maybe some of what is being said about them that are bigoted and who voted for Trumpty is true but as far as anyone doing anything to sway certain bigots voting for Trump? Sorry. Short of committing a serious felony there is/was nothing you could have done to prevent them from voting how they voted.

The biggest point to understand is that the DNC and Hillary Clinton lost this election because of their arrogance, dishonesty and straight out bullshit that many voters saw right through. Some people who would have usually voted for the donkeys didn’t. Certain demographics were down and I believe the people who made up those demographics were simply disgusted with the donkeys and their bullshit. Trump won because the donkeys AND Clinton were fools who thought they could continue the big lie that they always told their constituents… that they were for the people… when they are anything but as presently constructed.

For further examination of how and why I feel the way I do about Hillary Billary and other political denizens of America’s political scene see…



http://tinyurl.com/zyxqb4v (Why Trumpty won)



Collusion is real in the NFL…

This week some NFL quarterbacks had some pitiful performances…

Scott Tolzien throws pick-six on his first attempt

The Cots’ Scott Tolzien was complete and utter trash, the veteran nobody reminded us all again with a hideous 9-for-18, 128-yard afternoon that included two interceptions in his own territory and a sparkling 33.8 passer rating in a 37-point loss to the Rams. The Rams!

The Texans’ Tom Savage was 7-for-13, 62-yard pick six helped him to a 66.8 passer rating and a spot on the sideline after getting yanked for rookie Deshaun Watson. Who I would say wasn’t all that much better.. though he was better… but he has never played before in the NFL so what the hell did’ya’all expect?

Andy Dalton, who has led the Bengals to the playoffs four times, was dreadful: 16 for 31 for 170 yards, 4 INTs,  and a laughable 28.4 passer rating.

The Ravens Joe Flacco wasn’t much better going 9/17, 121 yardds with 1 interception for a 71.0 rating

The Cardinals’ Palmer was a mess… 27/48, 269 yards, and 3 interceptions in a double-digit loss to the Lions.

Colin Kaepernick still unemployed…

The current 49ers’ quarterback… Brian Hoyer… was 24-for-35 for 193 yards, no TDs and one interception.

The Jets’ Josh McCown went 26 for 39 for 187 yards, 2 interceptions and a 56.3 passer rating

The Seahawks Russel Wilson… while not stinking up the place as bad as some of these other dudes… was only 14-27, 158 yards with no INTs but also threw no TDS all for a 69.7 passer rating.

Yet Colin Kaepernick still is unemployed by any single NFL owner?

Tell me again… how there is no collusion among the owners and the NFL to prevent Kaepernick from finding employment in his chosen field. How he just doesn’t have the right skills to be an NFL QB and how there are better options than he  to helm an NFL team.


Medicare for all…

 “I’m fine,” McCain told anchor Jake Tapper. “The prognosis is pretty good. Look, this is a very vicious form of cancer that I’m facing, but all the results so far are excellent.”

McCain returned to Washington as the Senate came back from its August recess last week, and he said he planned to focus in the coming week on a key defense bill.

In the interview, the former Republican presidential candidate praised his health care providers at length and said new medical technologies were part of his hopeful disposition.

“I’m getting the best treatment that anybody could get,” McCain said.

That is real damn nice for McCain… But what about the rest of we the people and if anyone of us suddenly had a catastrophic disease such as what McCain has. What are our options? What hospital and which doctor would be at our beck and call?

This is what the health care battle is all about. This is why this is why we need “Medicare for All Act” adopted as the country’s one and only health plan for every single American  right here and now.

Nuff said.

Petition your congresspeeps now to get it brought to both floors of Congress and then passed now.

Before you dot another “I” or cross another “T”, Bob Crachit!

Another thousand words…


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