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Hey there Wrestling fans, welcome back to the Wrestling Roundtable. I hope you all had a nice day off Monday with Labor Day and all, I know I needed the much needed break. We are back in action though, and we have a lot to discuss this week. We will discuss No Mercy, and the Womens Championship match. We will also dive back in to Jeff Jarrett’s GFW promotion and a little issue that recently occured with their relationship with Mexico’s AAA promotion. We have all this and much more.

Before we dive into the Roundtable I want to give my kudos to the WWE with their work that they have done with the Connor’s Cure foundation. What these guys and girls do for these young kids who either have, or have conquered cancer is just amazing and it shows that the WWE cares about more than just the bottom dollar. So on behalf of the Roundtable. I commend you Vince, Stephanie, and Triple H on your efforts for this amazing foundation.

1.Braun Strowman

After a huge steel cage victory over The Big Show on Raw, Braun Strowman looks ready to capture his first championship over Brock Lesnar at No Mercy. Can he come out on top at No Mercy? My bet would be on him after seeing him against Show last week.

2. Jinder Mahal

The WWE Champion was out of action this past week, dropping him a spot to #2. Will the Modern day Maharaja be able to overcome the challenge of one Nakamura? We will find out at Hell in a Cell.

3. Shinsuke Nakamura

The Japanese sensation defeated Randy Orton this past Thursday to become the number one contender for the WWE championship. Can Nakamura end the reign of Mahal at Hell in a Cell?

4. AJ Styles

You have to respect the way AJ Styles is willing to defend the United States championship in the US Open challenge. Next on par for the Phenominal one is The Perfect Ten Tye Dellinger next week on Smackdown.

5. The Miz

The Miz has been widely under appreciated for his efforts not only for the past couple months, but the past couple of years. His victory over Jeff Hardy this past Monday night proved that the Miz is a force to be reckoned with and is one of the greatest Intercontinental Champions of all time.

Before settleling for Kane. Glenn Jacobs debuted in the WWE as Jerry Lawler’s dentist Dr Issac Yankem DDS. His teeth were about as rotten as they come. He was then packaged as the fake Diesel brought in by Jim Ross, along side the fake Razor Ramon. That didnt go anywhere either. He was finally brought in as Kane, the Undertaker’s brother at Hell in a Cell 1997, where he broke the cell door open, and tombstoned the Undertaker. This gimmick was also not really meant to last, but Kane became so popular and was able to rebrand that gimmick enough to keep it entertaining. He has been using that same gimmick for the last twenty years.

Glenn Jacobs is now currently running for mayor of Knoxville County Tennessee, and is seemingly doing very well in the polls. I would vote for him just for the fear he may set me on fire.

It has been reported by sources that John Cena’s move to Raw was just for the sole purpose of feuding with Roman Reigns, and that after that, he will return to Smackdown. Do you think John Cena should be on Raw, Smackdown, or both?

Steve: I think that John Cena has earned himself the right to wrestle on which ever show he wants to. He is one of the only wrestlers on either roster that you can throw in to any storyline with any wrestler, and it could be exciting. While I think it shows that the brand split still sucks, Cena can shine on any show. I say keep him on both and have him try to promote the new talent on both shows. If anyone can do it, it is John Cena.

Frosh: Cena will work on either program.  He is a proven draw, and as much as we might wish for that all elusive heel turn, it’s most likely not in the cards (at least not as long as he is selling merch).  He needs to actually beat Roman Reigns and then move on to put over younger talent.  Whichever show he does that on, works for me.  Also, Cena as a “part timer” is a great move, give us a break from the gimmick we have been watching for the last 15 years to try and keep it fresh and meaningful.

Chad: At this stage in his career Cena is an attraction in the mold of the Undertaker so wherever he is needed in order to make the product I am okay whether that is Raw, Smackdown or a combination of both I think is the best way to way handle to a talent like John Cena.

Tyler: Personally, I’m sick of seeing him on either, but if he’s just around long enough to bury Roman Reigns I’m fine with that.

Fill in the blank: Jinder Mahal will drop the WWE title to __________ ?

Steve: Im gonna go out on a limb and say John Cena (have I mentioned him before). I think he will move over to Smackdown after his feud with Reigns, and I could see him winning the title once again at the Royal Rumble over Mahal. I think they are pushing Nakamura, but I just dont see it happening right now. If they were going to put the belt on Nakamura, I think they would have done it at Summerslam.

Frosh: AJ Styles, I would say Bobby Roode, but I think he has to drop the title to an American…it’s the way storytelling works in wrestling.

Chad: Hopefully Nakamura since he won the #1 contender match; really I hope anyone to get the belt  off of Mahal.

Tyler: Shinsuke Nakamura.

One of the first things that Jeff Jerrett did when he re branded TNA as Global Force Wrestling was to sign partnerships with other promotions, such as Mexico’s AAA promotion, the largest one in that country.  During a AAA event, GFW member Rosemary was involved in a match with AAA women’s champion Sexy Star.  Star won the match with an armbar submission but refused to break the hold and actually wrenched the hold in, almost breaking Rosemary’s arm.  The referee did force her to break the hold, but AAA and GFW personal had to intervene after the match and force Star to apologize to Rosemary before things escalated more.  The reaction on social media from the wrestling community was swift, taking Star to task for endangering a fellow worker.  So, two part question, how should GFW approach working with AAA in the future, and what punishment should AAA levy against Sexy Star?

Steve: I did not hear about this until Tyler told me about it. So I think that AAA needs to take ownership and suspend Sexy Star indefinitely to make a statement that this will not be tolerated. Jeff Jarrett needs to issue the warning to AAA that another instance like this where his talent is in jeopardy for injury, he will pull the plug on the promotion.

Frosh: I think you demand a public apology, and if it happens again, you start talking legal action for intentionally sabotaging your workers.  Otherwise, you move on.  If you are AAA, Sexy Star just threatened a business deal, I would suspend her, indefinitely and force her to relinquish the championship.

Chad: Just because the Women’s match ended in controversy doesn’t mean the companies shouldn’t continue to work together  to the benefit of both companies. As far as Sexy Star She needs to severely and possibly terminated from the company as the reaction I have heard from people ranging to Jim Cornette to Cody Rhodes is she wouldn’t allowed to be in a locker room for any promotion.

Tyler: Since this is the first incident since starting their partnership, I don’t think they should dissolve the partnership just yet, but if I were GFW going forward, I would be very care who I let work with who between the two companies in the future.  As far as Sexy Star goes, at the *very* least she should be stripped of the AAA women’s title and suspended, if not fired outright.  I personally would be perfectly fine if she was blacklisted from the industry as a whole, as she’s a piece of crap that the doesn’t deserve a damn thing.

Agree or Disagree: Nia Jax will win the RAW womens championship at No Mercy, now that it is a Fatal Four way match?

Steve: Disagree. I think Alexa somehow finds a way to win the match. I think she is best female talent right now on all cylinders. Nia is a beast, and could make a dominant champion, but I don’t think the womens division is ready for a monster champion like the mens roster is.

Frosh: Did Braun Strowman win in his fatal four way?  No.  The only reason this goes to a fatal four way is to give the champion (Bliss) someone to beat (Emma), while protecting your top 3.  Nia Jax will not win until it is a one on one match.  The biggest threat almost NEVER wins these fatal four ways.  It is either your top face (Banks), or the sneaky heel (Bliss). Although, I would be super impressed if WWE threw us a major curve and had Emma win.

Chad: Bliss will escape with the title and the lose to Nia Jax during a One on One confrontation later down the road.

Tyler: I can see that, as she’s been pushed as the monster of the women’s division for a while now.

Will next weeks Smackdown LIVE from Las Vegas live up to the hype, as there are three championship matches scheduled for next week?

Steve: It should be a good one. I like that Smackdown is giving a mini pay per view away for free on the USA Network. I think we will see one title change, most likely the tag championship, as I think the New Day will come out victorious. Rumor is that the WWE wants the New Day to break the record for most title reigns as well as being the longest reigning tag champs.

Frosh: The women’s title match won’t be anything special.  Natalya will retain and Carmella will tease a cash in.  AJ styles will retain and tease the feud with Corbin.  And the Usos will also retain.  I don’t look for any titles to change hands.  I think they will be good matches, but nothing to write home about.  Don’t get me wrong.  I will still be watching.

Chad: I hope so for WWE’s sake hopefully something Styles/Dillinger can steal the show or possibly even the Sin City Street Fight can get a little extreme to allow for real carnage.

Tyler: Probably not, but at least the show will be exciting.

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