The NFL Season Predictions!

The NFL Season is finally upon us my brothers and sisters!

So lets go ahead and ruin it.

Playoff Teams

NFC Joe Dan Earl DJ Chad David
NY Giants
Cowboys Cowboys Eagles
North Packers Packers Packers Packers Packers Packers
South Falcons Falcons Saints Bucs Falcons Falcons
West Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks
Wild Cards Buccaneers Giants Buccaneers Cardinals Giants Panthers
  Cowboys Buccaneers Eagles Panthers Buccaneers Cowboys


Joe Dan Earl DJ Chad David
Patriots Patriots  Patriots
North Steelers Steelers Steelers Steelers Steelers  Steelers
South Texans Texans Titans Texans Titans  Texans
West Raiders Raiders Chiefs Raiders Raiders  Raiders
Wild Cards Titans Chiefs Raiders Chiefs Chiefs  Broncos
  Ravens Titans Bengals Bengals Texans  Chiefs
Super Bowl Predictions
Joe: Patriots vs Giants; Giants 18-16
Dan: Packers vs Patriots. Patriots win
Earl: The New England Patriots will face off against The Green Bay Packers. Tom Brady versus Aaron Rodgers. That will be a huge matchup.
The winner? The Patriots. Until Brady retires you have to make the Pats the favorites because he makes them the favorites every year.
DJ: Raiders vs Cowboys
Chad: Patriots over Packers
David: Patriots over Packers 42-31
With the first pick in the 2018 NFL Draft
Joe: Jets take Sam Darnold, USC QB
Dan: New York Jets
Earl: The New York Jets select Quarterback Josh Rosen. The UCLA QB strikes me as someone who would thrive in New York City. He has the personality and confidence to handle the media and he will have the fans eating out of the palm of his hand. It’s a perfect fit to be honest.
DJ: The New York Jets select Josh Rosen
Chad: Cleveland Browns
David: The New York Jets select Quarterback Josh Rosen, QB UCLA, sorry Earl, but the Jags take the best QB with the next pick in Darnold.
First coach fired:
Joe: Chuck Pagano
Dan: Todd Bowles
Earl: The Jets fan in me says Todd Bowles but I cant see him getting fired during the season. The Jets owner is now the Ambassador to the United Kingdom and he is far too busy to worry about his head coach.
So, I’ll go with Jay Gruden. Why? I expect the Redskins to take a huge step back and Dan Snyder to show his usually quick trigger finger.

DJ: John Fox
Chad: Todd Bowles
David: Doug Marrone – His handling of Bortles, and Tommy Boy upstairs?
Joe: Matt Ryan
Dan:No answer, but I’m guessing he was too busy doing the discount double-check
Earl: Tom Brady. Yes Edelman is out for the season but the Pats have weapons and Brady is used to putting up big numbers. He will do so again this season.
DJ: Derek Carr
Chad: Tom Brady
David: Tom Brady

Rookie of the year:  Offense
Joe: Christian McCaffrey
Dan: Joe Mixon
Earl: Offensive Rookie of the Year should go to a QB and the only QB I think will get the starts to make an impact is Deshaun Watson. If he does not start the season, I think he will take over for Tom Savage early enough to put up good stats for the Texans.
DJ: RB Leonard Fournette
Chad: Corey Davis
David: Christian McCaffrey PLEASE
Rookie of the year:  Defense
Joe: T. J. Watt
Dan: Myles Garrett
Earl: I like Myles Garrett for Defensive Rookie of the Year. The kid from Texas A&M is legit. He has the size and speed to cause havoc and I think the Browns will turn him loose. It wont shock me at all if he gets close to 10 sacks this season.
DJ: DE/LB Myles Garrett
Chad: Reuben Foster
David: Myles Garrett

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