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Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. This week we will discuss the blockbuster trade with Irving-Thomas, Russell Westbrook’s mega contract he has on the table that, and so much more on this edition of NBA RoundTable.

The Boston Celtics ended up giving the Cavaliers another second round pick in 2020 to final this blockbuster trade with Irving and Thomas. Was this the right decision? and what would you have done if you were Boston?

Todd: Damn Boston! I know you wanted to get the trade done. I know there was no turning back because you did Isaiah wrong but did you really have to give the Cavs another draft pick? You gave up too much in the first place for Kyrie. There is not that big of a discrepancy between Irving and Thomas then you throw in Crowder and a first round pick which will probably be in the top 5 plus Zizc. That is too much for a player that hasn’t proven he can be the man.

Steve: Boston gave up way too much for Kyrie Irving. If I were the Boston brass, once the Cavs started demanding more and more. I would have said the deal is off. You, not only got rid of your franchise player, you jeopardized your future giving up not one, but two draft picks. Stupid move for the Celtics in an attempt to get a premier player. I think they already had one in Thomas.

Dan: I think it was the right decision by Boston because they were able to get the deal done which was their goal in the first place. It also is a beneficial for Cleveland if Isaiah Thomas doesn’t return back to his 2017 self (which I think he will). I like the trade for both teams and I would have done the same if I was Boston. They have Kyrie and Hayward as their main two players. They have room to improve. Their team is still ready to compete for the top spot in the East.

Chad: I think it was the right decision in that there was an opportunity to make a move to give yourself a chance in the East and I think this does that.

Russell Westbrook has a 5yr/207million dollar contract on the table for him from OKC. Most guys would jump at a contract like that. Why do you think he has not signed it yet?

Todd: It is simple. Westbrook is going to enjoy playing with another superstar in Paul George. He knows George wants to go to L.A. in 2018. He also knows if the Thunder cannot win a title this year and George leaves he cannot do it by himself. There have also been rumors about him and James teaming up some where.

Steve: He wants to see what the Thunder does, and see if they will start to seriously build a team…a contending team…around him. He is not going to lock himself into a deal, and then the Thunder just fold, and try to rebuild, and also have the ability to trade him to a team that he does not want to go to. He is biding his time.

Dan: I think Russ is waiting to see if the salary cap goes up and I also think he’s weighing his options to see if he wants to stay in OKC or if he wants to leave. This upcoming free agency period in 2018 is supposed to be a major swing of power in the league with LeBron being rumored to be on the move as will Chris Paul and others. I think he re-signs but he definitely wants to make sure he’s making the right decision in staying in OKC instead of pursuing the market.

Chad: Westbrook hasn’t signed because like KD he wants out of the small market of OKC and wants to go to a bigger market in free agency.

 The Los Angeles Lakers were fined 500K for tampering charges for alleging reaching out to Paul George about coming to the Lakers next year. Was this penalty harsh enough?

Todd: It is not enough. They should have banned the Lakers from signing any superstar free agent like Paul George or LeBron  James. We dont need any of them jokers to win a title. The Lakers just need to be patient. Shit we have 4 losing seasons in a row. They just need a few more young pieces and the Lakers will be good to go.

Steve: Who gives a crap. All they were doing was feeling it out to see if it may be a good fit for him. I don’t like the tampering rule, unless you start seriously negotiating with the player. I don’t think this happened here, so I think it was too harsh.

Dan: I think the penalty is fine. I’m not that big on removing picks or anything like that for a tampering charge, especially in the NBA when a draft pick is so vital. $500,000 will hit the pockets hard enough to give them a warning.

Chad: I suppose so I mean with less draft picks than the NFL you can’t really make them surrender a pick or anything like that.

The Ball family reality series debut last week on Facebook. Were you excited about watching the series or did you even know  it was going to be on? (I know Steve is a number one fan of LaVar Ball)

Todd: Why did Facebook even sponsor something like this? The founder of FB should fire himself. I knew about it but didn’t know when the debut was until the morning of.

Steve: On the advice of counsel, I am declining to answer this question.

Dan: I didn’t even know that he was having a reality show debuting on Facebook nor would I have watched it or shown any interest in the first place. I’m not for reality shows (outside of Hard Knocks), so scheduling some time out of my day to watch would not have happened especially after just starting Game of Thrones and still having to watch the last two episodes of Hard Knocks.

Chad: Whoever green lit this idea needs to be fired immediately and be forced to give up their salary to Hurricane Harvey relief.

Tyronn Lue and LeBron James are no longer on board with the Thomas trade on the account of his hip injury he suffered in the playoffs last season? Is this a bad sign for the Cavaliers for this coming year?

Todd: Well, everyone said that James was leaving before the trade and I think he is still leaving after the trade. LeBron is probably not on board with it because if Thomas has to miss significant time James has to play that much harder.

Steve: Yeah it shows that LeBron is in control of this team. It shows that the chemistry is not going to be there, and it will be a bad trade for the Cavaliers. If your superstar cant get on board with this trade, then you might as well pack it in now, the Cavs will not win an NBA title with this group.

Dan: I think they need to get over it. Why speak negatively on a situation instead of welcoming Isaiah Thomas to Cleveland? Why add tension that doesn’t need to be there after watching your star point guard want out due to tension and not being able to stand playing with LeBron? I think it’s a bad initial sign but once the season begins, it’ll be water under the bridge with LeBron and Lue being very happy with the addition of Crowder and Thomas.

Chad: Yes, this is not a good sign of what is to come for the future of the Franchise as it probably means that Lebron is gone from the team.

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