Movie Review: Manhunter

We come into a girl waking up in her bed, with a light shining on her, and cut to credits.

William Peterson is sitting on a log next to John Stossel, no wait that’s Dennis Farina, geez, he’s in everything.
He is wanting Peterson to come back to work, he gives him some family photos, and damn does William Peterson look skinny as hell. He still has that old face though.

Peterson comes into a house and starts to breakdown how the family was killed. Damn did they just watch this movie then write CSI? He calls his wife and wakes her up, then tells her to go to bed. Then he watches the home movies and starts cussing at the TV. The score here is killing me. Just too loud and trying to hard. If Michael Myers was in the closet, then maybe, but just a guy watching TV looking for clues it’s out of place. He thinks the killer took his gloves to touch a few places, and calls the boss to go move the prints to the FBI. The next day, some guy is talking about how Peterson might not be any good anymore, and then the FBI calls saying he has fingerprints. Everyone looks at the new guy like he’s a douche.

So not Peterson has to go see Lector. Yeah, the story is when tracking Hannibal Lecter, he stabbed Peterson and that is why he stopped working crime scenes. Hannibal Lecter here is just in a normal cell, and Oh goodness it’s Brian Cox. Dude is doing his best, but he’s no Anthony Hopkins, but again, who is?

The being said, this has a lot of “That Guy/Girl” actors in this one, and all seem to do good to great jobs, I have mentioned that Brian Cox is not Hopkins, but I love his voice, and he does carry a good bit of menace to the character, again, not quite as good, but this isn’t his movie, so I can live with this.

The Tooth Fairy is the main story, and this is part one why it doesn’t work for me as well as it should. We get a good bit about him, but not nearly enough. Everytime we see him, we want to know more, as the actor is doing such a good job and pushing out everything he has (insert brooding here) but we don’t get anything tying him to what he is doing. Watching a character watch a video and not doing or saying anything does not give us the why, and the why is the problem. We don’t know why. Why give us a point of view of a character when he doesn’t really do anything. A book might give us thoughts, but few movies, other than Deadpool, give us thought bubbles.

The other problem makes this a long story short.

Take Gil Grissom and put him in the Criminal Minds universe.

Boom. That is the movie. William Peterson simply cannot escape what he is, Gil Grissom, and no matter how much he yells or smokes or runs around, he still is just step one of being Grissom. Not his fault, outside of he has his acting tendencies, and they have not changed.

I give Manhunter a 5. The acting is solid, the directing is solid, and the movie is different enough from Red Dragon to make it interesting, but to be honest, this does just feel like a slow version of a decent episode of Criminal Minds.

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