Season Previews: Philadelphia Eagles

The fun thing about Philly is they actually seem like they have a direction. I don’t think Chip Kelly is a bad coach, I just don’t think he fits the NFL. Much like Sabin, you give him total control over who you bring in, you can do whatever you want with them, and if a third of them do absolutely squat, and tell him he has to win 2-4 games a year and not blow 8 practice games, he will be exceptional.

Doug Peterson has control over this team, they play hard, they don’t give up and that is something quite a few teams that have gone 7-9 in back to back years can say. I like Carson Wentz, I think it’s a proven fact that the Eagles got the better QB in the Draft, and now the Eagles have gone out and got him weapons. Jordan Matthews has been traded but adding Alshon Jeffery and Torry Smith? Normally I would not be impressed, but both are on contract years. Zach Ertz is already one of the best receiving tight ends. Darren Sproles is still there so that is 5 good to great targets for Carson to play around with.
Sadly, Darren Sproles is better catching the ball than running it. He might have to run it more often as Ryan Matthews might not be a factor, and Wendell Smallwood was also hurt. Why the Eagles waited until the fourth round to get a running back, and got a small one at that, I have no idea.

OH MY GAWD! That’s LeGarrette Blount’s Music!
The Patriots let him go, and he is just what this team needed. 1161 yards and 18 flippin touchdowns. If he can duplicate that with this team, then the Eagles can challenge for a title. Seriously.

The offensive line added Chance Warmack, and have nothing backing up Jason Peters who is as good as there is in the NFL- but is also 35, and Lane Johnson is shaping up to be a solid right tackle- if he stays clean. Again, if they stay healthy, they can be really good, but if things happen, the Eagles have almost no depth at tackle, and the interior of the line is almost nothing but depth, and we all know what that means.

This defense though.
Fletcher Cox is a beast, and now he has Tim Jernigan as a tag team partner. First rounder Derek Barnett seemed to get better when he was on TV at Tennessee. The next level is solid if unspectacular. Jordan Hicks is more smarter than talented, but is a good leader of the front seven and is never too far away from the action.
The secondary is still the same on the last line, but both corners are new, spending a R2 and R3 on corners. They also brought in Patrick Robinson, who has a ton of talent, but has disappointed 2 teams already.

Special Teams: Celeb Sturgis never missed under 40 yards, but missed 6 beyond that. Donnie Jones is a bit of an underrated punter, but does get really good hangtime. The coverage teams are the best in the NFL. Darren Sproles gets another mention as a great returner, but the Eagles really need to find someone else.

Overall: Everyone is loving the Giants as the Cowboys challenger. I am seriously thinking Eagles.
They have a good coach, serious weapons who should all be motivated- hopefully they don’t get the Steelers version of Blount- and a defense that is solid, but not stunningly so, outside of Cox, but lets keep in mind this was the 12th best defense last year.

I give them 4 wins in the division, but 3 in the AFC West, as they get Denver and Oakland at home. I give them 3 wins vs the NFC West, as they get Arizona at home. Bonus games are Chicago and Carolina. I think they beat Chicago like a drum, but the short week on the road gives Carolina the win.
11-5. I do want to say, if Blount does not hit 1k, take off 3-4 wins.

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