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The top seven wrestlers that WCW missed out on.

Hey there countdown fanatics, welcome to another edition of Pounding 7’s. Happy Labor Day to all of my wrestling fans out there. I am your host Steve Hall, and I will be counting down for you today the top 7 wrestlers the WCW missed a golden opportunity on.

Here is the countdown

7. The Rockers

The Rockers are one of the most entertaining teams in WWE history. They are also part of history when Shawn threw Jannetty threw the Barber Shop glass window, ending the relationship. Before all of this. The WCW, then known as the NWA, had a golden opportunity to sign the Midnight Rockers from the AWA. They ultimately passed on the signing because they thought they were too similar to the Rock and Roll Express. As I was thinking about this, could you imagine The Rock and Roll Express vs the Rockers? That would be epic. I mean hell what did they have to lose, they had two Midnight Express teams. Shawn would go on to have one of the greatest WWE careers of all time, if only WCW would have signed them. Michaels would never work for WCW in his career.

6. Scott Hall

Scott Hall is currently a WWE Hall of Famer. But before his WWE days, he was in WCW known as the Diamond Studd, along side Diamond Dallas Page. Hall was basically a playboy who had women literally taking off his pants in the ring. Very similar to that of Rick Rude in WWE. When the character was going no where, and fast. Hall went to the WWE billed as Razor Ramon, where he won four Intercontinental Championships, took part in the first ladder match at Wrestlemania, and Summerslam for that matter against Shawn Michaels, and had a Hall of Fame career. He would come back to WCW as part of the NWO where he would still have a mid-card career and was never able to win a world title. Again, a missed opportunity for WCW.

5. Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash started in WCW under the name Steele, and part of the Master Blasters. The team had little success, and was branded into OZ (as pictured above). When that didnt work, Nash was branded as Vinnie Vegas, this was an interesting gimmick and made people laugh. One of those people was none other than Shawn Michaels, who contacted Nash to jump ship to the WWE as his bodyguard. Nash did, and was an immediate success, winning the WWE Championship and holding it for all of 1995. Nash would however, jump ship again back to WCW where he had a decent career, but it was a missed opportunity for WCW in Nash’s early days.

4. Dustin Rhodes

Dustin Rhodes was one of the rare cases where he actually started in the WWF. He was partnered with his father Dusty Rhodes at the Royal Rumble, but lost the match in his debut. He would come to WCW in 1991, where he had immediate success, winning the WCW Tag Team Championship with Ricky Steamboat, and again with Barry Windham. He would have a nice singles career, winning the United States Championship and holding it for the majority of 1993. Rhodes was subsequentially fired from the WCW after blading in a King of the Road match with the Blacktop Bully at Slamboree 1995, and then rebranded as Goldust in the WWE where he went on to a great WWE career.

3. Triple H

WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H has been a main stay in the WWE for the past twenty plus years. Many don’t realize that he was actually in WCW for a brief time period. Triple H debuted as Terra Ryzing before rebranding himself into Jean Paul Levesque. He had little to no success in WCW and was released from his contract. He went on to WWE as Hunter Hearst Helmsley, and the story is still going for Triple H. Multiple time World Champion, Intercontinental Champion, and Tag Team Champion. If only WCW would have been able to build him in the early to mid 90’s. Who knows what would have become of Triple H.

2. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold, or Stunning Steve Austin as he was billed in WCW was one of the top talents in WCW, and was destined for greatness. He won the World Television Championship only a few months after debuting in WCW. He would go on to win the United States title, and World Tag Team titles with Brian Pillman, as part of the Hollywood Blondes. Steve suffered an injury, which sidelined him for many months. He was fired by Eric Bischoff by mail, and admittedly Bischoff said it was one of the biggest mistakes he has ever made. Austin, of course would go on to a Hall of Fame career in WWF/WWE/

1. The Undertaker

Before making his World Wrestling Federation debut at the Survivor Series in 1990, you can rewind until about three months earlier. The Undertaker, then known as Mean Mark Callous was in WCW, and was managed by none other than Paul E Dangerously (Paul Heyman). Callous did not have very much success, and his claim to fame was a United States Championship match against Lex Luger at the Great American Bash 1990. He was also a member of the Skyscrapers, replacing Sid Vicious. If the WCW would have only known what could have become of Mean Mark Callous.

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