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Whose wrestling push is now dead? Are you looking forward to Cena vs Reigns?

Hey there wrestling fanatics, welcome back to the Wrestling Roundtable. This week we are going to discuss wrestler pushes that may have died. Which wrestlers are we going to select, and will they get back into the thick of things?

1.Jinder Mahal

The WWE Champion is on fire, even though his team was unsuccessful on Smackdown. The champion is proving that he is one to be reckoned with. Who is next for Mahal? Orton or Nakamura? We will find out next week.

2.Braun Strowman

Strowman may be on his way to the Universal Championship at No Mercy. He may even be the favorite. However, can Strowman conquer the beast in carnate? We will find out at No Mercy.

3.Brock Lesnar

The Universal Champion seems vulnerable against Braun Strowman. How will Lesnar retain the championship against Braun Strowman. History has it that he will always find a way.

4.Alexa Bliss

Now a three time womens champion, two on Raw alone. After winning the title back against Sasha Banks, it would appear that Nia Jax is next on tap.

5.Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy looks to regain the Intercontinental Championship this Monday against the Miz after his surprising Battle Royal victory. Will the new number one contender for the IC title come out victorious?

Produced by World Championship Wrestling, wrestling ‘comedy’ Ready to Rumble was released in April 2000, one full year before WCW was bought out by the WWF. As everyone knows, it’s a witless abortion of a film starring future WCW World Heavyweight Champion David Arquette and several other WCW stars, and is about a fictitious version of WCW itself.

WCW, WCW, WCW… but did you know that future WWE figurehead and 21st century Hulkster John Cena was actually in Ready To Rumble? It’s true.

As you can see in the picture,  Cena appears in the background of a scene in which fake WCW megastar Jimmy King meets real life WCW megastar Goldberg. The scene was set in Cena’s regular gym, so he was featured as an extra.

Some wrestling pundits have stated that Jason Jordan’s push is already dead. Winning push over matches, then losing a key match to Finn Balor a couple of weeks ago on Raw, and not capitalizing on getting the #1 contender spot this past week. So I bring it to you. Is Jason Jordan’s push already done?

Steve: Honestly, I think it was dead on arrival. I never had high expectations for Jason Jordan. Sure, maybe a mid card run, but I don’t think he was ever going to amount to what his “father” did. I could see him still as an IC champion someday, but he has shown with his in ring work, that he has a lot of work to do before championship gold is around his waste.

Frosh: I don’t think his push is done already.  I mean, if you expected a Rocky Maivia style push, you were destined for disappointment.  I think he needs one or two solid low card feuds, like with Elias Samson, or a Miz-Tourage flunky before he is ready for a full on feud for the IC belt.  I think being one of the finalists in the battle royale was actually a good thing.

Chad: For now I will say yes because I just don’t see where he fits on the card but he is somebody I would want to watch out for in 2018.

Tyler: I wouldn’t say it’s done, but it seems WWE creative has definitely cooled on Jordan since his RAW debut.  We’ll see what they do with him from here.

Speaking of pushes that died, do you think that Baron Corbin will ever get back into the main event scene, or is he destined for mid-card success?

Steve: I don’t think he is. I still think that one day, Baron Corbin will be the WWE Champion. I think he just needs a little bit more work. I think he needed to be humbled a bit in the WWE, and losing his massive push may mature him to the point where I still think he can rebound from it.

Frosh: Once again, what were you expecting here?  He will eventually be in the main event.  It took Shawn Michaels a couple years to get into the main event.  The Undertaker wasn’t sniffing the WWE championship until a full year.  He will win the US title, and give him a year or two and he will be towards the top.

Chad: Yes, Baron Crobin’s push is dead he will never recover from the failed cash-in and the quick defeat at the hands of Cena at Summerslam

Tyler: According to the dirtsheets, Corbin has some backstage heat on him, which may be why his push has lessened as well.  He’s a good heel, so I can see him back in the main event scene pretty soon.

Do you, as a wrestling fan, have any interest in seeing John Cena vs Roman Reigns, after their epic promo this past Monday?

Steve: I am looking forward to seeing this, but they are wasting this at a mid level special event. (Do we still call them Pay Per Views?) Anyway, the promo last Monday was insane, entertaining, and it got the fans interested to see what is going to happen between these two. However, that being said, this is a Wrestlemania type match, so having it at No Mercy, I think is a mistake.

Frosh: As a fan, not really, however as an analyst, this is VERY intriguing.  This will be the measuring stick for Roman Reigns.  If he can hold his own against Cena on the mic and in the ring, then he might have a shot.  However if he flounders like he did on Monday, I would very seriously consider pulling the plug on the Roman Reigns experiment.  The in ring match itself will be solid, as Cena consistently puts on good matches, it is the promos that I look forward to the most.  People criticize Cena for his “golden shovel” but he is the measuring stick with which WWE will analyze up and coming talent.  Some have passed with flying colors and gone on to be mega-stars, Edge, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, Cena put them all over.  Unfortunately, by nature of being the measuring stick, some will fail.  Will Roman succeed, or fail?  My money is on fail.

Chad: Their epic, line for line scripted promo, I would really only care about this match for the crowd reactions in the match and the number of times the Superman Punch, Spear and AA are attempted.

Tyler: Before the promo, no.  After, holy crap!  You can clearly see during the promo when Reigns seemed to have lost his way with his lines and Cena jumping in and just eviscerating him verbally.  If WWE let this happen, this may signal that the Reigns push may finally be over.

Agree or Disagree: Jeff Hardy will win the Intercontinental Championship this Monday night on Raw?

Steve: For once, I agree with Frosh. The Miz is consistently putting on the best program in the WWE, and is probably one of the most under utlilized talent that the WWE has. Jeff Hardy is not the guy to take the title off of him, unless it is something to get a championship change on Raw, and Miz wins it back either at No Mercy, or even next week on Raw. Hardy has too many question marks about his past, and I cannot see Vince taking a chance to give him a singles belt.

Frosh: I don’t know.  This kind of came out of nowhere and really took me by surprise when he won the battle royal.  I can see him winning as a way to shake things up and get the belt on a face (maybe for a Jordan heel turn a bit later), but again, Miz is consistently putting out the best work on Raw, and I don’t really think now is the time to take the belt off of him.

Chad: Disagree, I just don’t see it right now it will be entertaining but the Miztourage will save Miz’s backside again.

Tyler: It’d be a nice surprise, but if it happens I hope that doesn’t mean they’re breaking up the Hardys as a tag team.  The tag team situation on both shows is bad enough as it is.

Agree or Disagree: Alexa Bliss winning the Womens title back against Sasha Banks was the right call, even after Nia Jax inserted herself into the title picture by attacking the new champion?

Steve: Agree! I think that Alexa Bliss is the single best female talent on either roster. Maybe not for her in ring ability, but she can get the fans to hate her, but they love her at the same time. Not so sure about Nia Jax being the one to face her, but it may say something for Bliss if she can defeat her and continue her run as champion. I don’t think Nia Jax is ready. I would have much rather see her vs Sasha, or Bayley, but I don’t care as long as she stays the champion.

Frosh: If you want a face turn for Nia Jax (or I guess even weirder, a face turn for Bliss)…then yes.  Nia will win the belt off of Alexa…and set up a dominant run.  The problem with runs like this is always the question “who ends the run?” “Who beats the unbeatable.” Once she starts, it will only be ended by the debut of the Empress of Tomorrow, Asuka.

Chad: If you go the way of ALexa vs Nia I suppose that would be the case but my question is who do I root for; I guess Alexa because she was double-crossed.

Tyler: As much as I hate the ping-pong ball that the Raw Women’s belt has become, if that leads to a Banks heel turn on Bayley and a face turn for Nia, then I’m all for it.  This is made even more interesting by rumors the Asuka will wind up on the Raw roster once she heels up from her recent injury.

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