2017 Season Previews: Los Angeles Chargers

Poor Chargers. A team that left San Diego to be a second class tenant in a stadium that isn’t there yet.

Offense: The Chargers have been run for years by Phillip Rivers, who threatened to retire rather than leave San Deigo, and is one of those QBs that could move from very good to probable Hall of Famer with better postseason runs. Seriously, take a look at his numbers.
The Chargers have some solid targets for Rivers, and the LA crowd is going to love Mike Williams, as I hated him as a UNC fan. Antonio Gates is a first ballot hall of famer, and Keenan Allen can do great things but was hurt almost all year. Tyrell is the other Williams and averaged almost 16 yards a catch, if Rivers can stay upright, then Tyrell will get more catches. This is a group most teams would love to have.
Running back is going to be something to watch for, as Melvin Gordon came through on his second year, but had a knee injury late in the year. Behind Gordon isn’t much but hungry players that need to prove themselves.
So much talent, and we run out of greatness here. Russell Okung has played well, but teams don’t let left tackles go without good reason, the other tackle is the declining Joe Barksdale. Second Rounder Forrest Lamp is going to be given every chance to start, and the Chargers have got to get this line to settle and quickly. Even if everyone plays to potential, this line could have problems, and chances are, they will have week-to-week issues.

Defense: Joey Bosa. The End. No one expected this from him, and he came out like a beast. The only 2 questions here is now that offensive line coaches have a year of film on him, can they design to stop him? The other is will the change to a 4-3 help or hurt him? Brandon Ingram is wanting a new contract, and if he’s happy, this could be a devastating duo. Corey Liuget did get paid, and needs to do more on stacking up blockers in a 4-3
This unit does not have the most talent, but they do the best with what talent they have. You have 2 former 5th round picks and both outside guys play like its preseason with their jobs on the line. The man in the middle Denzel Perryman is going to have to work in the new alignment, but also brings his lunch bucket to work.
The last line of defense also holds one of the best corners in the game with Casey Hayward, the issue again is injury. Jason Verett is on the other side, and only played 4 games last year. This is a bit of an undersized unit, and hopefully for Chargers fans will all stay on the field for the season, and maybe can see how good they can be.

Special Teams: SUCK. Period.
Josh Lambo has a strong leg, but the ball tends to sail on him and around the posts, and Drew Kaser was a rookie, but didn’t play badly. Coverage Teams were horrible, to say the least.

Overall: Bottom line, if you told me that the Chargers were going to lose 0 starters due to injury, they could complete with the Raiders for a bye during the playoffs, but with a 36 year old QB playing behind a suspect line . . .
I simply think age, issues with the old line, and the move is going to cause issues all season long, and I can’t see much of a homefield advantage for them.

I give them 2 wins in the division, and one vs the NFC East, as Washington and Philly come to them. Two win vs the AFC East and they take both wins in the bonus games- Cleveland and Jacksonville. 7-9

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