Silence is not an option @ WTF 8/30


I was always told if you got nothing nice to say about some one, then don’t say anything at all…

I also hear tell that “There comes a time when silence is betrayal” and “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” (MLK, Jr.)

So… fuck that being nice shit or shutting the fuck up…

News item #1… That damn wall, again!

“Earlier this month, Trump threatened a government shutdown should Congress not allocate money to build the wall that Mexico has refused to fund. The deadline for passing a spending bill to keep the government open is at the end of next month.” (Source CNN)

As far as I am concerned this is what needs to be understood about Trumpty Dumpty’s great wall that he wants built between Mexico and America… and… the idea that Mexico should pay for the construction of the damn thing… or… that American tax money should be allocated to pay for it and then have Mexico reimburse America for the allocation of our taxes for a stupid damn dumb useless wall.

It’s his damn wall; let him pay for it out of his own damn bank account.

Nuff said…


This wall?

Forget about who is gonna pay for it. The idea of it?

The wall isn’t even an original idea that arose from Trumpty’s putrid feeble mind. The man probably never had an original idea from the get go… he just recycles old and useless ideas and methods… ya know… like his daddy’s racism…

“The Wall” in 1996…

Variations on the idea of the wall were thought of by people of various political stripes and leanings, but the reality of a wall along the border between Mexico and America was brought to some form of gestation and birth by Wee Willie Clinton in 1993 when he mandated the building of a 13-mile “Border Wall” between San Diego and Tijuana. The supposed idea was that the wall would ease the need for the border cops to bust, harass or detain what was about 100,000 folks a day to them only taking into custody, detaining or harassing maybe about 5,000 folks a day.

Then in 1994 a wall… or a system… or a series… of barriers… were built as part of three larger overall “Operations” to impede the transportation of cocaine and marijuana from South American and through Mexico and into the United states… Operations Gatekeeper in California, Hold-The-Line in Texas and Safeguard in Arizona. Again, all authorized by Wee Willie because the wall was needed to “restore integrity and safety to the nation’s busiest border.”

But just to show how disingenuous all this wall bullshit is… and how it is all just another sorry slick-ass political shenanigan… there is this little tidbit…

Operation Gatekeeper was created under Bill Clinton and aimed at halting illegal immigration at the US–Mexico border. The goal of Gatekeeper was “to restore integrity and safety to the nation’s busiest border.”

In 1996, members of the Border Patrol union said that the powers that be within the Border Patrol improperly manipulated data to create the false impression that the Clinton initiative Gatekeeper was working and deterring illegal immigration. The union members said they were being instructed by their bosses to not take any so-called illegals into custody so that the level of apprehensions would appear to have significantly declined. Which then would allow the Border Patrol hierarchy, as well as the politicians… especially the Wee Willie Clinton administration…  to proclaim chest thumpingly loudly, to all wide and far, that illegal border crossings had dropped and Gatekeeper was a smashing and powerful success… and that the government was securing America’s borders against the illegal and dangerous horrors and hordes of immigrants and drugs… or…  the government… Wee Willie… had successfully restored the southern border’s integrity and thereby secured the safety of America.

Then, in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on American soil, the idea of securing the country’s borders became a hot topic once again. And, after much debate and wrangling and introduction of various bills between the House and the Senate, the Secure Fence Act of 2006 was passed by Congress and signed by President Georgie Porgie Bush on October 26, 2006.

To use the oft said phrase…the rest is now history… and… since 2006 various political denizens … from peeps like Arizona elephant Senator John McCain to our feckless leader Trumpty Dumpty… have used the wall as a part of their political agendas to appeal to, and to appease, certain segments of the American people and their unfounded fears and paranoia as well as their need to find someone to blame for their sometimes sad and unfortunate economic lots in life.

Who better than some brown folks yearning to be free… and… who be just trying to make a living and doing the best they can?

Instead of looking to see where the truth is… like…

When was the last time the political peeps in the government… elephant or donkey… actually did anything real and sustaining that brought about some honest and effective succor and relief for the poor or the working and middle classes of America rather than the obscenely rich and the corporate world?

News item #2… Talking about equality…

“Mark Asay, 53, was executed on Thursday 8/24. He received a three-drug injection that included an anesthetic never used before in a U.S. lethal injection.” (Source: Florida Department of Correction/EPA)

But that isn’t why I bring this up…

Mark Asay was first white man executed in Florida for killing a Black person

Maybe peeps aren’t executed every day… legally that is… but it is also not exactly a rare occurrence that some peeps are still killed by “legal” means in this country.

But… what follows is why I do bring this particular execution to the attention of anyone reading…

On Thursday, Florida executed a white man for the killing of a black man…. it was the first time ever for the state.

Asay, a former member of a prison white supremacist gang, was convicted of two racially motivated murders… Robert Lee Booker, who was Black, and Robert McDowell, who was of mixed race… and of making derogatory racial slurs during the first murder and after the second… on the same night in 1987.

(For more definitive details and/or for the curious see… “A death penalty landmark for Florida: Executing a white man for killing a black man” at

Now… Let me say I do not support killing… and… I do not support capital punishment except in extra ordinary circumstances… I mean really, really, really extraordinary circumstances and with no doubt in anyone’s mind about the evil involved… which means just about never… however… if, what I read here is true; then I am flabbergasted.

This is the first time? Ever?

How many Black people were executed by the State of Florida for killing white people before this?

Now… what was that someone said about America being free and equal, again?

Begging you, please…

Been living under a rock… or at the bottom of the ocean… maybe the dark side of the moon?

If not, then I’m guessing ya’ll have heard how Trumpty has pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio… actually he is  now the ex-sheriff Arpaio… before he had even been sentenced for the criminal contempt charge he was recently convicted.

Now… in my memory the only other case I have ever heard about that was similar was when President Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon for any crime(s) he committed or might have committed and been an accessory to and ultimately could/would face trial and conviction.

Now, Therefore, I, Gerald R. Ford, President of the United States, pursuant to the pardon power conferred upon me by Article II, Section 2, of the Constitution, have granted and by these presents do grant a full, free, and absolute pardon unto Richard Nixon for all offenses against the United States which he, Richard Nixon, has committed or may have committed or taken part in during the period from January 20, 1969 through August 9, 1974.

But, back to this latest pardon.

First, be aware… the U.S. Justice Department itself recommends waiting at least five years before pardoning a conviction.

Of course, it’s quite evident how Trumpty views justice or the rule of law, or anyone or anything relative to justice, with the way he has treated his cabinet people, staff and various FBI personnel and tried to insert himself unethically, immorally and very possibly, if not probably, illegal into ongoing legal investigation… otherwise known as obstruction(s) of justice.

Some folks are saying this is the real beginning of a coming constitutional crisis in America. And, some folks are saying this is a foretelling of Trumpty’s impeachment to come… or maybe his being removed as incompetent to be America’s president under the terms of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, which would allow for this occurrence by a majority vote of his cabinet.

Others say he is begging for a shitstorm of a category 5 hurricane proportions by pardoning a person who was convicted of criminal contempt for a direct violation of a federal order.

But… I am not gonna get into any of that.

I am not even gonna get into the plethora of times Arpaio has violated the rule of law that he… like Trumpty… had sworn to uphold.

Arpaio was found guilty of criminal contempt for defying a judge’s order to stop detaining illegal immigrants

I am not gonna talk about the time he referred to his “tent city” where he “housed” 200 “illegal aliens” in their separate prison area that was ringed by an electric fence and declared it as his concentration camp.

Or… how he allowed (ordered?) his corrupt and racistly complicit officers to march hundreds of Hispanics through the streets in chains.

Or… of another time when he allowed 700 similar people moved from one jail to another in only their pink underwear and flip-flops.

OR… how in 2013, U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow ruled against Arpaio in the big Melendres v. Arpaio racial-profiling lawsuit when he found that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office MCSO) engaged in racial profiling and discrimination, and then ordered MCSO to cease and desist. Specifically, Snow ruled that MCSO used race as a factor in arriving at reasonable suspicion or forming probable cause to stop or investigate persons of Latino ancestry for being in the country without authorization and that violated the Fourth and the Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Or… how earlier this year… 2017… U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton ruled Arpaio guilty of criminal contempt of court, when she declared he showed “flagrant disregard” for a court order telling his agency to stop racially profiling Latinos.

Nope. I ain’t agonna reference any of that shit at all… as grievous, unethical, immoral and illegal as all  of it may be… I just ain’t gonna talk about any of that stuff.

What I am gonna talk about is how Trumpty Dumpty used a tragedy of titanic proportions to misdirect our attention away from how one racist SOB was giving out a pardon to another racist SOB.

How Trumpty, under the guise, and maybe protection, of Hurricane Harvey, and the tragedy that the storm was dealing upon Houston and other areas of Texas with flooding of practically biblical proportions, showed that he cared more for protecting the ass of one contemptuous racist dickhead instead of devoting his full and direct attention to making sure the people of Texas got the brunt of any humanitarian aid possible from any and all available government agencies.

But… nope… instead of following what other people… private citizens…were doing to help Texans in their time of dire need…. marshaling all their efforts and resources to help one another survive.

Or, what various mega-corporations… Exxon-Mobil… Amazon… GE… Walmart… were doing… like giving millions of dollars in aid to organizations such as the Red Cross that were to be used in Texas.

Or, what a Budweiser bottling plant in Georgia had done… stopped producing cans of beer to manufacture cans of clean water to send to Texas that were being affected by Harvey, so people can have potable water for drinking, cooking and bathing.

Or, countries… like Mexico… who on Sunday pledged to help Texas “as good neighbors should always do in trying times,” while that same Sunday Trumpty was tweeting that Mexico is one of the highest crime nations there is and then demanding that they pay for the damn wall along the southern border line.


Trumpty instead ignored the plight of the people of Texas because it was more important to be in Arizona making a campaign-like stump speech to his so-called admirers instead of being prepared to help if Harvey’s worst case scenario hit Texas.

It was more important to be in Arizona to be yanking the chains of Arizona’s senators… Jeff Flake and John McCain.

And, it was more important to pardon the racist jackass criminal Arpaio late on a Friday night as Harvey bore down on Texas.

Before Trumpty was elected, I had often made the point to any and all who even remotely hinted they were thinking about voting for Trumpty…

What in his history makes you think that this billionaire will ever do anything to help you?

What in his history as a bigoted landlord… or… as a racist who took out a full-page ad in 1989 calling for New York to reinstate the death penalty in response to five Black teens… The Central Park Five… who had been convicted of a rape in Central Park… and then when they were exonerated by DNA in 2002 he still insisted they were guilty; refused to admit he had been wrong and kept up with his racist pandering and lies…

What in his history as a failed businessman… a corporate billionaire who has fucked over hundreds of people in various business deals while he skated free and clear through his lawyers’ manipulation of the bankruptcy laws…

What in his history as a very rich fat cat who has essentially paid little to nothing in taxes while most Americans struggle to account for every cent they can while paying more than their fair share in taxes….

What makes you think this exceptionally well off rich person will ever do anything for you or care about you or any of your loved ones… what makes you believe in him while he sits and lies straight faced as you struggle to convince yourself that he is your only hope… your truth… your salvation…  what makes you think anything he promises will ever become a reality that will make your life better?

Now, I ask once more.

What makes anyone, who still supports this clownass, think that he cares about you?

Because he sure as hell didn’t care about Texas when Texas needed a helping hand. At least not until it was an afterthought and probably because VP Pence, or someone else, told him… you damn well need to say and do something.

Nor, did he care about protecting America citizens from nazis and white supremacists when those punks roamed the streets of Charlottesville calling for the extermination of American citizens who were not Anglo Saxon White Christians.

But, ya know what? Forget that question for now… because… now I wanna ask something else of you… a request. A favor. A consideration.

If, somehow this clownass does make it through a full four years of being our president could ya’ll who voted for his butt or somehow still think he is the right man to be the president of America… for mercy’s sake… for the sake of all that is humane… for humanity itself… could you, please… reconsider and think this through again…

I mean after you put the pipe down and cork up the jug?



Trumpty finally got his ass down to the Harvey ravaged and 50 inches of rain drenched Texas and promptly turned the visit into campaigning and self aggrandizement as he boasted about crowd sizes and TV ratings while surveying the damage that Harvey had raged upon the Houston metro area and other towns in southeast Texas and that was still raging and threatening the South Texas communities with pummeling rain at about two to three inches every hour.

Trumpty, at one point, incredulously told hundreds of spectators in an impromptu speech, “What a crowd, what a turnout.”

Damn… it’s not a country fair or a carnival…

Previous to these dumbass and insensitive words, he had complimented FEMA Director William (Brock) Long for his newfound celebrity from handling the worst natural disaster in the state’s history. Words that rivaled, if not surpassed, the time Georgie Porgie Bush appeared in New Orleans to survey the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and said to the then FEMA head Michael Brown, “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job.” Ten days later Brown resigned amid a public uproar over his qualifications (or lack of) and the administration’s failure to get aid to New Orleans in a timely and effective manner.

But… then, that’s just Trumpty being Trumpty… a fucking schmuck.

Or, in words Trumpty can understand…

Sad… so sad.

But… I suppose it will be only a matter of time before he somehow blames it all on the Bamster… like how his mushbrained loyalists have been tweeting how Obama did absolutely nothing during Katrina because he was to busy being on the golf course…

Ummmm… Just one teensy, weensy detail… maybe?

Like, Katrina was in 2005; he didn’t get elected president until three years later? On November 4, 2008. And wasn’t even inaugurated until January 2o, 2009.

The nerve of that bastard.

Sad… so sad.

Another thousand words…



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  1. yes I’m an idiot. Funny, while looking to see if anyone actually came to the same conclusion as me I happened upon a fellow who recently wrote a NY Times best seller saying the SAME THING this “idiot” said.

    Guess I Should have wrote a book. Then I could be a RICH “idiot”

    Dinesh desousa or something like that. look it up. He’s better than I am explaining it and thought of things I didn’t even think of

  2. um..I don’t even know where to start with this except to say you are CLEARLY a brainwashed Bernie supporter.

    I AM Scandinavian genius. That’s my effing heritage. When you know more than I do about that region I’ll concede. You have no flipping clue. None.

    It is absolutely, 100% free market. Period. End of discussion. If you claim otherwise YOU are the “Idiot”.

    Just like AMERICA they have social policies. But to call Scandonavia SOCIALIST is akin to accusing Texas the same.

  3. Joe,

    Your article was an opinion piece and was well researched. Michael’s comments were nothing but his opinion, and without documentation are worthless.

    I think that between Mi9chael and me, we know everything there is to know. It is clear that he thinks he knows everything except that he is ignorant–and I know that.

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