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Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. Lets get right to it this week we will discuss the trade with the Celtics and Cavaliers, O.J. Mayo trying to make a comeback in the NBA , that and so much more on this edition on NBA RoundTable.

If the Cavaliers don’t void the trade because of Thomas’s hip injury does this trade give the Celtics enough to change the Balance of power in the Eastern Conference?

Todd: I said this when the Celtics entered the playoffs last year, they still need a big man that can go get rebounds. Sure Hayward is a nice addition and then they potentially add Irving. I am not too sure Irving is really that much of an upgrade from Thomas. The only difference between the two guys is the height. The Celtics gave up way too much to get Irving. I think he has a bad attitude regardless if he wanted away from James or not. Well any ways Cleveland are still the favorites to win the East.

Steve: I think they need one more move. I don’t think that Kyrie Irving can do enough by himself to lead the Celtics to a championship. I think this trade really hurts Boston at the moment because Thomas was there leader, their franchise player. He was beloved in Boston, and taking him away from that, may hurt them in the long run, plus, I think Boston gave up too much to get Irving. That being said, rumor has it that Anthony Davis may be on his way to Boston as well. If that happens, then Boston will probably be the favorites in the East, even over Cleveland. As it stands right now, No, Cleveland is still head of the class in the Eastern Conference.

Chad: It’s closer than ever but I just can’t go against Lebron.

O.J. Mayo was banned from the NBA for failed drugged test. Now he is training hard for a comeback. Will we ever see Mayo back in the NBA or even in the G-League again?

Todd: I think Mayo would probably have to prove himself all over again and spend a year or two in the G-League before an NBA team takes a chance on him again.

Steve: If he is allowed back in to the league by the commissioner, I think someone may take a chance on him as a back up role. Mayo will probably not return to form like he was in the past, but if he can get back into shape, and stay off the drugs, then sure, someone is going to give him a shot. It won’t be a playoff team, but a team looking to see what they can do, and may take a chance. Look for a team like Sacramento, Phoenix, or Brooklyn to take a chance. You can probably get him cheap, and if he performs, he would be a good trade bait for a contending team.

Chad: It’s not out of the realm of possibility for him to at least get in the G-League but I think his issues will make it tough to get back to the NBA.

If you could start a team which player would you want to build around Steph Curry or Russell Westbrook? Why?

Todd: Well, most people might look at what happened in the NBA the last few years and pick Steph Curry because he has won 2 out of 3 titles. The key word is start a team. I would go with Westbrook. Although Curry is a great shooter and scorer. Westbrook is faster and at times is a one man fast break. He does not mostly rely on his 3 point shot. Sure it is nice when it is going down but when it isn’t then you lose to teams you shouldn’t lose to.

Steve: Right now? I have to go with Steph Curry. Westbrook is a machine, but Curry has proven that he can take a team to a championship, in fact, lead a team to a championship. Westbrook could not do with with an MVP like Durant, and couldnt make it even to the Semi-Finals in the playoffs by himself. This is a tough question, but I pick Curry, but Westbrook would not be a bad choice either if you give him the right pieces.

Chad: Russell Westbrook just based on everything he can do for the team while Steph Curry is a great scorer and point guard I feel the overall skill of Russ gives him the advantage.

Which player was the better third wheel with Lebron James. Miami’s Chris Bosh or Clevelands’s Kevin Love? Why?

Todd: Chris Bosh without a doubt. Bosh knew his role and the team and I still don’t think Love knows his role. I don’t think Love has fit in Cleveland since the day he arrived. It just seems like he is there and not seen especially in the finals last year.

Steve: I have to go with Chris Bosh and Miami. They appeared in four straight finals together, won two championships. While Cleveland has gone to three straight winning just one. Bosh knew his place in Miami, and knew that he was not the featured attraction. I think deep down, Kevin Love wants Cleveland to be his team, like it was in Minnesota. You see flashes of that at times. Also, you don’t hear the media calling Cleveland a “Big Three” so I think in Miami it was the Big Three, in Cleveland it is LeBron and company.

Chad: I will say Chris Bosh because I feel he understood his role on the Heat a little bit better than Love does with the Cavs both have been great 3rd options for the those teams.

What are your thoughts about fans burning jerseys after James left Cleveland, Durant left OKC, Gordon left Utah, and even Thomas getting traded. 

Todd: This is ridiculous, I mean I guess if they want to waste their money. I don’t understand any of them.

Steve: If people want to waste there hard earned money from burning jerseys. Then whatever. I can understand the way LeBron left, and the reasons why Durant left OKC, and that fans would be pissed off enough to want to express there frustration of them leaving. Let’s go to Utah here, sure Gordon was the leader of that team, but he did things the right way, Utah did not want to give him what he wanted. It was not like Utah was going to the NBA Finals anytime soon. So burning his jersey is stupid. What is more stupid is people burning Isaiah Thomas’ jersey. He was traded for Christs sake. He had zero say in that. If you wanted to burn something you should burn the ownerships pictures on a stake, Thomas had nothing to do with this, other than do wonders for the Boston Celtics.

Chad: It’s a silly way to get on Youtube and Social Media. Keep wearing them or go to goodwill with them

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