Game of Thrones: S7 Season Finale Q&A

Welcome to Beyond the Wall! This is a reminder, Ser Earl of House Brewster has turned to the dark side, and read the books from the  Citadel, but David, Maester of the Fingers, has not, and might need to find a new House in 2019 .  Thankfully, we might be past the point where that matters. Let’s get to the Q’s

Lets try something different.

Lets take the main characters and how you think Season 7 ended up for them, and where you think season 8 will open for them?

1. Tyrion Lannister

Earl: I think Tyrion will be on the outs with Daenerys and Jon (or Aegon as we now know to be his birth name). Tyrion witnessed Jon in Daenerys’ cabin and I think he felt a bit betrayed in that moment. He has respect for Jon but he too loves Daenerys. Seeing her eventually fall for Jon will miss with his standing a bit. How he deals with that will go a long way to how he is portrayed in Season 8.

David: I have questions on where Tyrion is going. Remember, he started out the season not saying a word.
Then he pushed Jon Snow and Dany together, and it worked, not I have to think his plan is to take the 4th Twincest baby and have Dany raise it, with his help. I mean lets be honest, Cersei had two good kids and one shitty one. Now if Jon is able to impregnate his aunt, that goes out the window. That means his niece/nephew is going to have to die. Could that be the third betrayal for love that Earl and his bookpeople speak of?
2. Cersei Lannister

Earl: Cersei will start the season in a position of strength. All her adversaries are up North and she will have free reign to get the Kingdoms back in line. If Euron recruits the Golden Company she will likely have a stronger force compared to the armies that went up North to deal with the White Walkers. Assuming, they beat back the Army of the Dead, they might be too weak to give Cersei any troubles.

David: I love Lena. She is just a flipping force as this show has gone on. I’m not sure why she is going back into debt and bringing the Golden Company. She would be better off just using the money to actually rebuild and gain people, and train others to use Qyburns Crossbow. Kings Landing has high walls, and keep in mind masses of people have overrun and killed dragons before. I think that is a major mistake and shows how short-sighted she is as a ruler. She just got OUT of debt, and is doubling down. Dany is going North, and still has to feed everyone, and then come back down to challenge her.
If I was her hand, I would cut the country in half, and take everything South. Solidify HighGarden, and use that money to buy the Golden Company when she has too.
3. Theon Greyjoy

Earl: Theon will attempt to rescue Yara which means that will place him in the path of Euron. If he stops Euron that would put a dent in Cersei’s plans, but honestly I hope he fails. Theon was one character I hoped would not have survived Season 7. Not because I did not like the character, but if we are pairing down episodes, I needed one less plot line. Him off to rescue Yara will only be another plotline in an already condensed season.

David:I’m almost done with Theon. Yeah, he’s one of the better actors, but this arc has run it’s course. Plus, when Yara comes back, he’s another backup character. I guess he has to die saving Yara and killing Euron, so we have to wait until Episode 8.4 (calling my shot) to see him die.
4. Jon Snow
Earl: Jon, or Aegon, is now the next in line to the Iron Throne. Well, in all actuality if it was not for Robert’s Rebellion, he might have already be sitting on that throne. His life would have been entirely different, but it looks like Robert’s whole rebellion was built on a lie. Lyanna wasn’t kidnapped. She freely went off with Rhaegar who lawfully married her to ensure that their child would have been legitimate.

Anyway, since Jon knows none of that information, he will start Season 8 with his Queen, and Aunt, Daenerys and they together will take on the White Walkers. Assuming, he learns of his parentage, I think he will deny his claims and continue to support Daenerys’ quest for the Iron Throne.

David: I love how Jon has not changed, he is all about doing his duty, no matter the cost, and yes, it did get Ned killed, but seeing the world in Black and White can be beneficial, in cases where Black and White are the only sides.
Considering the Targaryens are the Ptolemies of Egypt, nephew/aunt is not really a big deal. I do wonder how Jon’s internal brooding is going to sit with that.
5. And what are your thoughts on the end of Littlefinger?
Earl: I hated the Sansa and Arya scenes but at least it had a payoff with the end of Littlefinger. With help from Bran, they outed Littlefinger for his crimes, and for the fact that he is the one solely responsible for all that has happened between the Starks and the Lannisters. Every thing that has gone down on this show and in this saga is all due to the actions of Littlefinger.
He needed that comeuppance but I wish we had gotten better acting on the way to that conclusion.
This is part of the problem of losing GRRM in the TV world. I am a huge fan of Littlefinger and he is one of my favorite characters in the show. Sadly, he went out like a B*. The actor did what he could with the role, but I have to think the guy that took on a skilled warrior over his ladylove would go out on his knees just begging. I cannot think he doesn’t have a backup, for ANYTHING.
Trail by combat? He couldn’t bring up someone or be forced to fight Royce? Where is Robyn? He had his daddy and momma killed by Littlefinger, either directly or indirectly. He doesn’t at least get to see it? He just gets a Raven? Or he comes out of the privy to see Peter on the floor?
Bealish has always been the smartest guy in the room, and he got caught, just because he tried to get between two sisters- who have NEVER liked each other! I get the feeling if we had another half-dozen episodes to go instead of these bastardization seasons 7&8, we might have gotten evil Sansa for a bit until Arya made her come to her senses.

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