Pounding 7’s

Wrestling fans welcome to Pounding 7’s. It has been a crazy week for me work wise, so I apologize ahead of time if this is brief. However, I won’t let you down. Here is the next countdown. This week, I will countdown the top 7 most unlikely champions. These champions can range from World Champions, all the way to mid-card champions. Who will make the countdown? Let’s find out right now.

7.Vince McMahon

It should not be too much of a surprise that Vince McMahon won not one but two World Championships. As a 54 year old man, Vince defeated Triple H to win the WWE Championship in 1999, and then won the ECW World Championship in 2005. As I stated, it should not surprise you too much because Vince does approve the writing for the WWE, so he, like other bookers, booked themselves to win the World title.

6. Steve McMichael

Steve McMichael was made famous for his football days with the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers. He made a guest appearance at Wrestlemania 11 as part of Lawrence Taylor’s posse. In 1996, McMichael joined WCW and the Four Horsemen, and a year later did the unthinkable and defeated Jeff Jarrett to win the United States Championship at Clash of the Champions. He would only hold the title for a couple months before losing it to Curt Hennig on Nitro.

5. Ivan Koloff

We have discussed this before that back in 1971, Ivan Koloff ended the long WWWF championship run of Bruno Sammartino. Koloff was an unlikely champion, and the proof of that was that he lost it just a month later to Pedro Morales. Back in the early days, transitional champions happened often, because the WWWF did not want a face vs a face. Koloff was simply a pawn to get the belt off of Bruno, and on to Pedro.

4. David Flair

The son of Nature Boy Ric Flair had nearly zero wrestling ability, and that showed during his in ring work. However, being the son of Ric Flair does something for you and Flair won the United States Championship, well actually he was just handed the US title, but in any case, he still is in the history books as a former United States Champion. He would hold the title for a month before losing it to Chris Benoit.

3. Disco Inferno

The Disco Inferno was a charismatic wrestler who was on the losing end of the majority of his matches. That is until he became a top player in the game winning the WCW World Television Championship, and also the Crusierweight Championship. Disco took a gimmick that was not supposed to do anything, and made it a success.

2. Booker T

I know what you are saying, Booker T was a multiple time World Champion, US Champion, and TV champion. However, what was shocking was his first championship reign when he defeated The Disco Inferno to win the TV championship, then just a couple years later shocked the world to win the WCW Championship in an unscheduled match between he and Jeff Jarrett. Booker would go on to win the title 5 more times, making him a sure fire Hall of Famer.

1. David Arquette

The most unlikely of champions has to be movie star, David Arquette. Arquette joined WCW as a prop for Diamond Dallas Page, and in a tag team match where the winner wins the title. Arquette pinned Eric Bischoff (yes Eric Bischoff) to win the WCW Championship. He would main event Slamboree in 1999 in the triple cage match between he, DDP, and Jeff Jarrett, where he could have grabbed the title at any moment at the top of the cage, but he hit DDP with the guitar and gave the title back to Jarrett.

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