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What was your reaction to Summerslam? What will the future hold for Adam Cole?

Wrestling fans, welcome back to the Wrestling Roundtable. We welcome Freddy to the panel of the Roundtable. Sheldon Benjamin is back! HELLZ YEAH!! and…  Summerslam is behind us, as is NXT Takeover. We have a lot to discuss about both shows. We will discuss a potential Bullet Club reunion now that Adam Cole is with the WWE. What is the future of Adam Cole and Red Dragon in the WWE? We discuss this and a whole lot more.

1. Jinder Mahal

Big win over Shinsuke Nakamura at Summerslam. Mahal is turning out to be a dominant heel champion. How long will his reign last? Only time will tell.

2. Brock Lesnar

the Beast Incarnate, prevailed in the Fatal Four way, even after being nearly taken out by Braun Strowman, beating four of the best wrestlers in the world today in one match, puts Lesnar back into the Power Rankings.

3. Braun Strowman

Despite failing to win the Universal Championship at Summerslam, Strowman now has his sights set on Lesnar and his championship. Can Strowman become champion, in a one on one environment?

4. Ambrose & Rollins

The new Raw tag team champions had a great week, winning the tag titles over Sheamus and Cesaro, followed by a clean win over the legendary Hardy Boyz on Raw.

5. Sasha Banks

Sasha became the four time womens champion last Sunday at Summerslam, only a handful of people can stake claim to accolades of that statute. How long can the Boss hold on the the championship this time, as Alexa Bliss has a rematch set for this Monday.


After losing Bret Hart to WCW after the Montreal Screwjob, the Monday Night Wars became dominated by WCW with viewers tuning to Nitro rather than Raw is War. For two years, WWE would lose both ratings and talent to WCW.

After successfully rebooting the franchise into the Attitude Era, Vince McMahon created a rivalry between him and Stone Cold. On April 13th, 1998, the main event between McMahon and Steve Austin was big enough to win the rating race between Raw is War and Nitro. In an attempt to mock WCW for their slipping ratings,  D-Generation X rode around Norfolk, Virginia in an army truck attempting to taunt and challenge the WCW and Eric Bischoff to a face off.

The arena closed their doors and would not let them in.

What is your overall reaction to Summerslam and NXT Takeover? Did they get it right this time, or was it another epic fail for the WWE?

Steve: They got it right for the most part, though I still think that Takeover won the weekend. Summerslam was very entertaining, and they had a few title changes, and they made it seem like Brock Lesnar was human and was going to lose the championship, only to make a spectacular return to take the match. The AJ vs Owens match was really good, and the two women’s matches really did well. I was very impressed with the show as a whole. NXT Takeover was insane! Full of action, title changes with Drew McIntyre and Sanity, and then of course the debut of Adam Cole and Red Dragon. I can’t wait to see what comes of this. Both great shows, I give Takeover the edge but it was closer than the last few years.

Frosh: I think, for the first time in a long time, that SummerSlam was not that bad.  I still think that there were opportunities, however the WWE avoided glaring mistakes (like giving Reigns the title).  I think it was a bit overbooked, causing the Orton/Rusev match to be shorter than those two deserved.  I thought that Nakamura looked strong in his loss, but the most puzzling piece was Cena winning completely clean over Corbin.  That should have been a Corbin DQ if anything, but Cena wins again!  I like the idea of putting the belt on Naomi, and I would have her hold it until Asuka comes back from injury and lose it to Asuka.

Chad: I think NXT did get it right with the two major title changes as it was time to move those talents to main roster in AOP and Bobby Roode, Summerslam for the most part was a good show the Mahal/Nakamura stuck out to me as being god awful and too predictable, but overall I liked Summerslam.

Tyler: As per usual, Takeover was better than Summerslam, but both shows delivered for the most part.

Now that Adam Cole and Red Dragon have debuted in the WWE/NXT. How soon do you see them coming up to the Main Roster, and will they have an immediate impact?

Steve: Love it love it love it… did I say love it? Adam Cole is one of my favorite talents in wrestling. I am so excited to see him in the WWE. I think he could honestly come in and be an immidiate star for the WWE and right off the bat challenge for the WWE Championship. Along with Red Dragon challenging for the tag team championship. I could see these guys turning in to a Shield 2.0. I love this move by the WWE, it has garnered my interest once again.

Frosh: I do not see them coming up too soon, as the mid card and main events on both shows are pretty stacked to make too much room for them.  Don’t get me wrong, they will be there, and towards the top, but who gets knocked down to make room?

Chad: Adam Cole and reDragon will not need a lot of time in NXT before they are ready to join the ranks of the the main roster. At the most I say 1 year from now because Fish and O’Reilly are world renowned tag team and Adam Cole may not even have hit his prime yet  and has been a 3 time ROH champ which holding that belt is a pretty good indicator of NXT/WWE success. Honestly, I could trade Cole for Mike Kanellis right now and Adam Cole would be ready for the spotlight

Tyler: I can see them establishing themselves in NXT for about a year and them coming up after that.  Depending on how the normal WWE audience accepts them, I can see them getting singles and tag team gold pretty quickly once they hit the main roster.

Drew McIntyre defeated Bobby Roode to win the NXT Championship. Typically the man who loses the NXT title, moves on the main roster, which he did on Smackdown. How big a push should the WWE give him?

Steve: Put him up against AJ Styles in an immediate run with the United States championship. Those two could put on a hell of a match, and a series for the championship. It doesnt matter if he wins the title or not, give him a feud against Styles and he makes a huge impact. Keep putting him up against guys like Aiden English, and you will ruin him.

Frosh: He will get a good push.  Watch for him to settle around for a bit with low rent guys, and his first big feud being with Ziggler.  I look for him to be a face against whoever takes the US title off of AJ styles, and after about a year or so on the main roster, maybe next year’s SummerSlam, challenge for the WWE title.

Chad: Being on Smackdown there is the opportunity to push Bobby Roode pretty close to the top of the card even possibly having a feud with AJ for the US title.

Tyler: Considering how *insanely* over he is, push him to the moon!   It will be…*deep breath*…GLORIOUS!

Bray Wyatt is billed to be the leader of a cult, yet he has no cult to lead. So this very simple. Build Bray Wyatt a stable of two or three active wrestlers to join him as a stable.

Steve: This is going to sound odd, but I have Finn Balor join him with one other person to be determined. Finn has shown he has a dark side, and since he is not doing much right now as a singles wrestlers, it may be a good time to have him join Wyatt as a heel. Also why not pull another twist and have the Hardy Boys join him. They have proven to be dark and mysterious before wit the Broken Hardy gimmick. I could totally see this working.

Frosh: The first person I put in his stable is the Miz himself.  I have long said that Bo Dallas needs to start wearing a white button up shirt and red tie with suspenders, and look over Miz’ taxes, only to find out that Miz is a tax cheat….separating the Miztourage.  Then have the Miz get taken over by Wyatt (he already has the sunken eyes), starting a long line of superstars getting seduced by the dark powers of the Wyatt clan, maybe Elias Sampson, Becky Lynch, Big E (once New Day breaks up), etc.  I am talking NWO sized stable here.  Half the roster now belongs to Wyatt…then you build a face, possibly Balor to be your Sting, or DDP, and take down the Wyatt clan.

Chad: Crazy thought bought why not have him feud with the Miz for control of the Miztourage to try take them away from the Miz.

Tyler: Bo Dallas:Going a bit meta, he is Wyatt’s real-life brother and a decent worker when given the right material to work with. Paige: When she first joined WWE and was going through development, she was originally going to play Sister Abigail as a silent character.  She can easily play a darker character with a sightly tweaked look. Big Cass: fulfills the role of big man for the stable.

Agree or Disagree: Braun Strowman will defeat Brock Lesnar and will win the Universal Championship?

Steve: Disagree. At least not yet. I think if they were going to take the belt off of Lesnar before Wrestlemania, they would have done it at Summerslam. Now, I think he will have the title until Wrestlemania, where it will probably be dropped to Reigns, if not Strowman, assuming Strowman turns face. I don’t think Lesnar is going back to the UFC anytime soon because his primary opponent Jon Bones Jones is suspended for a time period.

Frosh: I agree.  I think Strowman wins the belt so that it can regularly be on RAW.  You can still have Reigns/Lesnar for Wrestlemania, it just won’t be for the belt, or heaven sakes, it’s not like Reigns won’t have another shot at the belt between now and Mania.

Chad: Agree: but due to the fact Jon Jones got suspended I don’t see Brock leaving the company so he can win it back.

Tyler: He damn well better, as he’s basically found himself in the spot naturally that WWE creative has been trying to force Roman Reigns into.

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