Game of Thrones S7.6 Beyond the Wall Q&A

Welcome to Beyond the Wall! This is a reminder, Ser Earl of House Brewster has turned to the dark side, and read the books from the  Citadel, but David, Maester of the Fingers, has not .  Thankfully, we might be past the point where that matters. Let’s get to the Q’s
1. Was this a satisfying end to our Lord of the Wildlings adventure?

Earl: No it was not. Losing Thoros of Myr is no big loss in my opinion, but losing Viserion was huge. The Night King has a dragon now. That should be something frightening as the show goes on. Overall? I liked some of the character interaction, and yes they accomplished their mission of capturing a wight but the whole execution of getting to that point felt off to me. So, no I did not view this episode as a satisfying end.

David: I am in the minority, but I was a bit disappointed by this episode. From the warping dragons to the magical  ravens who can do Mach 3, to the OBVIOUS Red Shirts, etc. I would have liked to have seen more gravity to this mission. You have the Fellowship walk North, have some of the best moments of this rushed season, they get what they need, and then they get way over their head, and the Eagles come rescue them.

2. Why is Tyrion worrying about succession now?

Earl: Tyrion worries me. It seems that he is falling out of favor with Daenerys, but he does have a point that she does need someone to execute her vision after she is gone. If she cannot have children, she will need a successor. However, it feels way too early in the game for Tyrion to worry himself with that. Daenerys is not Queen yet. Once she is, worry about the succession, but it feels like he is putting the cart before the horse.

David: I have a thought.
Tyrion knows Cersei is preggo. (See last week)
If Cersei has Jamie’s baby, and Dany adopts the kid to raise to be the next ruler, then Jamie can help raise the child with honor. This gives him an out to turn against Cersei.

3. Is Benjen just a waste of a character in the shows?

Earl: In truth Benjen is not a big character. As the book reader amongst us, he is even less of a character there. His inclusion in this episode was only for fans to get excited but it felt so silly to me to even include him. Maybe it’s just me but I had no worry that Jon was going to die at any point during the episode. Why resurrect him to kill him now? So, to have Benjen come riding in at the last possible moment was just stupid to me, if I’m speaking plainly.

David: Without a doubt.
Bran gets in trouble? Benjen shows up just AFTER the nick of time, does all this saving, and then says, nope can’t go with you, have a nice day.
Jon gets in trouble? Benjen shows up just AFTER the nick of time, does all this saving, and then says, nope can’t go with you, have a nice day.
He can’t jump on the horse too? He couldn’t walk with Bran to the Wall? There is magic in the Wall that says he can’t go past it, but he can’t hang out infront of the gate? He can’t help find more Wildings to keep them away from the Night King?

4. Overall thoughts on the show?

Earl: Honestly? I’m not so sure that I enjoyed this episode. While I liked all of the character interaction, and the fact that it sometimes felt like a buddy comedy, I am not so sure I loved the execution. It felt too silly at times to be honest. In truth, as much as I love Game of Thrones, I can’t help but feel that this rushed season has been poorly written and executed. This episode more or less confirmed that feeling for me, so do I think it was a satisfying episode? No, no I do not.

David: This rushing is really hurting the show. The Fellowship spend all show marching North, but apparently Gendry can just run all the way back in a hour or so. Why can’t we get a few more episodes with some gravity? We all knew the Redshirts were dead. Not ONE lived. The least important guy died, you know since we didn’t care about him, and it means the Lord of Light doesn’t have to do anything, and how come the Dragon is now perfectly fine with everyone jumping on his back?

THE HOUND IS A DRAGON RIDER! I’m sure all of Quora is full of questions about the Hound being a Targaryen bastard now. Or maybe the Book people will bring that up.

It’s not just the North, we go from Varys and Tyrion trying to figure out a way for Tyrion to get Dany to listen to him, to him talking about who takes over after she dies, and he doubles down on the idea. What the Hell?

5. What do you want to see the most on the finale?

Earl: The finale is where the majority of characters in this show will come face to face. All the action is to converge on Kings Landing. However the only thing I want to see in the finale is The Hound coming face to face with his brother, The Mountain. If the long rumored Cleganebowl goes down, I will get hype. That is the only thing I need from this finale.

David: Just so people know. I do the Questions and Earl has to put up with them. Sorry.
I am looking for a MAJOR culling of people. The main reason why Game of Thrones is cutting back on episodes is the expense. This show costs a lot of money, and HBO doesn’t have bottomless pockets, and yes, GoT does bring in a lot of subscribers, but that number has stopped skyrocketing, and the leaks are hurting the overall numbers, lets keep in mind there is no Coke or Nike commercial before or after the show. HBO sells HBO, nothing else. Having 5M people watch GoT makes them as much money as 6M people watch GoT if they have 7M subscribers the entire time.
So yeah, expect a lot of people to be gone. I don’t mean Cersei, Dany or Jon, but a lot of backup people are going to be gone. Look at Qyburn, for example. Has he said a word this season? I think he could have filmed his scenes this season in a week. Tyrion spent episode one just walking around. Varys vanished for half a season and no one noticed. This year we wiped the Greyjoys out, Dorne is all gone, and Highgarden is gone, so I expect to see a lot of second and third tier people gone.
Varys, Davos, Bran (sinks into a tree), Bronn, and so forth. I don’t think Littlefinger dies simply becuase he has to split the Stark girls so Jon can come back to save the day.

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