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Who will win the Fatal Four way match at Summerslam? Will Summerslam be a success?

Greetings and Salutations Wrestling fans, welcome back to the Wrestling Roundtable. This week we have crowned a Women of Wrestling Tournament champion. Was it Charlotte Flair or Trish Stratus? We will find out, and get some of the opinions on the panelist vote. We will start a new tournament to determine the best wrestler to win a secondary championship but never the World Championship very soon, well as soon as Frosh and I can set a time to get it done. We will also dive in to Summerslam as it is just a couple of days away. Let’s not waste any time, lets get to the Roundtable.

1.Jinder Mahal

Even though he was on the heels of defeat against John Cena. Defeating Baron Corbin after Corbin decided to cash in Money in the Bank, puts Mahal back on the top spot. Can he overcome the skillset of Nakamura at Summerslam?

2.Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura has his sites set on the WWE Championship at Summerslam. Mahal seems vulnerable right now, so the time may be this Sunday for Nakamura.

3.AJ Styles

The United States Champion seems to have reconciled with Shane McMahon, but will that be enough to overcome the challenge of Kevin Owens at Summerslam?

4.Braun Strowman

Strowman stood up to Lesnar before being separated. I have said it before and Ill say it again. Strowman has to be the favorite going into Summerslam to win his first Universal Championship.

5.Akira Tozawa

I am not a firm believer in the Cruiserweights, but Frosh made a point I cannot argue with. When you dethrone someone who has destroyed the division for 8 months. You have to put him in the Power Rankings. Tozawa won the Cruiserweight title on Raw, defeating Neville.

Today’s Fact of the Day: If you look up the WWE Title lineage, you’ll see that it starts with Buddy Rogers in 1963. But this is a complete and utter fiction, a mere pro wrestling work. McMahon made it all up, claiming that Rogers had won a tournament in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil to become the first ever World Wide Wrestling Federation Champion. In reality, Rogers had just been handed the belt. A month later, Bruno Sammartino defeated Rogers, marking the first real victory for the championship. The victory came about in just 48 seconds, with Rogers submitting to the Italian Backbreaker. There were 19,639 fans on hand, grossing $58,966 in a packed Madison Square Garden. The belt wouldn’t change hands again for another seven and a half years.

Credit What Culture for the Fact of the Day

Here are the results of the Women of Wrestling Tournament.

Steve Hall

I am going with the pure athleticism of Charlotte Flair here, she has the genes of arguably the greatest wrestler of all time in Ric Flair, she has pure wrestling talent. While Trish is fantastic, and did great for the women of wrestling in today’s era. I think Charlotte would take this match.


Trish Stratus wins this one in a sure fire classic.  Charlotte will put up a good fight, and she has the pedigree.  But she doesn’t have the experience.  Trish worked her way up from a fitness model, to a valet for Test & Albert to being the greatest woman wrestler of all time.  Will Charlotte get there?  Absolutely, give her a few more years with some classic feuds, and one day she will take the crown, but today, Trish wins, but this match will leave us with total Stratusfaction.


As we sit in 2017 right now I have to say Trish Stratus because of the level of wrestling and competition that was there at her time. Now in a couple years I could easily say Flair but today I’m going Stratus.


Going with Trish.  When she started she was OK at best and more of the pretty blond eyecandy that Vince likes to hire.  Through her hard work and dedication she became one of the best of all time.  Give Charlotte a few more years and I can see her standing right next to Trish.


Well, actually, no. Trish.
The Fans
The fans vote was close, but Trish Stratus edged out Charlotte Flair, most of the responses were based primarily on experience and big matches. Many, as stated in the Roundtable said that in a few more years, they could vote for Charlotte over Trish.

Stone Cold Steve Austin recently said that Kenny Omega should not wait too long before coming to the WWE. Do you agree with the Rattlesnake?
Steve: It’s hard not to agree with Stone Cold. Omega is 33 years old, and is not getting any younger. His high flying attack could take a few years off of his career. He is over in Japan, and in Ring of Honor, and with his recent momentum as the United States Champion, now could be the time for Omega.
Frosh: Usually.  The guy has a good mind for the business.  And there is no time like the present.  The WWE is in a state of flux, as some of the old guard is getting ready to get old, Cena, Orton, etc.  He should move now while there is still a slot to be filled.
Chad: Omega has a wonderful thing going with the Bullet Club and the Elite with the Young Bucks in NJPW and sproadically with ROH. I think Omega would only make the move if the Bucks came along but I don’t know if he has to make the leap to the WWE unless it fits his character and creativity. I see Austin’s point but I don’t think Omega needs to rush into WWE.
Tyler: While I would think it’d be very cool to see Omega on WWE, I don’t know if he needs to make the jump, as he seems to be doing just fine in NJPW and was basically crowned the US face of the company by being their first US champion
Braun Strowman stated that the days of heels and faces are at an end. Do you agree with Strowman?
Steve: I would say I would disagree with Strowman, but I think it is the fans now who decide who the face and the heel is. The roles are reversed in most occasions, such as Reigns who is supposed to be a face gets booed, and Strowman for example who is supposed to be a heel gets cheered. So while I think there are still faces and heels, it is not the company who decides their fate.
Frosh: That is what Vince wants there to be….but it’s not that way.  Faces still get cheered (unless you are over the top face, or shoved down our throats *cough* Reigns *cough*, and heels get booed.  Good guys vs. bad guys, that is the way storytelling works. The list of superstars who can actually pull off the tweener character is few and far between….WWE tries it with some, but they inevitably become a face or heel.
Chad: Yes, he have seen that for a few years and not in WWE alone. People will cheer who they like and Boo who they don’t. AJ was getting louder reactions as a heel in my opinion because he would go against John Cena who would get his yeah/boo reaction.
Tyler: For the most part yes.  But there will still be wrestlers like John Cena that will (for whatever reason) remain as either face or heel for most of their careers.
Who will win the Fatal Four way match for the Universal Championship at Summerslam, an if different.. Who SHOULD win?
Steve: If you are trying to get the title off of Brock, which is what many say is set to happen. Then I give the match to Samoa Joe and not have Lesnar pinned. However, I think they pull a ruse and Lesnar will come out on top. Setting up the main event that they want at Wrestlemania Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns.
Frosh: Who will win?  Probably Roman, because he is really good at certain types of actions that are not appropriate to describe in a family setting.  Who should win?  Joe.  He needs it, he deserves it, he can go on to feud with Cena.  Keep Reigns away from the belt until you turn him full heel.
Chad: I think even with all of the return to UFC and the Jon Jones talk Brock Lesnar will win, however I think Samoa Joe needs a run with the belt Braun and Roman cancel each other and will probably end in Hell in a Cell. Brock needs another break so Joe could be the guy until Survivor Series or the Rumble.
Tyler: Joe should win, but honestly as long as it’s not Reigns I’m fine with whoever.
The last three Summerslams have arguably very disappointing. Do you think the WWE will rebound and make this Summerslam a success? Or will they fail once again?
Steve: I am honestly more excited for this Summerslam than I have been for any PPV in quite some time. Up and down the card seems massive, and exciting. That being said, the Summerslam track record is not one to get excited about, and I have this deep feeling that I will end up being disappointed once again.
Frosh: This one is shaping up to be rather interesting, but it will be all in the execution.  Mahal and Nakamura should give us a great match.  The Fatal Four way could be super predictable and boring, or could be a classic.  Look for the Shield and Cesaro/Seamus to steal the show though.
Chad: After the events of Smackdown I see the trend of Takeover’s dominating Summerslams in Brooklyn to continue. I don’t see this card coming together to create a good show.
Tyler: I hope to god so, considering all the title matches that are on that card.
Baron Corbin lost his Money in the Bank cash in on Tuesday night at Smackdown. Was this a good time to have Corbin cash in? What does this now do for his career?
Steve: No because I think he is going to end up protesting the loss, and will some how use the system to get his MITB briefcase back. If you look at the footage, it looks like Corbin’s shoulder was up before the three count. If he does not get the briefcase back, I could see Shane or D-Bryan giving him a championship match and he would end up winning the title anyway.
Frosh: When I saw this, all I could say was…”huh…..weird”  Smackdown has made some very odd booking decisions around the title recently.  I don’t think Corbin needs the briefcase and every now and again you need to have SOMEONE lose their cash in, to keep the suspense up for future opportunities.  Would I have booked it this way?  No…but going forward, within the next few months, possibly look at Corbin to make a face turn and feud with Mahal over the belt as true number one contender.  I would also like to add a side note.  There are only 3 champions to survive a money in the bank cash-in…..CM Punk (against Cena), John Cena (against Damien Sandow), and now Jinder Mahal (against Baron Corbin)….that is elite company for Jinder….

Chad: To me the character of Baron Corbin is done for as a legit threat; this was the absolute wrong move to have the Cash-In surprise roll up ending. You could have teased it and have Cena AA Corbin without cashing it in. This was a terrible move by WWE.

Tyler: Seems like it was a bit earlier for the cash in, but I wasn’t sure how they would go with a heel vs heel program with him and Mahal.  It looks like they’re setting up a feud with John Cena, which depending on how the matches go may be either good or bad for him.

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