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Before I start I would like to say something about these soft players these days. This is in reference to the memorandum that was sent out to the teams a couple of weeks ago saying that the schedules would be lighter to preventing them from having to rest players on national televised games. They make all this money but they are crying about playing back to backs, 4 games in 5 nights, 1 game road trips. Cry me a river of tears. Hear are some numbers. I just pick a random year and since i’m a Lakers fan that is who i used. The 1987-1988 Lakers played 18 back to backs, only 2 4 games in 5 nights, and 15 1 game road trips. On top of that they played way more physical back then and they made way less money than they do now. they didn’t complain about getting rest. AC Green aka the ironman played 1,192 games in a row. That record will never be broken because today’s players cry too much.The closest current player what do you know is Corey Brewer a Laker with 277.  You have people out here working 2 or 3 jobs just to make ends meet. They don’t get to rest when they get tired because they have bills to pay and they are not making millions. When NBA Players start making normal money maybe they might have a gripe but until then they can shut their mouth.

Now I have that out of the way Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. Lets get right to it as we have a lot to talk about such as David Blatt Coaching again, Lonzo Ball winning rookie of the year that, and so much more on this edition on NBA RoundTable.

Former Cleveland Cavaliers head coach David Blatt would like another chance to coach in the NBA. His record was 83-40 in the year and a half he was the coach. He was fired after leading the Cavaliers to the Championship and starting the season at 30-11. Will Blatt get another chance to coach?

Todd: I think he will get another chance to coach in the NBA. The only reason he lost his job in Cleveland is because of LeBron James. James wanted him out, so they fired him. There was no real reason to fire him, they were almost 20 games above .500 and coming off a Championship the previous year. What more was the guy suppose to do?

Steve: I don’t think Blatt should have lost his job in the first place. You take a team in your first season to the NBA Finals only to lose to one of the best teams of all time, then the following year, you are sporting the best record in the Eastern Conference. So you get fired? Seriously? Okay, so yeah someone needs to pick this guy up, because despite the team he coached, I think he has something in him to lead another team, and I hope that he finds success.

Chad: Blatt should get another chance to see what he can do with a team in the NBA he did nothing to deserve getting fired from the Cavs (except win) He should get another chance on a team without Lebron so that he has full control of the team.

Dan: Yes, I believe that David Blatt did a good job in Cleveland in his year-and-a-half tenure as their head coach. If it wasn’t for LeBron basically forcing him out, I believe he would have still been head coach. He’ll get another shot with somebody and he won’t have enormous pressure on him. Nor will he have to run his show based off of what o ne of his player’s says.

Agree or Disagree. According to ESPN Lonzo Ball will win rookie of the year by a pretty wide margin.

Todd: I disagree that he will win by a wide margin. I think Lonzo will be the favorite to win but it will be close with Dennis Smith Jr. on his heals all year long. The thing that could prevent Lonzo from winning rookie of the year is the Lakers record.He could be a good player on a bad team.

Steve: If I have to pick now, then sure I agree with this. However the season has not started, and you never know what can happen during the season. I would say he is the preseason favorite overwhelmingly based off his summer league performance, but anything can happen. Another rookie could step up, and other guys may start figuring him out.

Chad: Disagree, I think with Ben Simmons playing a full year and Dennis Smith Jr. shooting up the oddsmakers board for the award I think that Lonzo will win be will have to earn it against pretty game competition.

Dan: Agree that Lonzo Ball will win Rookie of the Year, but I disagree about the wide margin. I think it’ll be rather close with a couple of unexpected players coming out and challenging him (like  how Malcolm Brogdon won last season while being a second round pick. There are also some solid first round, lottery picks who will definitely challenge Lonzo Ball for the Rookie of the Year, but if summer league is any indication of how he will perform on the court during the regular season, he will come out the winner of Rookie of the Year. But it will be close.

Agree or Disagree. With Paul George and Jeff Teague gone from the Indiana, Myles Turner says the Pacers will make the playoffs.

Todd: Disagree. Even though the East has weaken significantly the Indiana Pacers are still gonna miss the playoffs. Losing George and Teague is just too much of a blow to over come.

Steve: No pun intended here as it is Indianapolis but… PLAYOFFS? Are you kidding me? Playoffs? Remember that quote from Jim Mora of the Colts? Same would be said for the Pacers this season. No chance in hell the Pacers are even sniffing the post season.

Chad: Disagree, I think teams like Detroit and Philadelphia will be right there to get a playoff spot in the diluted Eastern Conference.

Dan: Disagree with them making the playoffs. While the East definitely lost a lot of talent this off-season, I highly doubt that the Eastern Conference got that bad where Indiana is able to make the post season without Paul George or Jeff Teague. They have the Bulls, Pistons, Bucks, Cavs in their own division that are better than them. Toronto, Atlanta, Miami, Boston, Washington all are teams that are also better than Indiana. That’s not even a slot for Indiana with the teams I named. They’ll miss the playoffs this season.

Is everyone reading in between the lines too much when LeBron James called Los Angeles Home on twitter?

Todd: Good Lord I hope not. Maybe he might go to the Clippers. We all know he is going some where. He has never resigned with a team. The first time with Cleveland after his contract was up he went to Miami. Then when his Contract was up in Miami he went back to Cleveland. So right now there is a 100% chance he is leaving Cleveland. I just hope it is not to the Lakers.

Steve: Michael Jordan had a home in Charlotte. Does that mean he was going to join the Charlotte Hornets when he played? They are just reading in to nothing. Hundreds of players have homes in other cities that they play in, did they fail to mention that he also has a home in Cleveland? Nope.

Chad: Probably not due to the issues going on in Cleveland right now I would not be surprised to see Lebron wind up on the Lakers with Lonzo Ball in the near future.

Dan: I think people are looking for a story in a dead period of the NBA off-season. While it is worth taking note of and watching out for next season, I don’t think that you can read too much inbetween the lines with this type of tweet. LeBron lives out there and refers to LA as his home. Maybe it’s because it’s a big city and he can be himself without everyone attacking him non-stop, maybe it just fits his lifestyle and the way him and his family lives. Who knows. But I wouldn’t put too much stock into his tweet. It’s just a tweet.

The Christmas Day games were announced last week. Which game are you most excited to about?

Todd: I am looking forward to the Rockets and the Thunder. That should be a great match up with a their new pieces on each team. The Warriors are just going to steam roll the Cavaliers this year. Lakers and T-Wolves game might be interesting with both teams being young.

Steve: Other than the Golden State vs Cleveland game, Ill pass. The Washington vs Boston game could be good, but the Sixers and Knicks? Mavs and Lakers? I don’t have much interest in the games this year.

Chad: With the changes to their teams in teh offseason I would say the Rockets/Thunder has the potential to be the most entertaining especially in Carmelo is on the move before the season.

Dan: I know it’s probably the same thing most other people said when the schedule for Christmas Day came out, but the Cavaliers/Warriors game makes me the most excited. That’s going to be a rematch of the past three Finals and is looking like it’ll be another Finals’ preview for this season. Kyrie Irving is likely out of Cleveland, but who will join them and will Cleveland be able to stop Golden State without Kyrie? It’s a must-watch game.


LaVar Ball Coaches his son’s AAU team. Will we ever see LaVar coach in the NBA at some capacity? 

Todd: Hell No! No one in their right mind would hire this guy to even to be the person who wipes up the sweat off the floor when a player falls to the floor let alone be any kind of coach in the NBA.

Steve: Lavar Motherfuckin Ball has no business anywhere in the NBA other than in the stands rooting on his kids. He is a bully, and no executive in the NBA would deal with that headache. Todd should be caned and mauled by a rabid dog for even insinuating this nonsense.

Chad: Dear God I hope not the lack of sportsmanship and professionalism he has shown in AAU ball would be a negative impact on the NBA.

Dan: No, we will never see LaVar Ball ever coach in the NBA. I feel like he will stay strictly coaching AAU and/or high school basketball teams. A small, local college might give him a chance but I can’t see an NBA team taking a risk on him to be an NBA head coach, or a coach in general, and then open up their team to that P.R. nightmare. He doesn’t know when to stop talking to the media and he runs his mouth too much. He has a big head and thinks he’s way better than what he ever was. No team wants to deal with that and he won’t be able to ever get a chance to coach in the NBA. If he can tone his attitude down and shut his mouth and avoid talking to the media for a couple of years, then you might see his name get tossed around. But it’s unlikely. I can’t see it happening. Ever.

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