Pounding 7’s

Top 7 NWA/WCW World Television Champions

Hey Hey Wrestling fans, welcome back to Pounding 7’s. The only countdown sure to create controversy. This week I will go back to the days of the NWA/WCW and countdown the top 7 World Television Champions of all time. There have been some great ones from Stevie Ray to Hacksaw Jim Duggan….okay being serious. There were some great champions as I was growing up, so here are my top 7 WCW/NWA World Television Champions….of all time.

7. Chris Jericho

After defeating “interim” Television Champion Stevie Ray on an episode of Monday Night Nitro. Chris Jericho became one of the most controversial Television champions of all time. He successfully defending the championship every week on Nitro, and on every PPV event. Despite not the longest reign as champion. His reign was one of the most notorious and successful.

6. Tully Blanchard

Tully Blanchard was one of the all time great champions in wrestling history. He held the United States Championship on a few occasions, and defeated Dusty Rhodes in a first blood match to win the NWA World Television Championship in 1986. His reign lasted nearly a year, and he defended the title against everyone, making him one of the most fighting champions of all time.

5. Mike Rotunda

Mike Rotunda defeated the great Nikita Koloff in 1988 to win the Television Championship. During his reign, he faced off against the likes of Koloff, Dusty Rhodes, Sting, and Rick Steiner. He would lose the championship to Steiner in December 1988 before regaining it back two months later at Chi Town Rumble. He would lose the title for good a couple of months later to Sting.

4. Stunning Steve Austin

Before emerging as Stone Cold Steve Austin, Austin was known as Stunning Steve. In just a few short months after making his WCW debut he defeated Bobby Eaton to win the World TV Championship. He would hold it multiple times over before losing it to Ricky Steamboat a year later.

3. Booker T

Booker T shocked the world when he defeated the Disco Inferno on Nitro. Booker was known as a tag team wrestler, holding the tag titles on multiple occasions. He would go on to defend the title each and every week, all in all, he was a former 4 time Television champion before injury cost him the championship to his brother Stevie Ray. Let’s not fret about Booker T. He would go on to be a six time World Heavyweight Champion.

2. Lord Steven Regal

One of the all time greatest mat wrestlers that ever stepped foot in the ring. In my opinion, Steven Regal is one of the best wrestlers to never hold a World Championship. He won his first TV title in 1993 after defeating Ricky Steamboat at Fall Brawl, and would continue to hold the championship off and on for the next five years. He would go down as the greatest TV champion if not for this next guy.

 1. Arn Anderson

The Enforcer Arn Anderson has to be known as the greatest TV champion of all time. After a quick run in the mid 80’s for his first title. He would go on to defeat the Great Muta in 1989 and hold the championship for a full year before losing it for a couple of months to the Z-Man. Anderson would go on to win a total of five TV titles in his career, making him arguably the greatest Television champion of all time.

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