Game of Thrones S7.5 Eastwatch

Welcome to Eastwatch! This is a reminder, Ser Earl of House Brewster has turned to the dark side, and read the books from the  Citadel, but David, Maester of the Fingers, has not .  Thankfully, we might be past the point where that matters. Let’s get to the Q’s

1. Is Cersei actually pregnant?

Earl: Yes, I believe that Cersei is actually pregnant. She has no reason to deceive Jamie. He is clearly hers. If he wasn’t, he might have heeded Bronn’s advice to get away from a woman with three dragons and a war that he cannot win. However, he returned to Cersei. He told her about Olenna, and he even spoke to her about what he and Tyrion talked about.
Queen Cersei is pregnant. Jamie is the father, and neither one cares who knows at this point.

David: Here’s the thing. Are we sure? Cersei knows that she might lose Jamie, as he still loves his brother, and Jamie is losing faith in winning the war. Jamie having a child to fight for, and to have a  throne for that child to sit on, then that does gives him a reason to find a way to win, and now Tyrion is threatening his child’s future. Now in 4-5 months, when Cersei isn’t showing, the war should be decided one way or the other.

2. Gendrey is back! Should he have told Jon who he was?

Earl: Good old Gendry. He didn’t row around Westeros hundreds of times. Glad to see him back and swinging a war hammer. His father would have been proud.

Is it smart of Gendry to go around claiming King Robert Baratheon as his father? I would say no, but who cares at this point? I don’t think Gendry has any designs on the throne, and he is a bastard anyway. He has no rights to it. So that is not an issue. However, if Gendry wants to fight for Jon, so be it.

David: First,

Gendry is just 7 kingdoms of awesome. I was a bit worried he was going to be some magic DragonGlass sculptor, but nope, he’s breaking out the War Hammer to smash fools. If this was King Robb or someone who wasn’t a bastard, then yeah, hiding the truth would have been worth it. With Jon Snow? Might actually work in his favor.

3. Is Dany starting to slip into Mad Queen territory?

Earl: Starting? The Mad King’s daughter has always been there. She’s always had a bit of that in her. We have seen it a few times across the show so burning the Tarly’s alive wasn’t too much of a surprise. What is the surprise, is the fact that Tyrion and Varys think they can control her. They can’t. She has to be a dragon, in the words of Lady Olenna, and damn it she is going to be one. So Mad Queen Daenerys it is.

David: Maybe. But she is tired of losing, she got a win and she’s going to go for two and not just take the extra point. I am glad we actually got a conversation with Varys and Tyrion for once. I think if Dany is winning, she is controllable, if she is losing, then no.

4. Did you expect more from the Tyrion/Jamie meeting?

Earl: The meeting was what it was. Tyrion killed their father. Despite whatever issues Jamie might have had with Tywin, he loved his father. Freeing Tyrion, only for him to commit that act, wasn’t going to make their meeting any smoother. There is rightful anger and animosity there so we got what we should have gotten from that meeting.

David: Forget about that, what about the Bronn/Tyrion meeting? I would have liked to see that a bit. Damn I hate this speed up season. I do feel like we were a bit cut off here as well, as we don’t know what Dany wanted, and what the conditions were. Cersei didn’t even talk about it, just skip to the Preggo Storyline.

5. Does the plan to capture a White Walker make any sense to you?

Earl: They are not going to capture a White Walker. The plan is to capture a Wight. Like the ones that were at Castle Black. Those are the undead soldiers. The plan does make sense, because they have to show some sort of proof that this threat is real. That the White Walkers are back and that they have an army of undead Wights fighting for them.

David: I don’t see it ending up well. We have the a handful of characters that we need to hang onto (Gendry, Snow, Hound, Snow and Tormund) and a couple of Red Shirts, and we know we are going to lose a couple of them. The question mark is if we get Jorah to survive. I still think that if Tyrion beings the Night’s King himself and he turns Baby Sam into a Blue Eyed Frosty, Cersei still won’t care.

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