Movie Review: Man from UNCLE

I’ve heard of it, but never seen a second of it. For some reason I thought it was a TV show, but apparently not. I kept thinking it was one of those Get Smart type of spy shows. But no matter, lets get into the Man From Uncle.

James Bond, er no, hang on, that’s F’N Superman getting into East Berlin in 1963, going after the hottest chick to ever come out of Communist Germany who just happens to be running a chop shop- in Soviet Union, cars chop YOU- Superman convinces her to leave Germany to go find her father, who is being forced to build an Atomic Bomb for a neo-Nazi group.

So then we pick up our Russian tail, and have a pretty good little chase that rivals anything in a Bond movie. I won’t spoil the ending of the chase, but it’s a great start to the movie. Not only does it show how awesome Superman is, but how good our Russian is.

We then get a briefing on Superman- he’s a thief and let’s be honest a war profiteer, who joined the CIA to stay out of jail. Our Hero, everyone!

At a restaurant, we get our setup, the Hot East German chick’s father has found a way to make the nuke all better, and both the Russians and the Americans want the knowledge, so they both get to team up with the woman in infiltrate the family and get the information. Then we get a verbal sparring, the only reason for is to show that the Russian has a temper, and the American is an ass for bringing up his family. This movie seems to be bending over backwards to make the Russian sympathetic and the American the asshole.

So the dick-measuring contest over, we head off to Rome to find out what’s what. Who is the better agent, and who gets the magical disk to make nuclear weapons all better.

So how is the Man from UNCLE?

Let me be frank, when I saw the first trailer, I got all excited. I saw the second trailer, and I got less excited, I saw the third trailer, and I decided this was going to be a movie I was going to catch it on a movie channel when it comes on. I think I made the right choice. The Man from UNCLE is a solid movie, but to be honest, I feel they tried to do too much with too little, it’s like they had a script and when they started shooting, someone popped up and said, no, that was in Live and Let Die, you can’t do that- or that was in an episode of Get Smart, take that out and do something else, and then they had to swing back into the plot, and it’s not always a smooth transition. You can tell everyone has their working boots on, and it’s still a fun ride, but I just can’t go higher than 6. It’s worth a watch, but not exactly one you have to search out.

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