Game of Thrones 7.4: The Spoils of War

Welcome to the spoils of war! This is a reminder, Ser Earl of House Brewster has turned to the dark side, and read the books from the  Citadel, but David, Maester of the Fingers, has not .  Thankfully, we might be past the point where that matters. Let’s get to the Q’s

1. Is the Game of Thrones moving too fast?

Earl: Is it? Yes, but they have no choice. Once the showrunners and HBO agreed to a 7 episode season, followed by a 6 episode final season, the pace had to quicken. Is it too fast at times? Absolutely. However, I like the speed. It makes each episode it’s own event, and the ratings show that it is a good thing.

David: Yes, and it is hurting the show. Having the big huge battles and all that is fun, but I’m a filler guy. I enjoy when Varys and Tyrion are talking or the Bronn/Jamie buddy cop picture. Everything this episode mattered, they all pushed the plot but about 2 minutes on Missandi talking a little Grey Worm with Dany, just a bit of girl talk, then BOOM everyone back to the plot.

2. Is Tyrion starting to lose favor with Dany?

Earl: It sure is looking that way. I think Daenerys is starting to look at Tyrion, and Varys, and wonder who’s side are they really on. She has a right to doubt, really, as she does not truly know them. I do not think her mistrust of Tyrion will be deadly, for him, but I do think he has to be on guard.

David: Loot at what has happened when she has left things to Tyrion, things have gone to crap.

Her ships got burned.
Her city got attacked after Tyrion negotiated peace
The Greyjoys got crushed
Dorne was lost
Highgarden was lost, so there went the food and gold
The Unsullied took a worthless place AND lost more ships
Jon Snow hasn’t added anything.

What exactly has Tyrion done right? I’d be a little cross-eyed at him too.

3. Has the show done enough to show why the Cave Drawings mean something?

Earl: The drawings served their purpose. Once upon a time, the First Men and the Children of the Forest, defeated the White Walkers. I don’t think the show needs to go beyond that and they really cannot given the limited amount of episodes left.

David: I don’t think so, personally. Thankfully we might get some time where someone is going to explain what everything means to us. I have watched all the extra Blu-ray features (thank you YouTube) so I was able to figure much of it out.

4. Was the Arya/Brienne fight more for Arya to train of was she showing off?

Earl: It was Arya showing off. She is not the same girl that left Winterfell so long ago. She is a trained assassin now, and in that scene she puts everyone on notice. Brienne meets her match, and I think Sansa and Littlefinger both observe that Arya can be dangerous. She is absolutely someone for everyone to keep an eye on.

David: I think it was showing everyone that Arya isn’t the little baby sister that needs help. Let’s keep in mind that once she gave a damn, Brieene punted Arya damn near to Braavos, but did well enough that when Arya says she’s out of here, Sansa won’t stand in her way.

5.Why do you think Littlefinger gave Bran the dagger?

Earl: Littlefinger is doing everything he can to curry favor with House Stark. He keeps Sansa close to him as possible, and by giving Bran the dagger he was hoping that it would have been a show of loyalty. However, Bran is no longer Bran. He is the Three Eyed Raven and as such he has no emotional attachment. He does not need the dagger, and he does not Littlefinger kissing up to him.

David: I think it was a test. Littlefinger doesn’t trust anything or anyone. He knows he had nothing to do with the attack, so it can’t come back to him, but if Bran comes back and says It was Joffery who did it- as Peter told everyone that it was Tyrion’s dagger, then Littlefinger knows that Bran is for real. Bran one-upped him, by the Chaos is a Ladder quote, so now Baelish knows that Bran can see everything, and Season 1 might come back to bite him in the ass.

6. Thoughts on the Battle?

Earl: It was cool. The Dothraki and Daenerys ambushing the Lannister army made for good television. Drogon burned them alive, and the Dothraki knocked down the rest. Not sure if the Lannister Army has been completely taken out of the game, but it has absolutely been shredded apart. Dany definitely leveled the playing field.

David: Keep in mind, this wasn’t the bulk of the Lannister Army. This was the rear guard, so it was a good bit of the laggards that Randall Tarly wanted whipped to get back inside Kings Landing. The bigger loss is Tarly himself, as we saw him burn. Jamie, Bronn and Dickon are the question of survival. If all are captured, who is going to lead the Lannister Army? They have Euron for the sea, and the Iron Bank for the extras, but not sure who leads the army pure. Let’s also keep in mind, the Second Suns are still playing around the Pyramid, so any Iron Bank army is going to be backups as well. Maybe Darrio comes back as the jilted lover? Nah.

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