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Hola Wrestling fans, welcome back to another round of Q and A with the panelists for the Wrestling Roundtable. We have reached the finals of our Women of Wrestling Tournament. Who will come out as the greatest female wrestler of all time? Plus we play booker once again to find out which current talent would we book to be groomed as the next big star? We have all this and much more!

1.Shinsuke Nakamura

After Jinder Mahal fell, Nakamura climbs to the top of the Power Rankings for the first time. Can he unseat Mahal at Summerslam to become the WWE Champion?

2.Jinder Mahal

A loss to Randy Orton drops Mahal out of the top spot this week. He is hoping that this slide does not continue against Nakamura at Summerslam.

3.Braun Strowman

Big win for Strowman over Roman Reigns on Raw in the Last man standing match. Braun is on a terror heading into the WWE Championship Fatal Four Way.

4.AJ Styles

The United States Champion has to defend his championship again against Kevin Owens. Will his past catch up with him with Shane McMahon as the guest referee?

5.Randy Orton

A huge redemption win over the WWE Champion on Smackdown LIVE, gets Orton back into the Power Rankings. Up next for the Viper is a Bulgarian Brute!

While not considered to be wrestlers all of the McMahon’s outside of Linda have won Championship gold. Vince, who won the WWE and ECW Championship. Shane was a former European and Hardcore Champion. And even the Billion Dollar Princess, Stephanie is a former WWE Womens Champion. Hmmm… I wonder who was booking at the time?

Here is the Final match of the Women of Wrestling Tournament.

Its time to play Wrestling Booker again. This time you need to choose anyone from any roster, that being from WWE, GFW, or ROH to book as your next top guy in the business. You may choose anyone that is not currently a main event star. They could have been before, but not currently. Pick one wrestler to groom into the top guy, and explain your reason why?

Steve: I am going with the Miz. The man can cut a promo like no other. He has a stable now, and a freakin hot wife by his side. He is already a former WWE Champion, and the most must see WWE Champion of all time. The Miz would be a perfect person to book to lead the company. He has done it before, and I think now that he is better than he was in 2011, he could do it again, and have more of a successful run with the Universal Championship. He could literally bring relevance to that championship, more so than a Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, or Braun Strowman.

Frosh: I am going to go a bit outside of the box here, but if you ask me, Elias Samson has about the most upside of anyone not already on the path to the top of the card.  The guy has size, he can talk a bit.  He just needs some grooming on his character and a couple of big wins.  If I book this, I book Jordan to beat the Miz for the IC belt, and then have him hold it for a couple months, and lose it to Samson.

Chad: To me it’s someone who has been at the top but has fallen off the radar during the summer of 2017, and that would be Adam Cole who has been rumored to join in NXT and rumored to debut as a member/probably the leader of an ROH invading faction. I think Cole makes the next great star of the industry because like other wrestlers WWE has pushed he is a former ROH champion , 3 times over, and what would garner him would be his involvement in the Bullet Club which I think helped breath life into it after AJ, Gallows, and Anderson left New Japan. Another factor in his favor is the fact he is 28 years old so he could a nice long career in WWE to lead the WWE into the 2020’s maybe in even 2030’s. One thing that could hinder him is that he would be very similar in style to a Seth Rollins.

Tyler: Going for an oddball choice, I’d pick “The Villain” Marty Scurll from the ROH roster.  Very unique gimmick, good worker, good talker.  He’d definitely something different to see on the main event scene.

It has been rumored that Enzo Amore has been getting some heat over some comments he made ripping the business. After the incident there is some talk to move Enzo back down to NXT, or even 205 LIVE. Question: What would you do with Enzo Amore, and do you think they should bring back Wrestlers Court?

Steve: Well he has not been taken off TV yet, and usually the execution date for these wrestlers who are in trouble are pretty quick. So I think he is going to stick around Raw for a little bit. I see him teaming with the Big Show as a weird team, but never the less, it will be a team. I cant see him in 205 LIVE, and a demotion back to NXT would be killer for him, however with rumors swindling that this years Superstar Shakeup may include current roster guys moving to NXT, you never know. I don’t see him getting into a singles run as originally thought, but he will stick around as a tag team wrestler with Big Show. As for wrestlers court? It worked before, so why not bring it back. Braun Strowman could be the judge, or Cena because he has the stroke around there now.

Frosh: I think 205 is a great place for him.  It will give him a chance to hold gold and be “the” guy.  He might move some merch, but he will never be a top guy on RAW as is.

Chad: I don’t know if it’s because of the comments but Enzo’s career needs a new turn since he is not with Cass anymore. I think 205 live and the NXT are his best options as a singles star to gain any momentum as right now I don’t see a spot for him.

Tyler: I think they should either find another tag team partner for him or transition him to a manager, as he is clearly a much better talker than a worker.  And WTF is Wrestlers Court?

Agree or Disagree: Shinsuke Nakamura will defeat Jinder Mahal to win the WWE Championship?

Steve: Im torn here, I will agree with this only because they are not booking Nakamura and Mahal, but Nakamura and Corbin currently on Smackdown. They had a nice little run in with Mahal and Cena and they could have marketed the hell out of this. So I could go either way. Either Nakamura loses due to outside interference by Corbin, and he is out of the title picture, and then we get Mahal vs Cena for the rest of the year. Or… he wins and Corbin cashes in MITB and the two continue their feud with the WWE Championship on the line.

Frosh: Disagree.  I think Nakamura takes the title from Mahal, just not yet.  In a baffling move of booking, Mahal lost clean to Randy Orton, who isn’t even sniffing the title picture now…seriously WWE, great way to build up your champ going into a PPV!  But I think Mahal wins, and Nakamura takes it from him at the next month’s ppv.

Chad: I agree I believe that the push is behind Nakamura now to have him capture the Championship from the fans and backstage. However, as I will explain in Question 5, I don’t believe he will have a long reign

Tyler: Yes!  He’s gonna be the next big star of Smackdown guaranteed.

It has been proposed that Shane McMahon will face Kevin Owens in Hell in a Cell later this year. Do you have any desire to see this match?

Steve: Why would I? I am tired of seeing Shane’s old ass doing crazy things. One of these days he is going to die doing one of these spots. I have no desire to see Kevin Owens period, so the answer is a bonafied NO, I have no desire to see this match.

Frosh: Not really.  I Like Owens, and honestly, he and Shane can put on a decent show, but just not interested.  I think Shane needs to hang up the boots, and be done with wrestling.  He is doing well in his current role…now Owens vs. Daniel Bryan….THAT I would see.

Chad: Not really, for the reason that Shane has already jumped off of the top at WM 32. What else can be done to create that memorable moment such as his leap vs the Undertaker.

Tyler: What is with Shane fighting random people at PPV’s this year?  Much like with his match with AJ, it’ll probably be a good match, but I don’t really have any pressing need to see that, as it’s a waste of Owens.

Will we see either Baron Corbin or Carmella cash in Money in the Bank at Summerslam?

Steve: Again I could go either way with Corbin on this one. I would like to see it happen because Summerslam seems to be the prime place for cash ins, I do think Carmella will cash in after Natalya beats Naomi for the championship. This will set up a face turn for Nattie on Smackdown, and she and Carmella will enter into a feud.

Frosh: I don’t think so.  I don’t think Carmella is ready yet, but might be soon.  Since I have Mahal winning at SummerSlam, I don’t think Corbin cashes in on a heel.  He will cash in on Nakamura when he wins, setting up a triple threat match at the following PPV.

Chad: I predict that Baron Corbin will cash in at Summerslam after the WWE championship match. Carmella will still wait to cash that one in.

Tyler: I wouldn’t be surprised to see both cash in.  Whether they’re successful is another story.

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