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Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. Lets get right to it as this week we have a lot to talk about such as some of the rules the NBA should look into to changing, also Kobe Bryant being better than LeBron James just because he has more Championships, all that and more on this edition of NBA RoundTable.

Bleacher Report recently put out a list of Rules the NBA should look into changing ASAP. Agree or disagree with each rule and then give your reason why.

Bye Bye Conferences – meaning 1-16 make the playoff

All-Star Captains – Pick your teams like you would on the playground

Positionless All NBA Teams – The 15 best NBA players make it regardless of position

Overtime with a twist – if the game goes past the first overtime maybe the NBA instead of having a second overtime can have a sudden death three point shootout  between three guys from each team or they could also pick one guy from each team and play one on one in a game to three and the winner his team wins the game.

Todd: Absolutely and this year will tell the reason why. The Western Conference is so stacked that they are probably gonna demolish the Eastern Conference. I wouldn’t be surprised if 3 or 4 teams from the East went into the playoffs under .500. Think about it last year a couple games on the loss column and up to 4 teams could have finished under .500. The West was not nearly as strong last year.

In my personal opinion they should get rid of the All-Star game altogether. It is pointless. You have a whole bunch of guys run up an down the court for 48 minutes and score nearly 200 points. no one wants to watch that.

I agree with positionless All NBA Teams. The center Position is disappearing and some deserving guys are being left off.

This overtime thing is just ridiculous. Keep it the way it is. It makes way more sense.

Steve: Conferences? No, I like the current format just the way it is. There is no need to change the way they finish in the conference. It would take away the intrigue of having East vs West. Or who is the best in the West? Which team from the East will make the playoffs with a sub 500 record? It also takes away an opportunity for any kind of championship for the East because the West is that much more dominant.

All Star captains. Yeah that would be okay, because the All Star game is pretty shitty as it stands right now.

Overtime? Come on, seriously? Have we resorted to Hockey rules now? No, while intriguing, I cant see it in today’s game.

Chad: a) Yes just take the top 16 teams from the league as the lower east seeds would probably get beat West teams that miss the playoffs.

    b) Sure, it would split up the teams since the majority of the all-stars would be from the West.
    c) I agree it gives the fans the best idea of who the best players in the league are for that season and the Center position is quickly disappearing.
    d) No, This sounds gimmicky and better suited for all-star weekend.
Dan: No conferences — I agree because of one major reason: schedule. Look at how often you see a team from the East play the West and vice versa. It’s non-stop. It’s not an interleague series or anything special. It’s just a normal thing they do. They have a home-and-home series with almost each team from the other conference. Why not just all become one huge seeding? It’s already like that now in a sense.
All-Star captains — I agree with this mainly because if I agree with the no conferences, you have to go with this. How do you pick who plays on who’s team with no conferences unless you took the current structure and applied it only for All-Star games, but that would be ridiculous. Even in the current regime, I think this should happen because the All-Star Game is played like a pick-up game on the playground in a sense that they just let each other go wild. 

Positionless All-NBA team — I disagree. I like the positions. It shows that you were a top player at your respected position last season. If you came in fourth at SG but would’ve been in over 3 centers, a Forward and three point gaurds, how would that be fair? Especially since it’d  be extremely hard to argue based on the fact they play different positions with different roles and mentalities and size. Keep the positions. If you can’t make it, you can’t make it. 

OT sudden death — Disagree, completely. I do not like sudden death. That’s just a lucky contest to determine an outcome of a well-fought game overall. Keep player quarters until you come up with a winner. Keep it how it is. It keeps it a real game and determines a real outcome. Real wins and real losses.

Michael Jordan made a little news last week when he made the comment that Kobe Bryant was better than LeBron James simply because 5 beats 3. Jordan made more news when he said Kawhi Leonard was the best two way player in the game today. Do you agree or disagree with these statements?

Todd: Kobe will always be better than LeBron, Sorry Steve your wrong. I am not just saying that cause i am a Laker fan or he has more championships. No one is better than Leonard playing both ends of the court.

Steve: I agree with him on the aspect that Kobe is probably better than LeBron, if we were voting right now, but I think eventually LeBron is going to eclipse him. He is absolutely right about Leonard being the best two way player in the league.

Chad: I agree with both statements as everything else being equal Lebron and Kobe both had help to win their respective titles. For right now I will put Kobe ahead of Lebron but that could change forward. Kawhi Leonard, being the best two-way is also a statement I agree with just based on the stats on offense and the lockdown ability on defense.

Dan: Kobe > LeBron — I think LeBron is better than Kobe, but not more clutch. Kobe was clutch and he was one of the best ever, but I believe LeBron is better because he’s done it by himself a couple years, his averages are unbelievable in the Finals and regular seasons. He just absolutely dominates and changes the entire outcome of almost every game he plays. The rings are an argument, but they really don’t hold much weight. This is a subject that can be seriously debated.

Kawhi Leonard best two-way player — Agree. He’s an absolute monster on defense and he is one of the best offensive players in the league. There are good defensive players, but nobody is better, in my opinion, than Kawhi. And there are better offensive players, but they definitely don’t top Kawhi in defense. He can do it both. At elite levels.

We always see teams tanking toward the end of the year to try to gain a better draft pick. Should the NBA start penalizing teams for tanking?

Todd: I think something should be done because sometimes it could prevent a team fighting for a playoff spot from making the playoffs.

Steve: No, why would penalize someone for losing? That just doesn’t make any sense. If you don’t like that teams tank. Then change how you do the draft. Plain and simple fix.

Chad: I don’t of penalizing teams is the way to go.  I have seen some alternate options online that have some validity such as the Tombstone Date theory which basically states that whoever has the most wins after being eliminated from playoff contention gets the highest chance of winning.

I don’t think so, but with the DNP being penalized if it’s abused would be an indirect attempt at preventing tanking. But really, keep it. Don’t specifically penalize it. If they want to tank, that’s fine. Don’t take it to the extreme, though. But I’ve seen tanking teams still pull out wins. What they need to go away with is the lottery. I think it should be the order you finished the season, playoffs included. The lottery is supposedly a crapshoot, but I feel it’s more of luck-driven affair that doesn’t need to occur for the draft to still be successful and the league still rolling.


What do you think of Giannis Antetokounmpo claims of being MVP this up coming season.

Todd: I think he will be in the running especially if the Milwaukee Bucks are in the Playoff hunt. On the Account all these superstars have teamed up he might have an advantage over some of them.

Steve: He had one hell of a season this year, so if he improves any from last season, then absolutely he could compete for the MVP assuming he can lead the Bucks to a nice seed in the playoffs.

Chad: He will be in contention but the NBA only having one MVP trophy I just dont see him beating Lebron, Steph, Kawhi, and others for the MVP.

Dan: I definitely think Giannis can be an MVP this season. The East is a lot weaker now that Paul George and several other players switch conferences, Kyrie Irving will be out of Cleveland, making them worse (depending on the trade). If the Bucks finish top 3 and get to a Eastern Conference Finals or give them a good season and a solid playoff performance, Giannis deserves it. He’s a great palyer, he’s the Bucks’ star and he’s an elite player who is out trying to prove it to everybody watching. He already set records by his averages in points, assists, rebounds, blocks and steals for the year. What makes anybody think that he can’t average that on a consistent basis?

This past season Lebron James did something that has not been don in over 50 years. He went to his 7th straight final. Michael Jordan won all 6 finals he went to but not in a row. If Jordan would not have walked away from the game after the 1992-93 season would the Bulls have gone on to win 8 Championships in a row?

Todd: It is very possible, they for sure would have been in the finals against the Houston rockets and that would have been one hell of a series in both 1994 and 1995. The Rockets were a very good team both of them years and we will never know who would have won. The thing is I don’t think the Bulls would of have an answer for Hakeem Olajuwon. They never really had a dominant big man and I think he would have dominated the post.

Steve: Ahh the question that I have asked and answered about a hundred times in my lifetime. I don’t think anyone would have beaten the Bulls at least in the Eastern Conference, so I think the Bulls would have gone to 8 straight Finals appearances, but the way the Rockets were in 94 and 95, I think they would match up well against Chicago, and they would have at least taken one of the two championships. So I think they would have won 7 of 8.

Chad: I think that would have depended on whether Horace Grant leaves the Bulls for Orlando before the 94-95 season. He was an important part of the first 3-peat of championships and I don’t think they could have won without Grant.

Dan: I think it’s very possible, but more than likely they would have lost at least one in there. But I definitely believe they would have kept rolling and have own them all with the type of team Jordan had. And who would want to leave a great team like that unless it was just about the money or you wanting to be a star on a team? That team was dangerous and Jordan was the main reason. They definitely could have won eight in a row.


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