Pounding 7s

 What’s up wrestling fans, welcome to another addition of pounding sevens. The only count down that is surely to create controversy. On deck this week I will count down the top seven cruiserweights of all time. Before I get into the countdown I want to say that I have already disqualified Chris Jericho and Eddie Guerrero from this account down because they were world champions and in the world championship picture the majority of their career. So let’s not waste anytime and let’s get to the countdown of the greatest cruiserweights that ever stepped foot in the ring.

First let’s start with a few honorable mentions

Austin Aries

Austin Aries makes this list for his current work in the cruiserweight division in the WWE. His continuous matches with Neville have proven to me that Aries deserves to be on this list but not quite on the countdown

Jushin Thunder Liger

A top name in Japan liger was a former cruiserweight champion after defeating Flyin Brian in an epic match up. He would go on to have much success in Japan especially with new Japan pro wrestling.


7. The Ultimo Dragon

 The first J crowned champion which the dragon held nine cruiserweight championship titles at one time. His victory over dean Malenko at Starcade 1996, proved that the Ultimo Dragon is a worthy cruiserweight, and also went on to win the world television championship in WCW

6. Neville

 The man that gravity forgot. The current WWE cruiserweight champion, has proven to the world that he may very well be the king of the cruiserweights. His pure domination over the past several months has it and Neville A place on this countdown.

5. Jamie Noble

 I honestly had no intention on putting Jaime Noble on this list, however after Frosh informed me that noble was criminally underrated I looked into his career. It turns out that he was more than just a former WWE cruiserweight champion. Noble was one of the greatest in ring competitors that I have ever seen. Taking a look at his moveset, Noble absolutely belongs on this list. For once I agree with Frosh he is criminally underrated.

4. Billy Kidman

 Not only was Billy Kidman I’ll top cruiserweight in WCW and the WWE, he also had a smoking hot wife in Torrey Wilson. Billy Kidman’s shooting star press played victim to many of his opponents. He will forever be known  as one of the top cruiserweights of the division.

3. Brian Pillman

considered by many to be the pioneer of the cruiserweight division, Brian Pillman was the first ever WCW cruiserweight champion after he defeated Ricky Morton at Halloween havoc 1991.

2. Rey Mysterio Jr

 Before being labeled a murderer by many including Frosh. Ray Mysterio was by far one of the best cruiserweights that ever lived. A former WCW and WWE cruiserweight champion his highflying aerial assault proved to be One of the highlights and professional wrestling. Rey would go on to bigger things including winning the WWE world heavyweight championship on two occasions.

1. Dean Malenko

The man with 1000 holds. Nobody else can stake claim to be the top cruiserweight of all time. Dean Malenko was one of the greatest cruiserweights to ever step foot in the rain holding both the WCW cruiserweight championship as well as the WWE cruiserweight championship on multiple occasions. He will go down in history as one of the greatest mat wrestlers do you ever lace up a pair of boots.

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