Movie Review: Resident Evil Afterlife

Ok, I can see going to a prison during a Zombie outbreak would be a great idea, plenty of metal, plenty of guns, and secondary power systems. The issue is, if you have ever been in prison, there is a lot of places that are one way in only. You get stuck in a room, and 30 zombies walk in, you aint going NOWHERE. I’ve been in one where you can’t go 10 feet without a door. I’d almost think that there are some prisons where a half-dozen people could hold off a thousand people just by knowing the layout and controlling the doors.

Alaska is a LONG way from Vegas. How on earth are you getting there in a small plane? Then you are spinning around and coming back no problem? I mean Charles Lindbergh would worry about that flight, plus why does it have to be Alaska? Couldn’t just do Portland, or Montana? Something a little more realistic?

One thing I always hate on movies is people shooting and it does nothing to a huge being. You are still shooting metal pointy things. You hit the eye, or the inside of the mouth or the underarm or the Achilles Heel, that’s not exactly cracking a pelvic bone there. You shoot Shaq, it does as much damage as if you shoot Peter Dinkledge.

My final, and bigger problem is, the Resident Evil series loves to paint themselves in corners, then try and look smart in getting themselves out. It doesn’t work all the time. We give Alice Super Powers, she doesn’t use them all the time, and we take them away. We give someone amnesia, then they remember, we add a brother, then take away the other strong male so we only have one person to compete with Alice, add in another strong female, nope, she’s on the other side, cut the head off the corporation? Nope, still more out there.

Shall we get better? We only have two more movies to go.

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