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Hey Hey Wrestling fans and welcome back to another edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. We have reached the Final Four of our Women’s tournament. And My God! What an overwhelming amount of feedback I got this week for your votes. It took awhile, but they have all been tabulated. Who will advance to the Final Four? We shall soon find out. Plus we are going to take a little break from the WWE and we are going to talk about the fall of TNA and the rise of Global Force wrestling. Our very own Tyler Breeze asked to chime in this week on the takeover by GFW for TNA. What did TNA do right? What did they do wrong? Could they have prevented this takeover? We will get in to all of this and much much more!

1. Jinder Mahal

He looks like a champion, he acts like a champion, people need to start really taking notice of the World title reign of Jinder Mahal. My question is this though, where the hell is the Great Khali? Was he one and done?

2. Shinsuke Nakamura

After a grueling match against John Cena, and a classic one at that. Nakamura gets his shot at the WWE Championship at Summerslam. Can he defeat the Punjabi to realize his dream?

3. Roman Reigns

Reigns had a big night on Raw winning the triple threat against Strowman and Samoa Joe. Pinning Joe puts Reigns at a stable number three on the Power Rankings.

4. Braun Strowman

Despite not getting his hand raised on Raw last Monday. I still think that Strowman is the favorite going into the Fatal Four Way at Summerslam and winning his first Universal Championship.

5. Jason Jordan

Okay you may think that this is too soon for Jason Jordan, but I think his stock is at an all time high right now, and he may be wearing singles championship gold sooner than you think. The sky is the limit for Jason Jordan now with Angle in his corner.


Thursday Night SmackDown was almost home of the “jabroni beating, pie eating, eye brow raising” Divas? Yes, you read that right. SmackDown was originally set to be a Diva exclusive show to compete with WCW’s Thunder. This was due to the rising popularity of the one and only Sable.

Unfortunately, the program would not turn out to be a Divas only show. It would end up being a co-ed brand, highly similar to Monday nigh Raw.

At the end of the day, one has to wonder how successful having a Divas only brand could have been.

credit to the Sportster for coming up with this fact.

Here is the Final Four bracket of our Women’s Tournament!

1 The Fabulous Moolah 1 Trish Stratus
1 Charlotte Flair 3 Alexa Bliss

I asked the panel to give their reasons for their picks and here they are.

Steve Hall

Charlotte with her shear athleticism would be too much for Moolah. While Moolah may have some under minded tricks up her sleeve. Charlotte would be too much for one of the greatest wrestling champions of all time.

Trish Stratus over Alexa Bliss. I cannot see Alexa’s run moving past the stronger, more talented Trish Stratus. Stratus is one of if not the greatest womens champion of all time. She ends the nice run for Alexa Bliss here.

David Snipes

Flair: Because this is the first tourney that Steve has put up that is Fair to Flair! Of course, he picks the wrong Flair, but this being someone who grew up watching the AWA instead of the All-Mighty JCP, that tell you all you need to know. Moolah was pretty good, but let’s face it, when she faces Wendi Richter, she was 106 years old. Moolah just never could go like most could today, and if you ever pull up grainy footage of Slave Girl Moolah, she wasn’t exactly limiting her moveset in the 1980s.
Trish: Obvious winner here. Trish can go in the ring like few can, as she took to the ring like few, if any did. Not only hot, but an underrated promo as well.

Winner: While I complain that better talents like Awesome Kong, Gail Kim and Medusa are getting the shaft here with Alexa Bliss, the obvious getting upset like UNC in this tourney is Sensational Sherri. But here? Trish is the winner, as are we all for seeing her work.

Tyler Breeze

Moolah – The original women’s champion

Trish- the best women’s champion


Charlotte vs. Trish

Charlotte is too good, and Bliss’ mild Cinderella run ends here.  There is no way she beats Trish Stratus.  This sets up one of the all time great women’s matches, Main Event WrestleMania worthy.

Chad Bad News Brennan

Trish- because she was part of a time that got women’s wrestling releveant in the early 2000’s

Moolah- Her decades worth of experience and importance to women’s wrestling in important  to the history of wrestling not just women’s wrestling.

Following their Slammiversary PPV a few weeks ago and the unification of their women’s, tag team, and world titles, TNA/Impact Wrestling and Global Force Wrestling announced that going forward the company would simply be known as Global Force Wrestling, retaining the Impact name only for the weekly TV show.  They also formally announced Jeff Jerrett as their chief creative officer, completing Jerrett’s takeover of his old wrestling promotion by his new wrestling promotion and ending the 15 year run of the TNA brand.  So three questions then:

1.  What was the one thing TNA did right?

2.  What was the one thing TNA did wrong?

3.  And what could they have done to differently to remain as TNA?
Steve: The one thing that TNA did right was had decent storylines, and did not drag them on and on for too long, where it did not get boring. They had specialty matches for their secondary championship, which brought some relevance to the championship, and I think they had the best female competition in all of wrestling.
What they did wrong, was almost the same thing that WCW did in the early 90’s. They brought in executives who knew nothing about professional wrestling. They did not have wrestling people running the show, and that ultimately was the downfall.
How could they have kept TNA? Honestly don’t know, other than bring in wrestling people to run the organization like a Jeff Jarrett to begin with, they may have had a fighting chance.
Frosh: 1.) They stopped being TNA.  2.) They were TNA in the first place.  (Seriously, you had talent like Joe, Styles, Angle, Dudleys, Hardeys and you COULDN’T MAKE THIS WORK…ARE YOU INSANE? 3.) Not Sucked. (See previous answer)

Chad: 1) I always they did a good job of placing an importance on the secondary championships whether is the depth of Tag Teams they seemed to have ; or the emergence of the X-Division which gave us a lot of talent in WWE or even the Knockouts division which I think helped inspire the Divas Revolution.

2) TNA always had too much reliance on former WWE/WCW talent to be in the main event sports who had laready been there done that. For years it was Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle, Sting, Jeff Hardy who were always on top and consistently beating up the TNA originals in high profile matches to where they couldn’t build more stars.
3) Really I think if they never brought let Hogan/Bischoff run with it  they would be still doing good business because they overpaid for guys who didn’t give you the effort back. Also, after that point they never really had a consistent team backstage to run the promotion and give a direction
Tyler:  1.  What was the one thing TNA did right?

Introduced the wrestling world to people like AJ Styles, Low Ki, Samoa Joe, and Christopher Daniels, among others.
2.  What was the one thing TNA did wrong?
Falling into WCW trap of pushing former WWF/E (and WCW) talent more their homegrown talent.
3.  And what could they have done to differently to remain as TNA?
Honestly, stayed consistent.  Between their bouncing around to different networks and the neverending parade of new owners and creative teams, they never could settle down and find their niche.

Staying with TNA/GFW, now that the merger is completed, can they now be legitimate competition with the WWE and Vince McMcMahon, now that Jeff Jarrett is in control?
Steve: I dont think they will be in much competition with the WWE, but they will at least have a fighting chance. Jarrett knows the business inside and out, and as I said before, if he were in charge of TNA to begin with, they may have had a chance to stay afloat. I honestly think the writing is better in TNA than in WWE, but they never were able to get over with the fans. They will never be on the same level, but I can see ratings being better now that Jarrett is in charge, as long as he does not start inserting himself into championship matches like he did before.
Frosh: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!! BAHHH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! OH GOD, I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  But no, really, if I can be serious for a moment….BAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!! HAHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!  Best joke I have heard in a long time…. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!
Chad: As of now I would say no because I don’t see the talent there that can lead a company. I honestly think it is only a matter of time before the whole thing is dead and Jeff Jarrett will go down as the guy that killed 2 of his promotions.
Tyler: I hope so.  Their best years were when Jerrett was in control, so hopefully this will give them the consistency they’ve lacked before and help them become a major player.

Agree or Disagree: You would be excited to see a full Shield reunion with Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns?
Steve: I would love to see Ambrose and Rollins reunite and form a team to challenge for the tag team championship. Reigns is too much on his own now, and does not need something like this. Maybe they can team up every so often in six man competition, but Reigns needs to stay solo if he is going to be the next face of the company. Ambrose and Rollins both have been going no where as of late, and a reunion would revamp both of their careers.
Frosh: Disagree….Rollins and Ambrose, sure, Reigns will take up too much of the spotlight from the two who deserve and need it.  However, if briefly, only to set up a Reigns heel turn as he turns on Rollins and Ambrose.
Chad: In the right situation with the right opponents to feud with I am on board with it but a forced reunion would kind of tranish the legacy that they created with that group.
Tyler: I wouldn’t mind seeing Ambrose and Rollins together, I really with WWE would just make Reigns a heel officially already.

With the WWE’s consistently bad booking and ignoring fans desires, have they irreparably damaged their reputation with the Universe to the point we will never be satisfied, even if things improve?
Steve: I think so. And it is all because we as fans have been paying attention more closely, and the product has been so bad as of late, it would take a huge show, with every match being great for me to not think that the show sucked. The storylines have been so bad, that we tend to try to write it ourselves and what we would do, obviously we have done this very thing right here on the roundtable. I think we as fans can be satisfied, but it will take something very special.
Frosh:  To some point, I would say, yes.  I don’t think anything is completely beyond repair.  However, they have a LONG way to go before they get back into the fan’s good graces.  And as long as they keep Reigns as a face (and at the top of the card), using part timers as champions and throwing their best workers under the bus (Ziggler), they will never even start on the road to recovery.
Chad: At this point with the pushing of guys like Cena and Roman and I ‘ll even say Miz over guys like Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro, Wade Barrett, and the current ROH champ Cody Rhodes it does hurt the reputation because they are more of stories of guys walking away from the company.
Tyler: Pretty much.  I rarely watch the WWE shows myself and just read the results online.  I feel like for every good idea they have, there’s three bad ideas that they keep trying to shove down our throats.

A follow up to the last question: Could our view of the current product be tainted by our experiences with them over the last few years?
Steve: I think I answered this in my last answer. I think the product has been so bad as of late as far as writing and booking, we as fans have been paying more attention to what is going on, and Vince and company cannot pull one over on us anymore. Plus with social media at an all time high, there is too much of a forum for fans to rant and rave over things. I think that taints the experience more than what the WWE has been over the past several years.
Frosh: Absolutely. I think there a couple things the WWE have done recently that give me hope, one of which is the Mahal championship reign.  For YEARS we have been crying for someone new, anyone new to start at the top of the card.  WWE gave us that.  It may not be the exact person we had in mind, and kind of came out of nowhere, but I am glad it is him and not Rusev (I always found Rusev boring, except on Southpaw Regional Wrestling, that was great).  But he has caught more flack for this push than anyone in recent memory…which is a shame, because the ONE TIME WWE does something outside of the box, they get this negative reaction, and where will it lead them back to?  Cena and Reigns as champs, respectively.  Sigh… If we, as the WWE Universe want things to change, we have to start accepting the changes WWE actually gives us.
Chad: It can it definitely but I still think that the WWE basically ignoring the crowd reaction during the show or lack thereof in certain situations lets us knows there are guys not being afforded opportunities that should and guys that should be given less given more and more opportunities.
Tyler: Probably.  But I think we do want the product to improve and be as good as it was before.

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