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This week’s questions…

1) How concerned are (or should be) the Indianapolis Colts regarding Andrew Luck’s shoulder injury/surgery? 

Andrew Luck

Chad: He is the cog in their offense, so any time missed is definitely concerning for him.

David: Well, is Jim Sorgi still on the roster? Luck is being wasted on the Colts, and his camp was too stupid to see it. Without Luck, the Jaguars won’t be the worst team in the AFC South.

Joe: Many prognosticators have put he Colts record fro the 2017-2018 season at around 9-7 or 8-8. ESPN writer Mike Wells says, “Thee Colts have gone from being accustomed to making the playoffs with quarterback Andrew Luck during his first three seasons to finishing with an 8-8 record and having to watch the playoffs from home the past two seasons.”

Nuff said.

If, the Colts don’t have Luck they can kiss even those predictions of a possible 9-7 record goodbye. They should be very worried.

2) According to the NY Times: “A neuropathologist has examined the brains of 111 N.F.L. players and 110 were found to have C.T.E. (chronic traumatic encephalopathy), the degenerative disease linked to repeated blows to the head.” 

Seven of the players studied were quarterbacks. 

Soon after the Times story, various media outlets reported that Ben Roethlisberger was still questioning whether he wanted to play football beyond 2017. Roethlisberger said that he found the study “alarming” and that he will include it in his decision about whether to return to play in the 2018 season. Roethlisberger also said. “I want to play catch with my kids. I want to know my kids’ names. As much as I want my kids to remember what I did and watch me play the game, I also want to remember them when I’m 70 years old.” 

Because of the Times article on CTE, do you think other players, beside Roethlisberger, may question how long they want to play pro football? Should they? 

Big Ben says studies on CTE could figure in on whether 2017 is his last season

Chad: I think they already have we’ve seen several players such as Patrick Willis stepping aside while in their prime I think the study will only continue that trend.

David: Well, the study was biased as a Trump survey at the New York Times, so those results are not exactly a joke, but I’m stunned they found 1 that didn’t have problems.

Be that as it may, I do think that we will see players who are not the biggest NFL fans retire, and as we have SO much money out there for players, we may see quite a few leave the game after 7 or 8 years instead of the 11 or 12 that great players play now.

Joe: I believe there were players, even before the Times story came out, who were retiring from the game due to all sorts of injuries but primarily head injuries. Now, this story is  going to cause  more players who have already sustained injuries to think even more deeply about the reality that maybe leaving the NFL might be a good thing to do.

My personal opinion on playing football, and by extension in the NFL, is this… If  I had a son who had excellent physical skills, and who expressed an interest in playing football, I would encourage him to play almost any other sport… maybe not hockey…  before choosing football. However, I also would not prevent him from playing football either, if that’s where his heart really was. I would make sure he knew exactly what could lie in wait for him down the line regarding certain particular injuries but I would sign the needed permission slips a school would require.

3) The Dolphins were 30th in rush defense and 31st in yards per rush last year, which is not very good but despite those statistics the Dolphins amazingly still made the playoffs. Even more amazingly the Dolphins have Ndamukong Suh playing in the middle of their defense at tackle. 

For the record… It wasn’t him; he needs help. 

Have the Miami Dolphins done enough regarding their defense that they can provide a positive answer to the question… Can they stop the run?  

Did Dolphins do enough this offseason to improve run defense?

Chad: With the defense heavy draft the Dolphins executed I do believe the Dolphins will be slightly better then they were in the 2016 season.

David: What the heck are they paying N’stompakong Stu for? He can be blocked one on one by very good players, doesn’t even have to be great players, but he can be blocked and doesn’t even eat double teams. That being said, they need to do something with the linebackers and get some shoving in the middle to eat some space.

Joe: Well as far as the draft went, Miami drafted players who should help. Now, as the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. Let’s see what they can do on the field before we pass a final judgement.

But, I do think they should be an improved defense against the run in 2017.

4) The San Francisco 49ers got off to a good start with their draft-day to land a lot of good players, but this is a team that will probably take some time to build and manipulate before they push for a playoff spot. 

In your opinion… are GM John Lynch and HC Kyle Shanahan the right one-two punch needed to build the 49ers back into perennial playoff contenders?  

Kyle Shanahan (right) & John Lynch

Chad: I think they are.

They (GM John Lynch and HC Kyle Shanahan) clearly got the Bears convinced they needed to give up 4 picks to move 1 spot for a guy in Tribusky that they could have had at 3, so definitely I think they can get the 49ers back to their winning tradition.

David: Who knows? They had a great draft, and they have stayed out of the Colin news, just looking to move on. Ask again in 2 years. Or, wait until we start sending out the NFL Season Previews.

Joe: Once again, we can only wait and see that what they have assembled as a team will do going forward. However, I think they are two men who can begin the 49ers journey back to the playoffs. Time and results will be the ultimate judge of whether they are or are not.

5) The Carolina Panthers took Christian McCaffery with their first-round pick (8th overall) in the draft because of his versatility as a running back and receiver. So far in training camp, he has shown skills that appear to validate the Panthers’ faith in his abilities. Now, Pro Bowl RB Jonathan Stewart is claiming, “I can tell you now there’s not going to be anybody in this league that can cover him one-on-one.” 

In your opinion is McCaffrey anywhere near as good as Stewart says or should the football world wait for him to play a few games before ordering his bust for the HOF? 

Christian McCaffrey

Chad: With any draft pick there has to be a time to accumulate to the speed of the game and to the respective team’s playbook. I think he will be a good option for Carolina but how we will fair in the league is still to be determined.

David: Depends on who they have covering him in practice, if he’s shaking The Captain, then that’s something, if he’s shaking Shaq, then that doesn’t say as much.

As a Panthers Fan, I hope he’s the second coming of Eric Dickerson crossed with Larry Centers

Joe: I think maybe Stewart is puttin the cart before the horse in this situation.

It’s good he is so pumped up about this guy. But, its only training camp. Let’s see what he can do in regular season games before putting that kind of target on his back for teams to go after.


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