Game of Thrones Q&A 7.3: The Queen’s Justice

I hope you enjoyed the Primer, and are ready to start knocking people off of the Season 8 Primer! This is a reminder, Ser Earl of House Brewster has turned to the dark side, and read the books from the  Citadel, but David, Maester of the Fingers, has not .  Thankfully, we might be past the point where that matters. I am sorry we missed last week, I’ll try and throw something up there for reviews, again, if you want in the Q&A, let me know.

1. Is this the end of Ellaria Sand and her Daughter?

Earl: Yes it is. As much as I like the youngest Sand Snake, I won’t be too sorry to see her or Ellaria go. The Dorne story arc had to be the worst one on the show and eliminating it will only help going forward.

David: Much as I hate to admit it, when I do read the books when GRRM finishes them in July 2045, the Dorne storyline is what I am most interested in, since it seems to have swerved so much in the show. I do think that Bronn might come swinging in at the last moment to save the HotNess, but yeah, I think she’s done for. I have to think we will see Ellaria again, for no other reason to see her body when Kings Landing gets attacked, but this does beg the question. Mycella must have 0 constitution for her to die that quickly, I almost think that the Sand Kid #3 might even make a few weeks with her experience in poison. I personally have a resistance to Iocane powder.

2. Do you think Cersei is serious in accepting Euron’s offer?

Earl: She seems hesitant to, for all of the obvious reasons. Euron can’t be trusted but she needs Euron and so far he has upheld his part of the bargain. He has obliterated Daenerys’ Westerosi allies. He has taken Dorne and his niece and nephew out of the game. So, yeah she has to legitimately consider it even if she is apprehensive in doing so.

David: If Jamie dies/betrays her, I could see it, if Jamie is alive, the Mountain is going to kill him. I think it’s that simple. The question is, Cersei has not been attracted to anyone but relatives (Don’t forget Lancel, who wasn’t exactly Jamie 2.0) so I can’t think there is legit attraction there no matter what Euron does.

3. Is Cersei making a mistake in sleeping with Jamie in the open?

Earl: No. She is the Queen, so even though it’s crass, why deny what everyone already seems to know. Her sleeping with Jamie is not much of a secret anymore, so exposing it does not seem like such a dangerous thing anymore.

David: I think so. Strong Rumors are one thing, confirmation is another. This is going to hurt moral, as pretty much every society is against Twincest, and pretty much confirms that Joffery and Tommen were not Robert’s kids.

4. Should Daenerys be so single-minded on making Jon bend the Knee?

Earl: Should she be? No. However, her single mindedness was not unexpected. Personally, I’m glad that the initial meeting between Jon and Daenerys was tense. Both of them brood with the best, and it was good to see both of them brooding in this episode.

David: I don’t think so. Jon has one goal in mind and that is beating the Army of the Dead. Dany is single-minded on the South. Does Jon really think he’s going to be able to hold the North against Dany and the Night King at the same time? He knows he’s going to have to bend the knee eventually to get help, but he doesn’t seem like he’s after the best deal, and to be honest, is coming across as a whiner about it. Dany seems to just be coming across as a brat.

5. Thoughts on the taking of the Rock by the Unsullied?

Earl: It seemed way too easy, and I do love the call back to Bronn’s “Impregnate the bitch” line from Season 1 but it seems that the Unsullied have some problems. Casterly Rock does not hold the tactical advantage that Tyrion expected. They have no gold in the mines and with Euron destroying the fleet, the Unsullied are now trapped. The only option they have is to abandon the Rock and travel by land to link up with Daenerys’ forces but that also subjects them to being picked off by the Lannister forces that are at Highgarden.

David: I thought it was a brilliant move by the Crown. The Rock is pretty much worthless strategically, so go after where the legit gold is with the Rebels. Just an awesome move by the Crown. They seems to have all the wins so far, but then again, so did Robb Stark. Sadly for the people of Westeros, Dany has to jump on a dragon now, because she’s lost her two Westerosi allies, and havn’t even gotten off her front porch.

6. The Queen of Thorns is dead, Yara is taken and the The Sands are gone, are we down to the final two already?

Earl: Looks that way. Daenerys has lost a lot very early. However, she has the three dragons and it looks like she has no choice but to unleash the total chaos that Tyrion did not want her to do. She has to equal things up in a hurry.

David: I love me some Diana Rigg. She rules the screen everytime she was on it. I am really going to miss her, and her closing MicDrop while exiting stage right was just priceless. I was expecting Jamie to lean over and say “We Know” right as the Strangler took over, but I can see why they didn’t go that way, and it was probably a wiser move. I’m not quite sure who is left what could be a major player, as everyone has pretty much declared or dead.

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