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Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. Lets get right to it we have a lot to discuss this week like the Derrick Rose signing that didn’t happen, the drama that is going on in Cleveland and is for sure to fill the sports papers for the rest of the summer into the season, that and so much more on this edition of NBA RoundTable.

Shortly after Chris Paul Was Traded it was said that one of the reasons why he wanted out of L.A. Was because Doc Rivers turned down a trade that would have brought Carmelo Anthony to the Clippers. (the trade also included sending Austin Rivers to New York) Last week before Rose signed with the Cavaliers he supposedly tried to sign with the Clippers which would have clearly upgraded them at point guard even though he hasn’t been the same since his MVP season but they turned him away. (if healthy) Why do you think the Clippers decided to pass on Rose?

Todd: Well, if he played like he did last year and he stays healthy he would clearly be better than anything they have. That would be a big if though. I really don’t think that is why the Clippers didn’t jump on the deal. If the Clippers would have taken Rose that would have moved Austin Rivers back to the Bench and Doc didn’t want that. Remember Doc is President of basketball operations of the Clippers.

Steve: Because he is not worth the price that they would have to pay to get him. Derrick Rose is a talented athlete, but let’s face it, he is injury prone, and has not played a full season since the birth of Christ. The Clippers are already injury prone with Blake Griffin, so why would they want to add a guy who has had a series of recurring injuries to their ball club? It does not make any sense for the Clippers to do that.

Chad: Derrick Rose does have too much of a injury history to be the starting PG wih a heavy minute workload the situation Cleveland should Kyrie stay Rose could need to play 10-12 minutes which in that capacity he can be effective.

What are your thoughts about all the drama that has been going on in Cleveland the last couple of weeks?

Todd: It is stupid and if the Cavaliers end up keeping Irving going into next season it will probably cost them dearly because he will be a distraction to the team. I can understand why he wants to leave. I would want to leave to if I hear James saying I want more every time I turn around. I mean how much more does he want? He got Love for Wiggins when he returned to the Cavaliers along with Irving, J.R. Smith, and Shumpert. This James guy just does not want to compete. When the going gets tough James gets going. He is going to jump ship again in the Summer of 2018.

Steve: It is a media circus and it primarily revolves around someone else not named LeBron James. So I love that someone actually came out and essentially called out James for who he is. I give a lot of credit to Irving because he wants to go somewhere where he can be the shining star, instead of waltzing his way to championships every year.

Chad: I think it is a total team realization that they way they are constructed right now they can’t really climb over Warrior Mountain and be the best team in the league which is causing a lot of frustration on the team.

What are your thoughts about LaVar Ball getting a female referee replaced during an AAU game and also pullnig his team off the floor and forfeiting another game? (they were winning that game by 9)

Todd: Well, the way I have seen him since Lonzo Ball has been draft to the Lakers is that there is a good LaVar and a bad LaVar. The good the LaVar is when all the cameras are off and he is just being a dad and a husband and the bad LaVar which everyone in the world sees is when the cameras and the media are all over the place and he is acting the fool.

Steve: LaVar Ball is a stupid piece of crap that has no business in the sport of basketball. I cannot stand this guy, and almost root against his son….what’s his name? Oh yeah Lonzo, Sorry I forgot who he was because this ass clown keeps flapping his gums and not talking about the terrific play of Lonzo Ball, get him out of the media. He is horrible for basketball. He is the classic case in this instance if taking my ball and going home.

Chad: Lavar Ball is criminally insane and if he his children who are minors the local child services need to step in.

 Three of the last four Summer League Champions have gone on to make the NBA Playoffs the very next year. Does this mean the Lakers having a chance to make the Playoffs since they won the Summer League title this year?

Todd: I am gonna quote Charles Barkley on this one. “Hell No” The west is just too loaded this year for them to even have a chance. They have improved and Vegas does have them winning 36 games which is an improvement of 10 games from last year I cant see them winning much more then 30.

Steve: There is always a chance, albeit small, if they can play well together, then sure the talent is there for them to make a run at an 8 seed in the playoffs. The West is so over powering with talent though, it would be a stretch for them to sniff the playoffs. I see them maybe hanging around for a bit, then falling off a the end. I don’t see this team winning much more than 30 to 32 games.

Chad: Unfortunately, the west is too loaded to allow the Lakers a spot in this year’s playoffs but they will show improvement as long as Lavar stays out of Lonzo and Laker business.

The Knicks have been working on trading Carmelo Anthony all summer. Do you think he will actually get traded now that they have a new front office in place?

Todd: I don’t know what the heck New York is waiting for. Anthony wants to go to Houston so trade him. Since he is not traded by now makes me think there is a slight chance he might not get traded. The same think will happen though if New York don’t trade him he will be a distraction to the team going into the season.

Steve: Sure, Phil Jackson is out and there is a fresh decision maker in the front office. If it is going to get done, now is the time to do it. Anthony’s stock is still high, and the Knicks can do a proper rebuild with this team instead of spending a billion dollars on second rate players to compliment Carmelo. They need to start from the ground up and find one key component to build around. Just like the Timberwolves are doing. They are getting better every year, and they are in a good position to reach the playoffs next year.

Chad: I can see it as a priority along with keeping Porzingis but I don’t know if a team would be willing to add that kind of salary.

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