Movie Review: Death Wish

I’ve seen Bronson in a couple movies, the Dirty Dozen and the Great Escape, and always enjoyed him. Of course, I never would have touched this 70s landmark series had I not enjoyed the Dirty Harry movies so much.

Charles Bronson and Wife are on the beach. He takes pictures, considering this movie is called DEATH WISH, I get the feeling she better not get too comfy in her trailer.
So We get an establishing scene of Bronson being some smart suit, for some reason, then flip over to the wife shopping. She wants to have the groceries delivered, because Bronson is some smart suit, and Holy Cripe! Is that Jeff Goldblum? Anyway, he’s in a pack of yutes up to no good, and they decide to go all Clockwork Orange on the wife and daughter.

Uh, Damn, this is pretty violent. We get shots of Goldblum whacking the wife with a sap. I mean we get some serious bits of violence. Almost on par with I Spit on Your Grave.
So now the son-in-law and Bronson show up at the hospital.
Now we got to start the killing.

So how is DEATH WISH?

Gotta tell you, again, I would not have touched this had I not enjoyed Dirty Harry, but Dang, this one is different, instead of a cop, we get a wronged and ticked off everyday guy who just is done with being bullied. Bronson really doesn’t pull this off, even in the 70s he doesn’t seen like a suit, but when it comes time to kick all kinds of ass, he excels, Clint Eastwood can carry both normal and shit-kicker with equal ease. I do enjoy the story, and after watching the violence of the first scene, we are just waiting for Jeff Goldblum to show up at the end for the big-time resolution.

I did enjoy the ride, however, other than the ending, and I’ll give a spoiler tag for that one, because with a decent ending, I would bump this one from the 6 I’m giving it to an 8, and it would not be that hard. Yeah, it hurts the movie that badly.

The thing about Death Wish, is you do see why it’s so loved by a certain segment. You have the Bernie Goetz situation (after the movie but still), I do think that helps the movie looking back, but the problem is that Bronson stops going after defending the weak to actively looking to kill people. That does tend to split my thinking, yes he is looking for revenge, but he’s not looking for Jeff Goldblum. I get the impression that if Bronson does get to shoot Goldblum, that’s just going to be a random occurrence and he might not even know that is who killed his wife, and I think that is a mistake. I’ll give you a spoiler tag, then keep going. I think if you like Dirty Harry, then this is a solid movie to find late on cable TV.

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