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Hey there wrestling fans, and welcome back to the Wrestling Roundtable. This week we move along to the Elite 8 of our Wrestling Roundtable Women’s tournament. Plus we talk about Battleground.

1.Jinder Mahal

No matter how it was done, you cannot argue the fact that Jinder Mahal has solidified himself as the WWE Champion, a victory over Orton even with help from the Great Khali, keeps the champ on top.

2.Braun Strowman

I cannot wrap my head around the fact that Braun Strowman has been so dominant in the WWE. I have a gut feeling that championship gold will soon be around the waste of BRAUUUUUUN!

3.AJ Styles

Losing the United States Championship by literally pinning himself hurt AJ Styles and his Power Rankings status, however, winning it back in a triple threat match in a classic match up against Owens and Jericho keeps him solidly at number three.

4.John Cena

Love him or hate him, John Cena is going for the record. Number 17 for World Championships. All he has to do is get by Shinsuke Nakamura, and the shot is his against Jinder Mahal at Summerslam. Can one of the greatest wrestlers of all time do what many thought was impossible and win his seventeenth championship?

5.Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura makes his return to the Power Rankings after pinning the Money in the Bank winner Baron Corbin. Can Nakamura defeat Cena to go on to Summerslam?

Before Sean Waltman became a member of D-Generation X, he was known to the world as simply the 123 Kid. The name was given to him by none other than Bobby the Brain Heenan. the 123 Kid, won his first match on Monday Night Raw by defeating fellow clique member Razor Ramon.

Here is the updated bracket for our womens tournament

1 The Fabulous Moolah 1 Trish Stratus
3 Asuka 2 Sensational Sherri
1 Charlotte Flair 4 Sasha Banks
3 Gail Kim 3 Alexa Bliss

Seth Rollins has stated that he wants to face the Rock at Wrestlemania next year. Would this be good for his career? And would you want to see this match?

Steve: Let’s be honest here, Seth Rollins has been irrelevant over the past year and a half, ever since he lost the Universal title match to Kevin Owens in which Triple H turned on him, he really has not sniffed the title picture since then. He has not even sniffed the mid-card titles. The only thing we have been talking about for Seth Rollins is a possible Shield reunion. I think having a good match with the Rock, would once again get his name out there, not only in the world of wrestling, but because it is the Rock, it would mean so much more opportunity for Rollins as his name would be on shows like ESPN, CNN, FOX News. Anytime you have a celebrity involved with someone, unless you are the Big Show, it would be good for his career, and I think he could put on a hell of a show at Wrestlemania with the Rock.

Frosh: Would it be good for his career?  Absolutely!  Even in a losing effort, putting on a great match with the Rock would be a highlight.  It would also be a way for the Rock to pass the torch so to speak to a new face for the WWE.  There are other matches, and other ways I would like to see Seth Rollins used, rather than a one off gimmick, however if this match were presented, I would be interested as heck to see it, as the Rock can clearly still go, and Rollins will put on a clinic.

Chad: As great as would be to see the Rock again I don’t see how this match makes sense for Seth Rollins at this stage of his career and with the Rock basically being round the clock worker in Hollywood with the movies and his show Ballers I don’t see the Rock coming back for a full program

Tyler: I think it would be, as The Rock is more likely to put him over than, say, John Cena.  And I think it’d be a good match.

Are you in anyway interested in seeing the Great Khali back in the WWE?

Steve: Seeing the Great Khali? No not really, but having him paired with Jinder Mahal as an insurance policy makes a lot of sense for Mahal’s title reign. It also once again promotes the India market having a little stable of Indian personnel. While I have no desire to see him actually wrestle, having him with Mahal is not the worst idea the WWE has done.

Frosh: I am interested in this about as much as I am interested in putting my wiener in a meat grinder, and hitting frappe.  But then WWE does need a muscle bound brute who can barely communicate on the mic with poor, broken English…But then, they already have Roman Reigns for that…

Chad: Absolutely, The matches for the US title should the World Title Matches in my Opinion because of the failure and a bore his title has been, the action for the US championship should be what is going on the World title scene

Tyler: I hadn’t been before, but adding him to Mahal’s stable as their resident big man/bodyguard makes sense.

With the majority of his matches so far having outside interference, has Jinder Mahal’s title run been a failure so far?

Steve: Everyone knows that I was very critical of Mahal and his championship win a couple of months ago. However, he has turned me in to a believer. He is a good heel champion and heels are supposed to cheat to win. Now that he is paired with John Cena probably at Summerslam, I think this may be the match that puts him over the top. I would be fine with him actually beating Cena before Cena gets his 17th championship. It would make his title reign worth it, and really put Mahal on the map. He has the look, he can talk, and he can get under the skin of the fans. Isnt that what makes a good heel champion?

Frosh: I would say no.  Plenty of heels keep and win their titles with outside interference, Miz, Orton, Triple H, Rollins, so no, that does not make his reign a failure.  THe failure has come in the ratings for Smackdown steadily declining, and Smackdown has been struggling to sell tickets.  I don’t attribute this entirely to Mahal, as it has been going on since the superstar shakeup, and Smackdown currently has 3 anti-American gimmicks going on, so that is getting a little stale.  Mahal is an incredibly underrated in ring performer, and has worked his tail off to get where he is, both physically and professionally.  It also doesn’t help that he is just now shedding the Orton feud.  Give him a solid feud against either Nakamura or Cena, and you will see him come into his own.  Also he needs to win at SummerSlam.

Chad: Absolutely, The matches for the US title should the World Title Matches in my Opinion

Tyler: Absolutely not!  He’s winning the way that a good heel does, by using cheap tactics.  If anything, it makes his title run mean something, as he’s shown he’ll do whatever needs to be done to retain the title.

Is it too soon for Nakamura to be in the Main Event scene, challenging for the WWE Championship contenders match against John Cena?

Steve: Not at all, I think it is the right time. While I was a little suspect on him going right out of a feud with Corbin and right into a match with Cena. I could see this ending up with Cena winning next Tuesday on Smackdown because Corbin interferes. It puts Nakamura in a prime match against one of the best all time. I think it is a test to see how he performs in the spotlight, and if he can do well, I think bigger things are in store for Nakamura. See my next answer for more on this.

Frosh: If Nakamura were a nobody in his 20’s, absolutely, however Nakamura has been everywhere, and done just about everything there is to do in the wrestling biz.  I think if you want to strike, the time is now.  The WWE universe will only back him for so long with the lack of mic ability (due to language).  He has been underutilized and relatively poorly booked on Smackdown up to this point.  I like him to win against Cena (although, he won’t), and lose to Mahal at SummerSlam in a classic bout, maybe getting “injured” and then coming back to win the belt from Mahal at Survivor Series.

Chad: Not at all, He has main evented all around the world in New Japan, He is a 3 time NXT Champion so he has main-evented the Takeover Specials, Nakamura is more than qualified to be in the main event scene of Smackdown or Raw for that matter.

Tyler: Nope.  He’s been a champion in NJPW and NXT, it’s about time he contend for one on the main WWE roster.

You have the ability to book Summerslam this year. What do you do and how would you book the event?

Steve: So I am going to book it on what SHOULD happen. First going back to the last option. I would book Cena to defeat Mahal to win his 17th championship, only to have Baron Corbin cash in Money in the Bank right at Summerslam. Then this sets up a little run with Corbin and Cena for the title with Corbin coming out on top. Then Nakamura comes out to challenge Corbin to rekindle their feud and I could see this happening at Wrestlemania and Nakamura wins the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania. I have Naomi beating Natalya, and wait for it….. Carmella comes out and cashes in on Naomi to win the womens title! Okay yeah I have two MITB cash ins in one night, sue me. Alexa Bliss needs to retain her title against Bayley and will do it cleanly to give her more relevance as champion. Miz will face off against Ambrose one more time, and will defeat Ambrose with some outside help. The next night Jason Jordan gets an opportunity and shocks the world by winning the Intercontinental Championship. This gets the start of a heel turn for Jordan as many feel he was handed opportunities because of who his father is. Angle will deny this, and Jordan will actually turn on Angle in the next couple of weeks saying he was always the better wrestler, but Angle goes off saying that he won an Olympic Gold Medal with a broken freakin neck! AJ will beat Owens to retain his title, and will move on to better things. I would have him start a series against Chad Gable, as these would be epic matches. Now on to the Universal title. Braun Strowman will win the Universal title pinning Roman Reigns. This saves Brock Lesnar once again as he will lose the title without being pinned and would set up a Wrestlemania match between Strowman entering as champion against Lesnar. As long as Strowman continues to be dominant, he will beat Lesnar at Wrestlemania before losing the title the next night on Raw to Finn Balor, who remember, never lost the Universal title.

So there you go, I have booked them through Wrestlemania, at least the major storylines. Im ready to sign on with the creative team in the WWE.

Frosh: Well, lets start at the top of the card.  Joe pins Reigns to become WWE champion.  Strowman and Lesnar near kill each other outside of the ring, starting a feud there.  Mahal beats Nakamura due to shenanigans, stretching their feud out a bit, or possibly “injuring” Nakamura (maybe save that for next month).  Naomi will retain against Natalya, waiting to drop the belt to Charlotte.  Bliss will retain against Bayley, with the following night on RAW marking the debut of Asuka, to challenge for the women’s title next month (and win).  Styles will defeat Owens, ending that feud.  Miz will retain the IC belt, ending his feud with Ambrose, and starting one with Jason Jordan.  That is the brief run down, and it would work out great that way, but WWE creative doesn’t ever do what would be awesome.

Chad: Well the Fatal 4 way Universal Title Match and both Women’s title matches already determined.

           Lesnar/Joe/Reigns/Strowman- Joe wins to give Reigns and Strowman more time for their feud and to get the belt off of Brock with the current UFC rumors
           Bayley/Alexa- ALexa retians after Sasha turns on Bayley
           Naomi/Natalya- Naomi retains; with a teased cash-in from Carmella
After the events of the this week here is where I am at right now
Cena vs Mahal- WWE Championship- Cena probably wins with a Corbin Cash-in afterward
AJ vs Nakamura US Championship- AJ retains in 1st WWE clash between these two great athletes
Kevin Owens vs Chris Jericho in a Last Man Standing or an I Quit Match as end to this feud
Rollins vs Miz for the IC belt because I am sick of Ambrose vs Miz but I still think the Miztourage helps Miz retain even though Ambrose tries to help.
New Day vs Usos for the Tag Belts one more time in the Usos rematch clause- New Day retains in the rematch
Sheamus/Cesaro/Wyatt vs Balor Club (Finn, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows)- Balor CLub wins to set a Tag Title Match at the next Raw PPV
Revival vs Hardyz- Revival wins to keep the Hardyz streak going leaning them towards the broken Hardys

Tyler: Have Lesner drop the Universal title to Stroman and turn Sasha Banks heel for starters.

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