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This week’s questions… 

1) Bill Belichick gets paid to make the hard decisions… and who plays and who doesn’t play and may eventually gets cut is part of those decisions. Belichick has a history of moving on from some of the Patriot Faithful’s beloved veterans. 

Tom Brady says he wants to play another 5 years. If, he plays at the consistent level he has done over his career then that’s all fine and dandy. But, if he begins to slip… and old age gets to every player eventually…

(1) Would Belichick play Brady less often, and begin to transition to Garoppolo?

(2) Would Belichick test the Patriot faithful and tell Brady maybe this is his last year… if not his year, then what if it’s next year? (3) If, Belichick ends the Brady era would Brady think of going elsewhere with his game? 

Bill Belichick & Tom Brady

Chad: If, that were to happen this year, which it could (Madden Cover and all) then Bill Belichick will do what is best for the Franchise… whether that’s playing Jimmy for stretches here or there, or making the appropriate moves for the team.

I don’t think Brady goes to another team because he has a good thing in New England and does not want to tarnish his legacy.

Joe: If, Brady were to really stink it up on the field. Bill Belichick will have no problem sitting his ass down and playing Garoppolo. I am positive about that. The Patriot faithful be damned.

But (1) Brady would have to be really playing poorly and (2) the Patriots would be flirting with more losses than wins for that to happen.

If the Brady era did come to the point where it was time for Belichick to give him the old Dutch Uncle talk and say, “Dude it’s  time. The team needs to move on. Jimmy needs to play next season,” then I  don’t see Brady going anywhere else. I think after sitting down and mulling it over he would retire to the inevitable great accolades, wait for his number to be retired and he would never have t opay for a night on the town in Boston… hell… Massachusetts for as long he lives.

2) Speaking of Garoppolo… he is going into the final year of his rookie contract. If, Brady shows he can still play efficiently and probably will be good for at least another two or three years, then what do the Patriots do with Garoppolo? 

Jimmy Garoppolo

Chad: You may have to consider making a deal at the deadline or if a starter goes down in the preseason to get value back for Jimmy Garoppolo because I don’t think the franchise will spend that many resources on two QB’s.

Joe: The Patriots  will probably hold onto him for the 2017 season as insurance in case Brady should go down. Or if the “old man” finally starts to show that all the years he has played might actually start beginning to wear on his capabilities.

If, Brady shows he can still play, then when the 2018 season comes around the Patriots will have to make a big decision… they could franchise tag Garoppolo but I doubt they would. They will need that tag for someone a tad more crucial to the the team’s fortunes… like maybe CB Malcolm Butler. Instead, I look for the Patriots… Belichick.. to flip Garoppolo and get what ever assets he can for him, which should be not too shabby/ Then look for a QB to draft  in 2018 to sit and learn from two masters… Belichick, the coach, and Brady, one of the  best QBs to have played the game.

3) The Jets owe Darrelle Revis $7 million for 2107. If, he makes a team they could sign him for the $1 million minimum and the Jets would be on the hook for the rest. But, even at that price, Bill Belichick said “Nope… no thanks.” 

Will Darrelle Revis get an invite from any teams to their training camp to try and make their roster?  

Darrelle Revis… at the end of the NFL road?

Chad: I don’t think he will and I think it would be time to consider retirement because of how bad he looked last year.

I don’t think teams want to take a chance on him.

Joe: Nope. Revis gets no looks at any team’s training camp this year… UNLESS… some team has so many injuries that they need somebody, anybody, to fill in until the players get healed.

4) Who QBs the Denver Broncos in 2017… Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch? 

Chad: In my opinion, I think Siemian goes in as the #1 but this will end up being Paxton Lynch’s team before the end of season.

Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian

Joe: Trevor Siemian is a game manager. For the most part, he takes good care of the ball, and is careful not to commit turnovers. This suited him in former HC Kubiak’s horizontal offense, which was predicated on timing and quick-hitting routes. Considering his lack of an offensive line as well as an running he did well to do what he has done so far.

Lynch is big… 6′  7″… and has a cannon for an arm plus can be “athletic” when he needs to be. While his first NFL season was so-so, he has shown that he can run the team’s offense when given time to set up and make his reads.

Word is first-year head coach Vance Joseph will wait until the third preseason contest before declaring a victor. If Lynch show he can perform at a high level and minimize his mistakes.. he starts. If, he throws more than a few picks or somehow the team doesn’t gel at a high level while he is on the field… Siemian, the game manager will start the season at the helm of the offense.

However, at some point in the season ,whether it is sooner or later, Lynch will be the QB in Denver.

5) Who QBs the Houston Texans in 2017… Tom Savage or Deshaun Watson?

Watson or Savage: Who’s starting for Texans midway through season?

 Chad: Deshaun Watson to me is the man in Houston; I don’t see the ability to lead a dynamic in Tom Savage I think he is a good game manager but Deshaun can take a team to the next level.

Joe: The Texans will start the season with Tom Savage but by the mid-season point I think Watson will be running the team.Unless, Savage is tearing it up and throwing for TDs all over the place and the Texans are winning. I just don’t think that will happen though.

Either way… the keys for Savage are (1) execute the offense at a high enough level to give the other 10 guys in the huddle the best chances to excel and the team to win and (2) avoid turnovers. The same goes for Watson whenever he gets a chance to play, either because Savage has faltered or he comes in late in a game to just mop things up.

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