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Hello again NBA fans and Welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. Here is a fun fact. This is the first time in 46 years that a head coach was not fired during the season. On to some other news the Cleveland Cavaliers might have finally found themselves a GM. Since no one else wanted the job they decided to promote the assistant GM Koby Altman. So lets get on to our topics this week. Is this rookie class going to be as exciting as advertised, Kyrie Irving demanding a trade, that and so much more on NBA RoundTable.

Given how all the rookies performed at summer league, could this be the most exciting rookie of the year race we have seen in years?

Todd: Absolutely. With Fultz, Ball, Smith jr., Jackson, Taytum, and even some of the later rookies like Mitchell, Kuzma, and Hart. This could be the closest race we have had in a long time barring any major injuries.

Chad: It could be very exciting we may be looking at this class in a few years that we look at the 2003 Draft Class now so it will be a very exciting chase for Rookie of the Year.

Steve: You do have quite a few great rookies in the league right now, this may be the best rookie class that we have seen in over a decade.

It most recently came out that Kyrie Irving wants to be traded. It is said that he no longer wants to play with LeBron James and that he wants to be the focal point of the offense. The Lakers went through a similar situation back in the summer of 2007 with Kobe Bryant and he would never play in a Laker uniform again and we all know what happen there. If you could give advice to the Cavalier front office what would it be and why? (keep in mind he has 3 more years left on his contract with a player option for the third year and also Irving has stated he prefer to play for the Spurs, T-Wolves, Heat, or Knicks)

Todd: I think the Cavaliers should trade him before the season starts because if they don’t he is just going to be a cancer to the team. Either way they are screwed because Kyrie is out and LeBron is not far behind so the Cavs go back to being a normal team after this season.

Chad: Definitely work with Lebron and Kyrie to find an amicable solution. However, if you are getting to the end of contract and not seeing a situation where he stays, you need to work out a trade to at least get something in return an all-star talent like Kyrie Irving.

Steve: Get whatever you can for Kyrie Irving while you can. Don’t wait and risk any kind of injury that could hurt his trade value. If he is not happy, he may not play well, and it could hurt your teams chemistry. You can get a ton for Kyrie Irving, but you don’t want to give up the farm for him either.

There have been many blockbuster moves this Summer via trades and free agency. Which team in your opinion has improved the most?

Todd: I think the Oklahoma City Thunder improved the most by adding Paul George and Patrick Patterson a nice stretch 4. I think they closed the ground a little bit on Golden State and I think they will get the 3rd seed behind Golden State and San Antonio.

Chad: I think Minnesota with getting Jimmy Butler and Jeff Teague in the backcourt have become a legitimate playoff team to go with Wiggins and Towns that can be a formidable team.

Steve: Minnesota has gotten a lot better adding Butler at Teague. Along side Wiggins and KAT, the Wolves may be a playoff team come next April.

Doc Rivers claims now that Chris Paul is gone the ball is going to start moving. Is it fair to blame Paul for the lack of ball movement?

Todd: Well Doc is one of the great coaches of all time leading the Celtics to the championship in 2008. That being said basket ball is a team sport and you can’t always pin the ball movement on one guy. It takes all 5 guys on the floor to wanna be willing passers.

Chad: Paul has 9-10 assists for his entire career to say it is his fault for the ball not moving is an asinine statement.

Steve: It isnt Chris Paul’s fault, have you seen Blake Griffin? No you have not because he is hurt half the damn time. It is injuries and bad coaching that has the Clippers in this position. I don’t think they are a playoff team without Chris Paul.

There have been Rumors that LeBron James is once again leaving Cleveland in the Summer of 2018. Will Cleveland trade James before the trade deadline next year so they don’t lose him for nothing this time around?

Todd: They should try to get something out of him because I don’t think he is gonna stay, I mean look at his history has he stayed any where. After the Kyrie news though they will probably try to persuade him to stay but they are gonna have to upgrade the team or you will see him cry like he is doing in the picture above.

Chad: They can try to all they want; however what would someone be willing to give you for Lebron and better what do you ask for him. This reminds me of The Edmonton Oilers of the NHL 30 years ago when they traded Wayne Gretzky after a run of Championships.

Steve: They are not I repeat, NOT going to trade LeBron James. He may walk via free agency again, but he will do it the right way. NO way in in HELL does Cleveland trade their best player that ever put on their uniform. That would be like the Red Sox trading Babe Ruth.

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