Pounding 7’s

The top seven things that are wrong with the WWE.

Whats up wrestling fans, welcome back to Pounding 7’s this week I will countdown a popular gripe around the world of wrestling. The top seven things that are wrong with the WWE. Which gripes will make the cut this week? Let’s not waste any more time, and let’s get to the countdown.

7. Too much wrestling

When I say too much wrestling, what I mean is that we have wrestling on TV almost every day of the week. You have a three hour Monday Night Raw, a Two hour Smackdown, NXT on Wednesday, not to mention 205 LIVE right after Smackdown. Then Main Event, and two pay per views a month for both Raw and Smackdown. This is way too much TV for wrestling, and it is just not enough time in between shows to really build that suspense anymore. The majority of the shows, have more talking than wrestling on the program anyway, and show previews, and “this is what happened earlier tonight.” Back to the basics. Less talk, more wrestling (just not every damn day!)

6.Vince is not in charge

Ever since Vince McMahon started to take a back seat to Triple H and Stephanie, and not oversee as much as he used to, the product has just stunk. NXT has been a success, but it just has not been the same. Too many people have a say in what is going on in the world of wrestling, and it is taking a massive effect on the product as a whole.

5. Bad Storylines

This kind of goes on with the prior problem with Vince not being in charge. Little known fact about the WWE, there are more writers than there are wrestlers writing storylines for the company. There are too many bad storylines out there whether it is a dancing diva in Lana, to two married couples trying to be the Alpha males. Too many teams that have great talent breaking up too soon. And even dating back to a few years ago, breaking up the one faction that everyone went nuts over, the Shield.

4.Lack of Competition

The lack of competition for the WWE has really been a problem for fans and other wrestlers. There is TNA, Ring of Honor, and you could even throw in NJPW. Neither of those products are anywhere near the level of the WWE, and never will be. They don’t have the checkbook that the WWE does. They don’t have the top TV deals, and they just don’t have the ability to stay on the level like WCW did years ago. Because of the lack of competition, the WWE can basically coast and do what they want, whether the fans like it or not. (more to come on this point)

3. The Brand Split

The brand split has been the single worst thing the WWE has done in years. It goes with virtually every category on this list. It forces them to compete with each other with different brands, fans don’t get the opportunity to see there favorite stars on a LIVE show, depending on if it is Raw or Smackdown. You don’t get the marquee matchups that you could have.

2. Celebrities

For those who know me, you know that I have a huge problem with celebrities in the WWE. The most recent blunder came from LaVar Ball making an absolute ass of himself on Raw during a episode of MizTV. This is just one of many celebrities that have come and gone in the WWE, and only a handful of them were actually entertaining. They even went as far as to have Snookie wrestle at WrestlefreakinMania. AND FUCKIN WON! It is bad for business, and not good entertainment.

1.The WWE does not care about the fans

This is easily the worst part about the WWE. The WWE throws shit in our faces every single week. Roman Reigns for instance. The WWE wants us to cheer him, and have him a babyface, but it is obvious that fans want Roman Reigns to be a heel. I like Reigns, and want him to succeed, but he is being booked the wrong way. the WWE needs to give the fans what they want. We are the ones that are watching the product, and we are the ones that give them the ratings and buyrates on the WWE Network.


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