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Hello NBA fans and welcome to another edition of NBA RoundTable. I just want to give a shout out to the Los Angeles Lakers for winning the 2017 Summer League Championship. This week we will discuss the new time out rule, Lonzo Ball’s brilliance in summer league that and so much more on this edition of NBA RoundTable.

Lets get started:

Just recently the NBA decided to reduce the number of timeouts from 18 to 14 per game and from 3 to 2 in the last 3 minutes of the game in hopes to speed up the game. Do you agree with this and how will it affect coaching especially at the end of games?

Todd: Well to be honest I never knew how many timeouts they got in each game, I just knew it was a lot. I like that they cut them down because it was too many combined with the T.V. timeouts they are required to take. It is really going to affect how the end of the game is played though on the account teams like to call timeouts to advance the ball and things like that. At the same time in a close game I don’t see it speeding the game up at all because all of the fouling.

Steve: Will it speed up the game? Maybe a little bit, but if it is a close game, the last two minutes of any NBA game is nearly brutal to watch with all the fouls, and timeouts that occur. During a close game, it is very likely that the last two minutes of a game can take nearly 20 minutes to do with all the stoppage in play. So while I don’t think it is just timeouts that cause the game to drag on, I think it will help a little bit, but I still think the last couple minutes will still be tough to sit through in a close game.

Chad: It definitely change the strategy as there will be less of a chance to discuss strategy in those important late games situations.

Dan: I feel like it’s still too many time outs but I’m happy that they cut them down. They need to stop the time outs because they already get added TV timeouts along with the seven per team now. I like the reduction and I think it’ll challenge coaches a little more to be a little more smarter with using their timeouts and have to strategize more, especially at the end of the games.

Lonzo Ball has been scrutinized ever since he enter the draft, even by myself because of his dad LaVar. He just recently recorded the only two triple doubles in the 13 year history of the Las Vegas Summer League? Is Lonzo Ball for real?

Todd: Of course he is for real. He finished the summer league averaging 16.3 points, 9.3 assists, 7.7 rebounds. I never seen a guy make a one handed 80 foot pass on point for an assist. That is just amazing. You can’t teach that. I realize its only summer league but his assists and rebounding should be about the same. I think he will have more trouble scoring but he will figure it out.

Steve: I have been the most critical of LaVar Ball, so it is no lie on how I feel about him. If you notice something, I never said that this kid did not have talent and would not be successful. He has to perform at the highest level just so he can avoid having egg on his family’s face. Is he for real? Sure he is, I never thought he was not for real. He has all the talent in the world, and if he can keep his idiot father in check, he could have a stellar career.

Chad: It’s Summer League so I can’t take too much stock in it; It’s like looking in SPring Training in Baseball it does not mean the skills will transfer when playing top level competition night in and night out.

Dan: I think he is. I just wish his dad wouldn’t talk anymore, but Lonzo Ball is doing his thing in the summer league. The one thing that will really determine it is against the NBA competition. The summer league is like a D-League, in my opinion. So the real determining factor will be playing a game in the regular season, but he’s for real in the summer league & needs to be watched closely when he steps on the court in Los Angeles.

 Last year the some NBA teams gave out some ridiculous contracts in free agency such as Luol Deng 4yr/72 million, Joakim Noah 4yr/72/million, and Timofey Mozgov 4/yr 68 million just to name a few. Have we seen any of those contracts thus far?

Todd: My answer here might surprise some people. I am going to say Blake Griffin 5yrs/173 million. I think the Cliipers paid him that much because they already lost their starting backcourt and Crawford. He is injury Prone and is not capable of leading the Clippers any where. I don’t expect them to make the playoffs this year.

Steve: Not sure I understand the question. Have we seen any of these contracts? Well yeah we have, you just named them off. If you are asking if they have paid off, then that is a pure understatement, not a chance. As long as there are TV deals, and marketing money in play, we will see these kinds of contracts from high market teams like Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago….. okay maybe not Chicago for a few years.

Chad: I think the closest is JJ REdick getting 23 million for 1 year in Philly. He’s a good player and a sharpshooter but I don’t think he has that kind of money.

Dan: I don’t think we’ve seen any contracts on that level. James Harden got a HUGE contract & I feel like the Bucks overpaid Tony Snell, but other than that, I feel like these contracts were a little better than what they were looking like last year. There’s no way I would’ve paid any three of them that kind of money, or anywhere near that kind of money.

I touched on this a little last week when I talked about the G-League. Are you a fan of the new 2 way contracts that the NBA has implemented this year?

Todd: Absolutely. The Lakers could have used this like 5 years ago when they had like 8 guys injured. It allows more guys from the G-League with an opportunity to play with the big league team and if their is an injury they can step in if needed.

Steve: Again, I am sad to say I don’t know anything about this question nor two way contracts. I am a stupid idiot, sorry..

Chad: It makes it like the NHL in some respects with the ability to move guys up and down based on performance which is a good thing; I like it

Dan: I like them. It makes it more like a minor league system and it gives several players they ability to play half the season in the pros while making pro money. It opens up to a more minor league system and allows players more growth, in my opinion. Gives them some pro experience while also allowing them to get sent back down if they need some extra work.

Carmelo Anthony has made it clear that he wants to go to either the Rockets or the Cavaliers. For the last couple weeks the Knicks have been working on trying to trade him to the Rockets. Would he be a good fit on their team?

Todd: At this point in Carmelo’s career he would have to come in and be at least the third option. If he can do that maybe it might work. I don’t think he can though.

Steve: If Carmelo can know his role, and accept that role, then the Rockets will be in competition for the Western Conference Championship with Golden State. It would immediately have them on the same level with Golden State in the West, and would easily make them a top 2 team in the NBA. If he runs his mouth and becomes a Dwight Howard or something, then no, he would only hurt the Rockets. He cannot be a ball hog for Houston as they have so many weapons, it cannot be a one man show.

Chad: Paul, Harden, and ANthony it certainly would be interesting who would get the touches on Offensel I can’t say whether it would work.

Dan: I think he would be. What Melo needs to do is go to a team where there’s another superstar and play along with them. He needs to take a step back from the leader, main superstar role and go join a LeBron or Harden in order to finally get a ring. He definitely won’t be winning one in New York and, as he showed in the Olympics, he can definitely play with other stars and has absolutely no problem taking a step back from the main role slot in order to win.

Fun Bonus Question

Markelle Futlz was already injured in summer league play and is expected to be out 1-2 weeks. Of course we know Joel Embiid missed his first 2 seasons and only played 31 games in his third and Been Simmons missed his first season. What are the odds that all 3 guys are on the floor for opening night?

Todd: Of course Fultz is the wild card because he was most recently injured in the summer league. At the same time Philly was being pretty cautious with Simmons and Embiid during summer league as they were both cleared to play but neither of them did. I think they only way all 3 are on the court on opening day is that none of them play during pre season. One of them is bound to get hurt during pre season and my bet is on Embiid. I predict he will be a bust only because he can’t stay on the floor.

Steve: Fultz will be a wild-card here, I think Simmons and Embiid will be on the floor, but the Sixers are going to be weary of Fultz coming back too soon. If and when all three are on the floor together, then the Sixers are going to be a very good team, and if they can by some miracle be healthy all season, they will be in the playoffs in the East.

Chad: I say that all three being on the court is a 80% chance Embiid and Simmons appear to be healthy and Fultz’s anke seems like a minor injury so I say they will be all on the court opening night,

Dan: I don’t think that all three will be on the court opening night. I feel like one of them will be missing. Who? Hard to tell, but one of them will be missing. Will we see all three on the floor at the same time at some point during the season? Definitely. But opening night? I don’t think so.

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